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Hello! Thank you for wanting to check my profile out. I've finally returned after years and I plan to celebrate it by writing many stories, introducing new characters, and being very active on the wiki! See ya around!

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Video Games

Now, if you've even known me for a second, then you would know that I simply love video games. One could possibly even say that I'm addicted to them. I mean, they probably wouldn't be wrong. And my love for video games branch out to many different video game series. Here's some of them!

  • Undertale (Truly a masterpiece in my opinion, it has a special place in my heart)
  • Deltarune (Really fun and amazing game, as to be expected as it was made by the same guy who made Undertale)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Probably my favorite video game series of all time, after Undertale/Deltarune)
  • Super Smash Bros. (I main Yoshi, King Dedede, and Greninja in Smash Ultimate)
  • Super Mario (Who doesn't love the Mario games?)
  • Pokemon (Sword and Shield aren't that good sadly)
  • Kirby (Kirby games are always fun.)
  • Plants vs. Zombies (The first game was one of the biggest games to me in my childhood, and IaLR wouldn't be here today without the PvZ wiki)
  • Minecraft (Minecraft is always fun to mod)
  • Castle Crashers (Very underrated game that deserves a sequel)
  • ROBLOX (Probably the game that I care about the least on the list, but I still play it very rarely.)

If a video game you like didn't make the list, then chances are I know about and I enjoy it to a certain extent. It's just that if I included every single video game I like here, then it would be far too long. So I just wanted to include the notable ones.

TV Shows

I'm not exactly the biggest fan of shows, but there are a handful that I do enjoy watching. Here they are:

  • Rick and Morty (Season 4 part 1 was a little weak, but oh well)
  • South Park (Honestly probably my favorite show, the jokes are so funny and the last season has been really good)
  • Sonic X (I don't watch it anymore, but it was in my childhood and it features my favorite characters in gaming history. I can only watch it in the Japanese sub though, NOT the 4kids dub. Ugh.)

Oh yeah, and there was also a time where I watched Family Guy, but ugh. Not anymore. It started to feel like a chore watching the episodes and jokes dragged on and on and were unfunny garbage. At least it makes for some good ironic memes.


  • Death Note (Easily my favorite anime)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (I don't like it as much as I used to and Season 3 and Season 4 are really bad, but the sheer coolness of Season 1 Episode 12 and Unravel still makes it okay in my books.)


I'm not really the biggest fan of movies, but here is some that I approve:

  • Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (Just a really good movie in about every aspect)
  • Avengers Endgame (I'm not really the biggest Avengers fan, but this movie was so good that it felt like a 1 hour movie..AND IT WAS THREE HOURS!)

Youtube Channels

  • Pewdiepie (Who isn't subscribed to Pewdiepie?)
  • SomeOrdinaryGamers (Really funny and underrated Youtuber)
  • Etika (R.I.P Etika, I'll always miss your funny videos and live streams my man)
  • Some others that I can't think of the top of my head right now

My Characters

Here you can find my main cast of characters! I'm quite happy with my cast now, so see them for yourself!


  • Papyrus - My main character who serves as comic relief
  • Sans - My other main character who also serves as comic relief who also has a serious side
  • W.D Gaster - Sans and Papyrus's father who is quite wise and is a scientist
  • Asriel Dreemurr - Happy goat child who used to be an evil flower but is now a playful child
  • Frisk - Protagonist of Undertale who went through a few changes and is kind and sweet
  • Undyne - Spear-wielding fish who fights in the name of justice
  • Alphys - Nerdy lizard who works as Gaster's lab assistant
  • Mettaton - Robot with a thing for showbiz
  • Kris - Human who wishes to save his world
  • Ralsei - Prince of the Dark World
  • Susie - Mean girl who isn't acutally that mean when you get to know her
  • Mewtwo - The knowledgeable PSI experiment who is a force not to be messed with
  • Mew - The original psychic cat Pokemon who is playful and prefers not to battle
  • Charizard - The fire breathing lizard with a heated temper
  • Blaziken - Charizard's rival and a show-off
  • Tom the Toxic Pea - The toxic pea with a toxic personality to match
  • Lucas - A boy with incredible psychic powers
  • Alternate Universe Sans - Sans's energetic taco loving alternate universe self
  • Alternate Universe Papyrus - Papyrus's chill cigarette smoking alternate universe self


  • Eclipse - Sadistic parasite from the moon
  • Mecha Sonic - Destructive faker of Sonic who is ruthless and a cold blooded killer
  • Metal Sonic - Sonic's mechanical rival who wants to prove that he is the real Sonic (spoiler alert: he's not)
  • King Dedede - Comic relief villain who probably shouldn't be taken seriously
  • Dark Matter - Alien race who hates light
  • Necromancer - Evil spirit who possessed a suit of armor who can revive people from the dead
  • Master Hand - Evil gloved hand who enjoys fighting
  • Kamek - Magikoopa who loves to use magic
  • Alastor - Murderous but classy demon


  • Jevil - Crazy jester who loves chaos


  • Chara - Insane spirit who has one goal to destroy humanity (Co-owned with ItzXenos)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - The fastest thing alive! I co-own Sonic with Moon Snail, but he belongs to Moon Snail more than he does to me. He's appeared in two of my stories, one as the starring role of Robo Double, and as a cameo in The Heated Battle.
  • Kirby - Lovable food consuming pink puffball (Co-owned with Planted AKEE)
  • Bandana Dee - Skilled Waddle Dee who is King Dedede's servent and also his best friend (Co-owned with Planted AKEE)


  • Toad - Friendly mushroom person with a squeaky voice


  • Nazo - Mysterious hedgehog who is extremely destructive and was born from the dark energy of the Master Emerald
  • Seelkadoom - Powerful fusion of Sonic & Shadow who would rather not use the Chaos Emeralds as he finds them 'cheap'
  • L Ryuzaki - Mysterious but genius detective who would do anything to solve a case he's interested in
  • Gemerl - The sucessor of Emerl, Gemerl was once a destructive robot made for fighting although he was reprogrammed and now only fights for innocents and the world, fighting evil as best as he can.


  • Flowey the Flower - Manical flower who loves killing people that transformed into Asriel Dreemurr
  • Red Guy - Sarcastic guy who was killed by Chara
  • Duck - A duck who was also killed by Chara
  • Future Sans - Sans from the future
  • Future Papyrus - Papyrus from the future
  • P.E.K.K.A - Samurai robot who was killed by Asriel Dreemurr's Hyper Goner and who probably won't be revived due to my lack of interest in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale
  • Mini Pekka - Small samurai robot who I retired due to my lack of interest in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale
  • Tattletail - Furby rip-off who I retired due to my lack of interest in Tattletail
  • Star Dream - Retired due to me never finishing Planet Robobot and I lost interest in the character
  • Marx - Killed by Star Dream although he may be revived due to my liking of the character
  • Toriel - Former queen of the underground and Asriel's mother, she was killed by the LRG in The Room of Undertale. She may be revived.


  • Chaos - Mutated chao who I planned to use for a room that got scrapped
  • Tails Doll - Freaky possessed doll of Tails that was only seen in a Halloween special and so will only ever appear in another Halloween special

More about Me

What's that? You wanna know more about me? Um..Okay..?

  • Age: 16 (Yes, I'm younger than mostly everyone else on this wiki.)
  • Favorite Color: Blue (Why? Because blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, my room, my broken Xbox One controller, and last but not least, the fastest thing alive, Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • Gaming Platforms: Whoo boy, this one's gonna be a doozy. Okay, I have my PC (which barely works anymore) and my two laptops (one of them is a school laptop). I have my New Nintendo 2DS XL, a Nintendo Switch (I had to sell the Wii U to get it), my iPhone, my old Nintendo Wii (Which I've had for a very long time), my Xbox One, my old Xbox 360, and that's basically everything I can think of right now.
  • Likes: Video Games, Friends, writing and reading, Finishing stories, video game music (mainly Undertale/Deltarune and Sonic music), memes, presents
  • Dislikes: Having a good idea and then lacking motivation to do it, corona virus(Will it ever end!?), giving up on stories (It happens), Not being able to think of things I dislike, yeah I can't really think of anything else.
Thanks for reading, people!

  • This is where I keep all my ideas that I think are worth keeping so that I don't forget them.

Wanna hear some bangers? Want some music to browse my profile to and you don't like Studiopolis Zone? (Shame on you.) Well, I've got you covered!

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  • The Room of Undertale - The Gang finds themselves in The Underground, and in The Ruins. When they realize that Toriel won't let them go without a fight, they end up killing her. They run into Sans and Papyrus in Snowdin, but Script teleports everyone to the end of the room, where they meet Flowey the Flower. Flowey transforms into Omega Flowey and damages The Gang severely, but he gets defeated due to the power of the Human SOULs. The Gang have the option to kill him or to spare him, but they spare him, allowing him to go free.
  • The Room of Super Smash Bros - This time, The Gang are in a Smash Bros. tournament! The tournament is ran by Master Hand himself, and he forces them to participate! Red Guy is the first one to lose a battle, and it is revealed that people who lose a battle don't die. Instead, they become trapped in a glass chamber where they can watch the matches. More and more people lose battles and the glass chamber begins to fill up. Round 1 ends and Round 2 starts. However, everyone is starting to lose the will to fight, and so they stop fighting. Flowey leaves, leaving Master Hand to fight The Gang himself. However, Master Hand turned everyone in the glass chamber into evil clones of themselves, and they assist Master Hand in fighting The Gang! Meanwhile, on Final Destination, fighting a few select members from The Gang. Master Hand then calls in Crazy Hand, making the battle even more chaotic. The Gang finish of Master Hand and Crazy Hand, making all their turned evil friends turn back to normal.
  • The Wacky Bob-omb Factory - The Gang find themselves inside a Bob-omb factory, where King Bob-omb talks to them on a screen, saying that they'll never make it to him alive. They realize that it's all a board game, and The Gang presses on, until they come face to face with a certain foe, Chara. Chara fights them in a battle, but it seems hopeless, as she manages to dodge even Super Sonic's attacks with ease. Things got worse when Chara absorbed the power of the human SOULs, but luckily Sans managed to teleport Chara into Here we Are.
  • Here we Are - The Gang now finds themselves in a strange, abondaned lab. As they go on forward, they find some terrifying monsters! Luckily, The Gang manage to spare them, without getting hurt. However, everything goes horribly wrong once Papyrus gets hit by the Determination Machine, causing Sans and Papyrus to fuse together horrifically. Forgetting about The Gang, the new Sans and Papyrus fusion blindly attack The Gang. Luckily, they remember The Gang, but Chara arrives to screw everything up again, giving them determination and HATE. 'Sixbones' attacks The Gang again, but this time they're even more powerful. Gaster traps Sixbones in a bone cage, so that they would be protected, and the real battle begins against Chara. They trade blows, and Frisk eventually gets released. Sixbones gets released, but instead of attacking The Gang, they attack Chara, and Gaster makes her temporarily disappear with a powerful attack. Luckily, with the help of both Mewtwo and Gaster, Sans and Papyrus return back to normal. They continue on in the lab, and Frisk teaches them how to spare the monsters. They make it to the end of the lab, and they exit.
  • Avoid the Void - This room is easily my worst room, as I was barely active for any of it and so it was basically all filler, with no plot. Sorry about this episode, guys. The only trace of a plot is The Gang finding themselves in the void, the same place Gaster was trapped inside of for so long. Many random things happen, which I suppose is fitting for the void. Suddenly, they encounter a phantom version of Flowey, a fake version of Flowey that was formed in the void. He has the same memories of the original Flowey before he was turned into Asriel Dreemurr. Things get extremely dangerous when Phantom Flowey also makes phantom copies of the human SOULs, transforming into a Omega Flowey like state. Sans manages to teleport Phantom Flowey into the sock dimension. Gaster then points out a Beta Hotland, realizing that his lab was bought to the void alongside him. What was supposed to happen was that The Gang was supposed to explore Beta Hotland, and more of Gaster's past would be revealed. Sadly, I was inactive, and so this never happened. Perhaps I will remake this room in a story one day.


Completed Stories

  • The Heated Battle! - The story begins with Charizard encountering his future rival, Blaziken for the first time inside of a cave. Charizard gets beaten badly once Blaziken mega evolves and so he craves revenge. He finds himself in the Blaze City Pokecenter, where he sees a Pokemon tournament. Wanting to prove his strength, he enters, and he finds out Blaziken is also apart of the tournament. Blaziken fights Sans's Genesect and he easily wins. Charizard then fights Mew, almost losing, until Mew luckily gets Healing Wish with Metronome, which heals Charizard completely while knocking out Mew. Blaziken had to fight Mewtwo, and almost lost, until he turned to his mega form, easily beating Mewtwo with speed. Up next was Charizard against Papyrus's Victini, and Charizard won with a bit of a struggle. Next was the final battle, Charizard against Blaziken. Charizard was winning the battle at first, but then Blaziken went back to his mega state, and he beat Charizard to a pulp. Just as Charizard was about to lose, the urge to win awoke inside of him, and he mega evolved with sheer will and determination. Mega Charizard beats Blaziken down easily, until Blaziken reveals that he was going easy on him, and saying that the real battle had began. A very epic and intense battle followed, with Charizard and Blaziken equally matched in power. Blaziken tried to finish the battle with his special move, 'Blaziken Finale', but Charizard evaded it. Charizard picked Blaziken up in the air, and they traded blows while in the sky, until realizing that they were falling and the battle ended as a tie. The crowd cheered on Charizard, and Charizard felt confident in himself once again.
  • Robo Double - Sonic was enjoying himself in Mobius on one peaceful day, until noticing the Death Egg in the sky. Sonic warps to the Special Zone, and uses it to travel to the remains of Scrap Brain Zone, where there was a shuttle. Sonic flew it to the Death Egg, with the shuttle blowing up on the way. However, Sonic stepped into a trap set by Mecha Sonic, and as a result Mecha Sonic steals all of his Chaos Emeralds. Sonic breaks free and he gives Mecha Sonic a run for his money, forcing Mecha Sonic to transform into his super state. Super Mecha Sonic beats Sonic to near death, and he kicks him all the way over to Angel Island. Mecha Sonic slams Sonic through the ground, causing him to land in Hidden Palace Zone. Luckily, Sonic used Chaos Control, freezing Mecha Sonic in time, so that Sonic could harness the power of the Super Emeralds, going to his hyper form. Sonic couldn't hold Chaos Control any longer, but it didn't matter because he easily took his Chaos Emeralds back from Mecha Sonic, making him revert back to his normal form. Sonic easily kicked Mecha Sonic all the way back to the Death Egg, stopping him from causing trouble for now. Sonic then gave the Super Emeralds back, before going for a chili dog.

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