Wood Man is a robot master from Mega Man 2 and SiIvaGunner. He has the powers to teleport between universes and

timelines. He can also use his leaf shield despite it being weak and basically harmless. However, he becomes stronger after the events of Time Trouble. He will most likely return in EarthBound: IaLR Edition.


Wood Man was hired by an unknown person to kill the gang in Time Trouble. He fails, and flees, leaving Homestar Runner behind. He comes back again, but is easily defeated. He says the he'll bring "the strongest kid in the world",  but this idea was scrapped for a later episode. Later in the series, it is revealed that the Wood Man that attacked the gang isn't the true Wood Man. The true Wood Man is messing with time, which is creating alternate versions of characters and warping characters to the gang. This will be explained in a series of stories.

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