"What, this? Oh, just a Beaststone. Without it, I'm essentially helpless, soo I keep it on me at all times. And, well.. My species kinda needs to use one, or we basically can't fight at all."
— Velouria (Talking to Jenny)[source]

Velouria is one of the children characters from Fire Emblem Fates, specifically Conquest and Revelation. Velouria is a talented hunter, but being a kid, she isn't really the brightest and is often in a rage. She is controlled by BoltBlizard.



Being a Wolfssenger, Velouria has one major ability - her Beaststone compatibility. Using this peculiar stone and magical transforms the wielder - if appropriate - into their inner monster (in Velouria's case, a wolf).

Velouria's beast form

This transformation provides the user with more strength, speed and accuracy, but can drop their defenses. On top of this - regardless of what form she is in - Velouria has excellent hearing ability and sense of smell - both of which she uses to track people down, or sense danger.


Velouria is either a really harsh person, or a generous one. She comes off as snappy at first, but after a bit of time with someone she can trust - it's likely she'll grow to like and respect them, thus becoming more friendly. Usually, when she snaps - she ends up going on a frenzy in her beast form.


  • Even though she is stated to have gotten lost at some point after her debut, she hasn't said how she ended up doing so.
    • This hasn't been mentioned by Velouria or others since, implied they have all forgotten.
  • This is Bolt's first character that doesn't use only magic 'or' brute force to partake in combat (she technically uses both due to the nature of the Beaststone).
    • Curiously, the Beaststone using classes in Velouria's source game (and in turn series) use the physical attacking stat (strength), but magical power is implied to use them.
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