Zilla is a mutated iguana monster. Unlike Godzilla (Heisei), this Godzilla instead acts more like a animal.


Zilla was made after a nuclear bomb exploded in a island filled with iguanas. One of the iguanas mutated into what was now Zilla. Then Zilla went to New York and started to attack it while eating some stores with fish. Then this Godzilla retreated after being hit in the Neck by a Missile, diving into the ocean and starts to swim to another location..


Zilla as he is more like a animal, doesn’t care about humans, but is also curious of other strange creature like for example: Dragons. Zilla is also nice, and attacks cities because he’s just looking for food or is curious, but if Zilla gets angered, he will destroy the village or city the Species of the ones who angered him are just to punish the race.


  • Great Speed: Zilla can run very fast, able to probably outrunning a Cheetah.
  • Physical Attacks: Zilla can use his claws, spikes, feet, tail and teeth to attack.
  • Swimming: Zilla is a very fast Swimmer.
  • Asexual Reproduction: Zilla can reproduce despite being a male.
  • Fire Breath: if Zilla eats a flammable thing like a gas tank, he will shoot fire.


  • Zilla is the first American Godzilla to exist.
  • Unlike Godzilla (Heisei), Zilla doesn’t have immense durability, meaning he can be killed by tanks, Jets and missiles.


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