"Now who might these be? Other Gods? A worshipper, perhaps? Well, it doesn't matter, they shall be the audience to your perishing."
— One of Vortigon's lines in Into the Fire

Vortigon is the Greek god of chaos, fire and destruction as well as Supreme Leader of the Chaos Fleet and creator of both the Minigon species and the Generals. He was formerly controlled by CaptainRustbolt21 but is now controlled by ItzXenos.



Vortigon is moderately athletic, but he is permanently engulfed in black flames, which illuminate orange. His eyes are white with red slits for pupils, though he can make his pupils disappear when desired. He wears gold armour that covers his whole body except his arms and head. His breastplate has three longish shoulder spikes on each side and in the centre of his breastplate is a red diamond-shaped jewel.


"Evil? I wouldn't attribute myself as evil, per say... I simply... act upon my own desires!"
— Vortigon to the gang

Vortigon has an unwavering drive to cause chaos and destruction wherever he goes. In recent times, this blood-lust has slowly tuned down, but he still greatly enjoys doing so. While he speaks in a sort of old-timely manner similar how people spoke in the days of Ancient Greece, he is fairly temperamental, often getting angry when people do things he particularly dislikes, such as interrupting or continuously asking questions, or even just when people annoy him, as seen when he angrily shouts at his Generals to shut up as they periodically bicker with each other in Operation Blue. However, he has a great fascination for advanced technology, and can occasionally be seen playing around with the buttons of the Eradicator with childlike enjoyment.

Vortigon has a fairly high superiority complex, seeing himself as above most mortals and beings, and few have garnered his respect due to his narcissistic attitude. He also appears to be somewhat of a sadist, rather choosing to have his enemies suffer rather than kill them outright, as seen with his fight with Athena in Into the Fire.

Powers and Abilities

Vortigon has the standard abilities of a Deity, although his powers are notably not affected by human belief or worship much like Demigods, most likely because he was given his godlike powers.

Unique Powers

  • Levitation: Vortigon can levitate to get out of range of his enemy's attacks. He can still use this ability even in his Flame Pool form.
  • Pyrokinesis: Vortigon has various pyrokinetic powers.
    • Fireballs: He can materialise floating fireballs which can be sent in any direction by a wave of his hand.
    • Flamethrower: He can also fire streams of fire from his hand.
  • Dark Energy: Occasionally, Vortigon can conjure and fire a blackish purple orb of dark energy, which periodically lets of crackles of purple electricity. On contact, it will vaporise mortal beings and inflict extreme pain upon tougher beings akin to being tased.
  • Apportation: He can materialise his sword in his hands almost instantaneously. This has a short cool-down, however.
    • Teleportation: Said weapons can also be teleported away to an unknown safe-space.


Harming and Destroying

Vortigon has the standard weaknesses of Deities, aside from not being affected by human belief.


  • Sword: Vortigon's golden sword, while resembling an ordinary sword, can ignite it's blade into flames, not only as a show of force to threaten his opponents and to also inflict further damage, but also to channel his pyrokinetic powers into it to produce waves of fire from it.

Relations with other Characters

  • Ambrosio: Ambrosio is his trusted general of the Chaos Fleet, and tends to do most of the strategic planning for Vortigon. While overly respectful of Ambrosio, Vortigon is slightly envious of Ambrosio's intelligence.
  • Athena: Vortigon doesn't particularly like Athena, due to her constant snarky remarks and wit, which tends to get on his nerves a lot. However, he does appear to hold a small amount of respect for her, evident in how he refers to her as "Lady Athena".
  • Aurora Blue: During their initial encounter, Vortigon was almost able to kill Aurora when her heart let out a electric pulse, causing him to let go of her. Impressed by the sheer strength he could sense inside her, he has on multiple occasions attempted to capture her, wanting to harness her powers for his own use.





  • His abilities and personality are inspired by Samurai Jack character, Aku.
  • Vortigon doesn’t really exist in the recorded Greek mythologies. He is a character from a beat-em-up game, Chaos Faction (both one and two). Despite this, he greatly resembles his other form, Hypergon.
  • Vortigon is left-handed.
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