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Terrence "Terry" Tanzanite

Terry is a 480-year-old tanzanite gemstone who possesses psychic powers and the ability to make accurate predictions by reading another person's mind. He was the one responsible for separating the gemstones out of revenge for his past, tearing their dynamic apart until they were brought back together by Starcade and Kyoji in the events of Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem.

King Theodore Tanzanite

King Theodore is Terry's father and tyrannical ruler of the Tanzanite Kingdom, whose motive is to take over the whole of Gemstonia and teach them a lesson as he was angry about the prejudice the other gemstones had on his people. Unfortunately, that corrupted him into a villain and developed his hatred for gemstones, something that affected Terry very badly.

King's Court

The King's Court refers to the forces of King Spade. It is the royal organization that governs the Underworld, a dimension of evil monsters. They have a connection with the Tanzanite Kingdom, having aided them in the past in their war against the other kingdoms of Gemstonia. Most of them are based on playing card suits in a typical 52-card deck. The King's Court may also team up with other villains if it benefits them.


  • King Spade - Chaotic evil leader of the King's Court and supreme ruler of the Underworld. He aims to unleash chaos on any dimension he appears in, whenever the opportunity rises.


  • Spencer Spade - Known by many as "The Wild Card", Spencer is King Spade's royal son and prince of the Underworld, soon to be the next king in the making. He is the leader and oldest of the generals, who specializes in combat and weapons as well as training other monsters to be ruthless fighters. He is the most aggressive and short-tempered of the four generals, easily getting angered at failures made by even the other generals and shares the same desire as his father to unleash chaos. His main weapons are a magic spade-tipped spear and a spade-shaped shield.
  • Heather Heart - Heather is the second oldest of the generals, who specializes in sorcery and magic. She is the least aggressive of the generals and she prefers to tackle problems with a strategic approach rather than face them head-on like Spencer does. She is also refined and elegant, and will do anything it takes to protect her kind. Her main weapon is a magic heart-tipped staff that grants her access to elemental magic.
  • Columbus Club - Columbus is the youngest of the generals, who specializes in luck and jest. He is very self-confident and charismatic, often the one who keeps the spirits of the King's Court high, but he is also very naïve and sometimes oblivious to what's happening. Often considered to be the most annoying of the generals, Columbus tends to crack jokes and pull pranks on others even if they may come across as immature. He doesn't have a main weapon, but he can attack by throwing magic four-leaf clovers.
  • Dorothy Diamond - Dorothy is the smartest of the generals, who specializes in science, machinery and engineering. She inherits many traits of a stereotypical teenager - she's rebellious, she tends to have mood swings and she is very into social media and video games. She is also very cunning, mean to others and will go at any lengths to have her own way. Her main weapon is an artificial intelligence-operated laser cannon, and her diamond robots are certainly something to watch out for.


  • Monsters - The main inhabitants of the Underworld. Most of the monsters who are members of the King's Court are card suit monsters, including the four generals. As members of the King's Court, they are loyal to King Spade and trained to be ruthless fighters by Spencer Spade, always ready to unleash their evil and chaos when the opportunity rises.


Terry Tanzanite

Terry is born in the former Tanzanite Kingdom in Gemstonia, a rather dark kingdom suspected to be cursed. For centuries and counting, many gemstones believe that anyone who enters the kingdom will never be the same again, which was so widely believed in that it started a prejudice against tanzanite gemstones. As a result, many tanzanite gemstones were deemed unwelcome and mistreated in the other kingdoms, under the impression that they were "bad luck charms" to their own lives.

However, that did not stop Terry from being part of the Order of the Rainbow Gem (the name of Diana Diamond's team of gemstones). Terry was born with psychic powers, a gift passed down by the Order's prophecy as he was the chosen representative of his kingdom. Having seen how much damage the prejudice has done to his people, Terry wanted to use his gift to put an end to it by proving the rest of the gemstone race wrong about their superstitions. Fortunately for him, the other members of the Order didn't mistreat him as they didn't believe in the prejudice, mostly thanks to Diana Diamond.

Unfortunately for Terry, his father, King Theodore, had other plans. Angered by the way his people were mistreated over a belief he thought was ridiculous, King Theodore decided to declare war on the other kingdoms to teach them a lesson. As the Tanzanite Kingdom was associated with spirits and the unknown, King Theodore hired a priest to summon monsters from another dimension known as the Underworld to assist them. With an army of monsters and tanzanite gemstones ready, King Theodore assigned Terry to lead the army into war. Terry refused, believing that a war is pointless and would only escalate the prejudice. However, he was ultimately forced to take upon the role when King Theodore threatened to end Amelia Amethyst's (Terry's crush and best friend in the Order who was kidnapped as she knew too much about the plan) life right before him.

Terry led King Theodore's army to war as he was forced to, but deep down he felt guilty of betraying his friends. True enough, the other members of the Order were disgusted by his actions and believed that he truly betrayed them by joining the dark side. The gemstones won the war, but not without suffering massive losses. As punishment, the monsters were sealed back in the Underworld and the tanzanite gemstones were declared to be sealed in their kingdom with a magic barrier for 1000 years, never to interact with the outside world during that time. Even worse, Terry had lost the trust and respect of the members of the Order and was never treated the same way again. But with hopes that he still might have a chance to fulfill his dream, Terry requested for a chance at redemption and with Diana's help, he was put on probation. Terry would be exempted from the sentence, but on the condition that he would be supervised at all costs when he's outside the Tanzanite Kingdom.

Despite his best efforts at redeeming himself, the tension between Terry and the other Order members only grew for the worse, especially at times when he unintentionally screws things up. Terry quickly grew to be more of an outcast in the Order, but even then, he still kept his spirits high knowing that the others would still see him as one of their own.

A while later, Gemstonia was attacked by Storm Cloud based on another event that happens once every 1000 years. Terry and the Order fought Storm Cloud in a long battle, to the point that they had to fight him in the Rainbow Temple, the place which contained the portal that links Gemstonia and the Overworld (Storm Cloud's dimension). The Order managed to defeat Storm Cloud and activate the portal, forcing Storm Cloud back to the Overworld. However, Terry was caught in the midst of the struggle and cried out to the rest of the Order to save him as he was being pulled along with Storm Cloud. Due to most of the members having a lack of trust for him, they could not come to a consensus. Terry was pulled into the Overworld with Storm Cloud, just before the portal deactivates, never to be seen again.

Trapped in the Overworld for possibly all eternity, Terry came to a conclusion that there was no hope that the gemstone race would ever change their minds about his kind and that his friends never truly cared for him after all. Although he hated his time in the Overworld, Terry began to develop an interest in dark sorcery and took the time to learn all kinds of different secrets - spells, charms, black magic and especially the third eye (one of the deadliest secrets), as well as learn more about Gemstonia itself. He managed to escape the Overworld and return to Gemstonia using his newly-acquired dark sorcery, this time with a cold and bitter heart containing a burning desire for revenge. Ever since, Terry vows to finish what King Theodore had once started - to get rid of the Order and eliminate the rest of the gemstone race once and for all.

Test Subject Blue

Blue is from the land of Nitrome, a metropolitan city in Eitbit. When he made his debut on the date his games were published, he quickly grew to be one of the most popular main protagonists in Nitrome. According to the lore from his game, Blue was created as a giver of life, which was a fact he took to heart. With the help of the Rex209 suit designed and programmed specifically for his use, Blue acted as the self-proclaimed "superhero and defender of Nitrome". While this made him a popular figure, it also shaped him into quite the arrogant and self-confident character.

Contrary to Blue being created to give life, his suit was created for the purpose of war. As both enzyme and suit were the keys to potential world domination in the Test Subject series, Blue was ambushed, outsmarted and kidnapped by an army of mercenaries thanks to a mysterious villain (it's not Olympus). During his capture, Blue was experimented on as a test subject and his memories were erased in the process, including his role in his own game. His mech suit was also reprogrammed to its default settings and as Blue was placed into his "brand new" suit, he was brainwashed by the suit into adopting a new motto for himself. From then on, Blue saw himself as someone created for war, destined to be a symbol of greatness and power.

Under instructions by this mysterious villain (who became his superior), Blue was sent to lead an army of enzymes to launch an attack on Nitrome and capture all of its citizens. The Nitromians were shocked by this sudden change in Blue's character, not knowing the reason why. Most of them were captured, but the remaining Nitromians decided to seek shelter by running away to the main city of Eitbit, where they meet Starcade for the first time. Unfortunately for them, Blue was able to track them down with the help of his suit's advanced technology and eventually arrived at Eitbit.

Blue managed to find the remaining Nitromians with Starcade and demanded that the latter surrenders them to him. Sensing that something is wrong, Starcade refused to give in, causing Blue to start a fight with the group. While Blue was able to easily fight off most of the Nitromians, he finds it harder to take down Starcade. In fact, Starcade was the one on the upper hand and all the while, she was simply blocking his attacks and asking him to stop what he was doing. However, still fully believing in his new motto as a symbol of greatness and power, Blue refused to accept the situation and continued fighting her, using everything he had in his arsenal.

Even Starcade could not last very long against Blue, as his attacks started to overwhelm her, gradually injuring and exhausting her severely. Starcade tried to fight back, but her attacks were not strong enough against his suit, thus Blue was able to take her down albeit with much difficulty. Finally, he thought, as he started capturing the unconscious Nitromians. That was when Starcade discovered the cause of it all: a virus-infected microchip plugged into Blue's suit. Before Blue could escape with his captives, Starcade knocked his suit down and removed the microchip with the last of her strength, immediately falling onto the ground afterwards. Blue was defeated, having been rendered powerless the moment his suit lost its power.

Blue was initially furious over his defeat, but then he finally realized his own actions as he saw Starcade and the Nitromians in their states, as well as the damage he has done to his own city. He was no longer brainwashed, but in turn he did not regain the memories he had lost before and thus lost his sense of identity. At the same time, he was ashamed of everything he had done. However, he was thankful to Starcade for having shown him the truth behind the motto he once believed in and what greatness really means. From then on, he swore his allegiance with Starcade and together with the Nitromians he made friendships with, the group known widely as the Retro Rebels was formed ever since.

The mastermind behind Blue's corruption was believed to be the Nitrome Boss (the one who runs the land of Nitrome) since he is already a corrupted leader on his own, but until today, no evidence was found that could pinpoint him as the culprit. The owner of the virus-infected microchip that corrupted Blue could not be identified either. In other words, the culprit remains unknown till this day.

Re-Peat Boss

Re-Peat Boss is formerly one of the plant heroes known as Mecha Moss, a moss with high intelligence and mechanical skills similar to Z-Mech. While he helped the plant heroes in their adventures, he never got a chance for the spotlight as Green Shadow was always the one who had it due to her role as leader of the plant heroes, which slowly made him bitter though still a loyal member. Mecha Moss was then captured by Dr. Zomboss' clone for experimental purposes and turned evil when one of the clone's experiments went wrong. The plant heroes then manage to save him from capture, but they were too late as Mecha Moss had already changed. Still bitter over his past as a plant hero, he finally decided to betray the plant heroes and be on his own. Mecha Moss then renamed himself under a new alias "Re-Peat Boss", built his base and became his own boss, desiring to destroy the plant heroes and take over Suburbia by any means.

Story Ideas

Note that these are simply ideas for future stories and not actually confirmed to be upcoming in the future. Will be subject to change.

Test Subject Corrupted

  • Takes place in the past, before the Retro Rebels were formed.
  • Test Subject Blue was kidnapped and experimented on, and became corrupt as a result. He wasn't actually mind-controlled, he was brainwashed by his suit's new programming into gaining an evil personality.
  • Test Subject Blue's corruption has nothing to do with Olympus. Olympus has other motives and the former doesn't personally concern him at all.

The True Champion

  • Olympus finally returns, launching one of his most devastating attacks on Eitbit yet.
  • Starcade and Kyoji will be the main duo of the story; their relationship will also be developed along the way.
  • The Nitro Maniacs return with illegal upgrades and each of them will be given a chance to display their personalities. They will be battled individually.
  • Cuboy will join the forces of good once he finds out Olympus' true motive.
  • Possible connections between Olympus and another organization.

Intergalactic Invasion

  • A story solely focused on the plant side of the gang. Might potentially develop Richard Melon as a character since he desperately needs it.
  • The Explodonaters will return to assist the plants, revealed to be bounty hunters in outer space and sent by Beta-Carrotina and the Plant-etary Guard to provide assistance. FYI, before they became allies of the gang, the Explodonaters were a group of school bullies who once started a rebellion to overthrow the education system in the PvZ Institute that ended in failure, and were reformed after their rehabilitation.
  • Cosmos returns with another scheme up his sleeve, something similar to what he did in Powered Up. I might have to discuss with Redfork2000 about this one.

Time Travel Quest makes a return?

Time Travel Quest was an RPG I once did back in the PvZ wiki, and it was fun while it lasted. Basically each roleplayer controls a character of their choice to battle against zombies from different timelines, with the difficulty slowly increasing with each battle. Along the way, roleplayers can choose to buy upgrades, items and even plants to assist them in battle.

I might start working on more ideas for this RPG soon.

(Work in Progress)

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