Willow World is where Willow lives whenever she has her head in the clouds.

How to enter

You can't!

Well, unless you use some machine to enter Willow's mind. After all, she's the only one who can enter this place.


Willow World is wild, peaceful, colorful, creative and full of grand ideas. Willow World's weather is controlled by Willow's emotions: the skies are sunny when she's happy, cloudy when she's worried, rainy when she's sad and full of thunderstorms when she's angry. The thunder can also cause the whole place to burn if she's in a very bad mood!



  • This area was mentioned in Willow's description in the old Angry Birds website.
  • Willow usually stays in Willow World for a very long time. To snap her out, try interrupting her when she's daydreaming.
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