Zeus Ree is the leader of a community known as the Qui Residui Erants (or The Sanctumers). They were discovered by Kelvin, and is the center of all magic across the multiverses. He prefers to go as Mr. Ree due to it sounding like mystery, a joke he often makes. He worries about not only the protection of he and his people, but also about collapse of magic leading to the collapse of the multiverse.




Zeus Ree is a charismatic leader who believes in other people, particularly the best qualities in people. He's a teacher that doesn't give up on others, and thinks that people can learn things by themselves if given a simple push or inspiration. Although a wizard, his aging is causing him to forget multiple things, even forgetting that Ripto was a dinosaur, not a dragon. Zeus likes to follow old traditions, such as the dragon-serving-master tradition he tries to apply to Piff. He cares about others and had showed when he saved Piff when still in an egg in the past. Zeus also likes making jokes, such as having others call him 'Mr. Ree'. Despite being a master wizard, however, he is not as old as others believe he should be (because most believe master wizards are very old due to movies), but is, nevertheless, is shown to be aging.

Abilities, Skills, Items

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  • Book of Magic- He'd given it to Kelvin because he'd believed that Kelvin could learn magic just by simply reading how to. The book contains almost all known spells and how to conjure them.

In a Locked Room series

Season 2A:

Ep. 8- Craig, who later leaves to talk to Gabryl about an upcoming supply run, introduces Zeus to Kelvin. Zeus then introduces Piff to Kelvin. The two form a close bond, with Piff claiming they're bros. Piff then reveals Zeus is his master because he'd saved him when he was still in an egg. Piff can be considered Zeus's pet. Although, neither Zeus nor Piff usually put it that way. Zeus explains that an old tradition had told dragons to obey their masters until they were released. Although, that tradition had vanished in the modern times, and dragons were terrorizing people (which is why he's trying to make Piff a role model for others). He offers Kelvin a chance to have one of his questions answered; he accepts it. Later, Zeus allows Kelvin to ask one question because answering more than one would cause the asker to learn their fate and control it. Kelvin ultimately merges two of his questions into one, asking both where his friends and the LR gang are at. Zeus smiles, admiring Kelvin's intelligence. Zeus answers both, but when Kelvin decides to stay to wait for Pea, Zeus halts him. He tells Kelvin to leave and find someone to help the Sanctum against an approaching Shriek Freak horde. Angered, Kelvin and Piff demand to know why he can't stay. Zeus explains that the fall of the Sanctum would cause the multiverse to crumble due to it relying on magic. Kelvin agrees to leave, and Piff volunteers to go with him. Zeus hands Kelvin a book, believing that he'd learn magic by himself overnight. The next day, Zeus teleports Kelvin to his friends despite Kelvin's unknowingness about magic. Zeus continues to believe Kelvin can learn magic, and tells him, before his departure, that all he needs is a simple push.
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