In a Locked Room Wiki

Heya. Name's Moon Snail. I've been playing IaLR since 2016, and I've mostly been on-and-off. IDK if the series will ever come back, but I do have plans if it does. A lot of my old characters will be trimmed away so I can focus more on my most interesting ones. My cast will look something like this:

In addition, DDT and the Terraria Bosses will make one last appearance each, having a sendoff to close their parts in the story for good. Maybe I'll replace DDT with BAD, but I dunno.

That being said, I'd be remiss to not mention the characters of mine that I'll have left behind in this shift. Some with proper sendoffs in the past, some I've just unceremoniously dropped, and some I never even given a chance.

And that's all I can say about my current plans, besides the fact that I'll stick to 3-5 characters per episode to keep away from overcomplicating things for myself and others. But again, that's only if the series makes a comeback. I hope it does, but I can't guarantee anything. Seeya then.