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  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Roleplaying; SFM art, Traditional art, digital art
  • I am Female

About Me

This user is a native speaker of English.

...And Filipino. But not too much.

User's Note: For most of the year (and life in general)... It's just been stress for me. As such, I am no longer too active in this site, at least.

Hey, everyone who reads this! Fairy27 here, in the Locked Room Wiki! I went here early on, but I quitted, then came back. I'm quite the roleplayer, but I don't catch up well. I try to make RPs fun as possible, but my main weakness is how I'm unoriginal, so yeah... Also, expect me to screw up a lot, but I'll try my best anyway!

IaLR Page Description: Formerly a Discussion Moderator of the PvZ Wiki who closed a couple of IaLR episodes in said wiki but stepped down to avoid drama and a long sickness that led her to no control lately, although this no longer has a use due to the RP being moved to its own wiki. Fairy27 is the only active female user of IaLR at the moment. She currently tries to balance her schedule of her own Splatoon headcanon content, her IaLR content, her digital and SFM art skill practice and her time outside of life, especially school. She joined in The Hot Room as Ellise, who doesn't appear again until the final room of Season 1, but left in The Room of Minecraft due to her hating the said game. She then returned for a short time as the duo of an Electric Blueberry and Electric Currant from her profie picture back then. She came back fully in The Room of Portal 2 with Voltaire Shockilta. This Splatoon and Persona fan aims to make balance with her cast and deliver her ideas in IaLR at her own pace.

Current Game/s Watching/Experiencing Blind:

  • N/A at the moment! I finished checking Xenoblade Chronicles as of September 10, 2020 and I'd rather take a bit of a break before checking Xenoblade Chronicles X. There's a reason why I have a Dunban profile picture, he ended up being my favorite character.


Splatoon Stuff

Splatoon is the the franchise I associate with the most at the moment! I'm also into (J)RPGs, but I'm not making a whole heading about it.

  • Preferred Generation/Game: Splatoon 2
    • That actually resulted to me wanting to do some Splatoon 2 stuff that I would add to IaLR. You can clearly see my lack of knowledge about the franchise back in the episode Ink or Sink at the Art Museum though XD. I still ended up keeping Klitz as a major... No, one of my main characters in IaLR and he also ended up becoming my main Splatoon 2 OC. Throughout his early appearances I thought I'd lose interest controlling this first inkling OC of IaLR (not first inkling overall because Squid Sisters) but nope, not even now! Shows how much it was fate for me to be attached to the Splatoon franchise.
  • Potential Weapon Preference: Leaning towards Chargers if the GMod version is accurate to the Splatoon games
  • Preferred Character: Agent 4... Err, the main interpretation of the community, anyway, alongside some Nintendo canon. Marie is close.
  • Favorite Song/s:
    • Splatoon 1: Tide Goes Out
    • Splatoon 2: Inkoming! (Pre-release), Ebb & Flow (Post-release), Nasty Majesty (Octo Expansion)

My Characters for IaLR

Don't know how to link to my "Owned by Fairy27" category without categorizing my userpage as such, but look that up and some of my characters are there... Eck. Return of navbox, when?

Main Characters List

Note: This is not finalized as two upcoming members are coming... Also this is kinda outdated. I'll fix that in the future.

  • Voltaire Shockilta
    • Origin: Plants vs. Zombies 2; Original Character
    • Description: She is an Electric Blueberry who is a Power Factory worker and seeks for her friends to live normally. She wants happiness and fun adventures. She is one of the oldest members of the Locked Room Gang and tries joining their main adventures for the most part. However, not only is she cocky and overconfident, but also she's hiding a secret that is actually her true reason of her exploring the Locked Rooms. She first appeared in The Room of Portal 2.
  • Kelvelitz "Klitz" Krieg
    • Origin: Splatoon 2; Original Character
    • Description: He is an inkling with neon green ink color who prefers to be alone and takes his time. He also is the 4th Phantom Wielder, wielding the Phantom Roller, and the first one in a long time. He is calm and serious, but he isn't as silent as one would think. He's very aggressive in battle. He was quite social with his former teammates until the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest Incident scarred him for life and made him the way he is now. He first appeared in Ink or Sink at the Art Museum.
  • Princess Rosalina
    • Origin: Mario (franchise), Super Mario Galaxy (game debut); Existing Character
    • Description: She is the princess of the cosmos and the adopted mother and protector of the Lumas. She commands and controls the Comet Observatory, being a powerful figure. She is wise, mature and kind, but no one should underestimate her IQ. She is very intelligent and knows a lot of things. She first interacted with the Lumas by helping a young Luma in a rusted spaceship many years ago. She first appeared in The Room of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Yoshi
    • Origin: Yoshi (sub-franchise of Mario), Super Mario World (game debut); Existing Character
    • Description: He is a dinosaur-like character that acts as a valuable ally. He is the leader of the Yoshi clan, but like any other Yoshi, he doesn't mind helping others that are in need as that is a part of their pride. He is the brave and kind one of said clan. He first appeared in The Wacky Bob-omb Factory.

In the Past

There is one other drawing related to this I could add... That'll be later.

Current IaLR Episodes

Note that I owned no episode from Season 1.

Season 2

There is only one I have that is finished...

  • Ink or Sink at the Art Museum (Episode 5 - Finished)
    • The gang ends up on an art museum. It may be nice to look at, but stare or touch on an art for at least 5 seconds and you'll be covered in paint in no time, then you'll explode! It may have seemed that no one is even around here, but really, one Inkling is present and is asked to guard the area without realizing what will happen if this continues! Will they convince him to stop?
    • This was when Klitz debuted... Yay for my previous Splatoon ignorance!
    • Gosh there are still some things to be fleshed out despite some retcons that were confirmed recently XD. There may be other things to be explained from here in future content, maybe?

...And due to potential plans of changing IaLR a bit for its modern style to flow and also due to inactivity, Season 3 happened! Yay!

Season 3

Few episodes are blooming slowly! You can find them in my Upcoming Content and Plans subpage far above. Will list them once aired.


Here's the list of my IaLR stories thus far... In a lost navbox. But here's two bonuses.

Other ongoing/upcoming stories are on my Upcoming Content subpage.

...Time to properly make a category for stories made by me. "Stories Written by Fairy27"? That could work.
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