"Yeah, whatever you say. I don't care. As for the rest of you guys, if you don't want to end up worse than Electra herself, you may want to consider leaving. Unless you want me to destroy all of you, to force the life out of you by charging your body with more volts of electricity than you ever thought possible. Wouldn't that be fun?"
— Watt, threatening to electrocute the Locked Room Gang

Watt is a super-powered teen introduced in The Ace Revenge. He is owned by Redfork2000.


Watt was created by Dr Zack alongside several other new super-powered teens following the failures of Bark, Breeze, Tempo and Splash. He set up his base in an energy plant.

Watt is the fifth superpowered teen encountered by the Locked Room Gang in The Ace Revenge. Upon meeting the gang, he confidently challenges them to a fight. Seeing how furious Electra is upon seeing that a new electric superpowered teen has been created, he takes the opportunity to taunt Electra, causing her to fight him out of rage. Watt easily defeats Electra, and soon after defeats Red Ruby, Blade, Boom, Scorch and other members of the gang.

However, Gary Garnet soon comes with a gun that shoots rubber balls, suggesting this must be the way to defeat Watt. Blue Ocean pops and stretches some of the rubber balls to make rubber suits out of them, in order to protect the gang from Watt's electric attacks. Even with the boost from a black crystal, the gang is able to overwhelm and defeat Watt.


Watt is frequently seen as someone very boastful and egotistical, full of sel-confidence to the point where he claims to be the best superpowered teen Dr. Zack has ever created. While it's unknown whether he has any basis for that claim, it does show he's very arrogant and self-absorbed.

Watt also shows a sadistic side, in that he enjoys watching his enemies suffer. When he tells the gang how he'll electrocute them to death, he seems to be very detailed about how they'll suffer as the electricity runs through their bodies, and seems to enjoy all too much when he sees Electra's ego broken after defeating her, showing he really enjoys watching his enemies suffer both physically and emotionally.

Powers and Abilities

Watt has the standard abilities of a Superpowered Teen:

  • Electrokinesis: Watt's defining skill is his electrokinesis, giving him the ability to generate electricity. He uses this as his main offensive option most of the time.
  • Super Speed: While most superpowered teens are fast, Watt is clearly one of the fastest of them all.
  • Flight: Like some other superpowered teens, Watt can fly. He can do so at high speed, as well.

With a Black Crystal

  • Super Speed: After using a Black Crystal, he was able to fly around even faster than usual, appearing to the gang as nothing but an electric blur.


  • Magical Knowledge: Watt had some understanding of the effects of the black crystals, using one to power himself up after being weakened by the gang's efforts.



Mega Man 11 OST – Fuse Man Stage Theme

Watt's theme



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