Wildfire is the Ancient God-Element Ninja of Fire who works under Elementia II. He was raised in Mexico with a poor family background, until he mastered the fire element and moved to Japan to serve Elementia II as one of the six Ancient God-Element Ninjas. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Wildfire is, to put it simply and true to his title, really wild. He is energetic, extreme, aggressive and hot-headed, one who would rush into battle without thinking twice and handle problems in his own way. Once Wildfire engages into battle, he does not stop until either he or his opponents are defeated. As fighting does cause him to use up a lot of energy, he is often hungry and would do anything it takes to get his hands on the food he wants.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed: While not as fast as the average superpowered teen, Wildfire is still quite nimble and speedy in his attacks.
  • Scorchjitzu: Wildfire is a master of the fire element, having full access to all abilities in the Fire Ninja tree.
    • Pyrokinesis: He can summon fire at will, usually hot enough to badly burn his opponents. His fire attacks have a very high damage output and are capable of inflicting burn effects on opponents. As Wildfire is more experienced in the fire element than other fire users such as Scorch and Akasha, he can use more powerful fire attacks - heat waves, meteor showers, volcanic eruptions, lava flows, wildfires, et cetera.
    • Flight: He is capable of flying around in the air on his own.
    • Fire Touch: He can instantly set objects on fire with a single touch. Goes well with kerosene.
    • Fire Immunity: He is completely immune to fire attacks, and cannot be burned by any means.
    • Burn Mark: If he burns an opponent too much, that opponent may receive a burn mark at the burned area. Burn marks create a weak point in an opponent where he or she will be more vulnerable to attack damage, especially those from fire attacks.


  • Water: Wildfire's flames can easily be extinguished by water.
  • Ice: Wildfire's flames may be a good counter to ice and snow, but they are also his weakness. Wildfire can be weakened or even frozen if his body temperature drops too much.
  • Strong Winds: Similar to how one blows the candles on their birthday cake, strong winds can easily put out Wildfire's flames almost as effectively as water.



Fairy Tail Natsu's Theme Extended

Wildfire's Theme


  • Wildfire is the only Ancient God-Element Ninja who is not originally from Japan.
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