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Hello random person! I am ItzXenos, or just Xenos for short.

I was role player on the PvZ Wiki before the Roleplaying Branch got annihilated. I went quiet for some time, but now I'm back on the PvZ Discord and evidently, here. I still enjoy roleplaying despite having not done it in years, so I'm jumpstarting my roleplaying hobby back here!

I like the supernatural, so a lot of my characters are either based on supernatural figures, or are original creations but still supernatural in nature.

If you're gonna collab with me please don't rely on me to make the plot lol

Click here to see all the stories started by me, finished or not.

Stuff I like

In General

  • Mythology (duh)
  • Digital art
  • Dark humour
  • Memes


  • TF2
  • Terraria
  • FNaF

Upcoming Content

Spoilers or something, I guess.

User:ItzXenos/Upcoming Content

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