July 15, 2018

Get outta the way "Some Boring Introduction Stuff About Me (And Why Are All The Words' First Letters Capitalized In This Heading? Also, Why Is This Title So Long?)", move down, because this section is a lot more important.

So, I took quite a long break from this. I got really busy with school, and now that it's summer (well, actually, the last two weeks of summer, lol), I'm trying to get myself back into this. Although, I'm going to be a lot more stressed over the school year than last year, so I don't know what I'm thinking right now... let's just see how this goes.

I'm going to reboot my older characters somehow... I think a little timeskip and I'll just infer what happened to them, maybe a few flashbacks? I don't know. Maybe I'll write a spinoff. Nah... too much work. Anyways, I'll just incorporate a time jump, and the events that I wanted to happen but never got to write happened and took place and stuff... so... yeah...

Edit!: Actually, the stuff during the timeskip is here: Whatever Happened to T3PK?

Some Boring Introduction Stuff About Me (And Why Are All The Words' First Letters Capitalized In This Heading? Also, Why Is This Title So Long?)

Sooooo... I couldn't look at some generic template thingy here, so I decided to edit it! Here's some trivia to get us started, I actually edited this a loooooong time ago, but then, after working for like, 30 minutes on it, MY COMPUTER DIED. The worst thing that could possibly happen (internet kicking me out is 2nd) happened! Anyways, I should add stuff here, no?

First, a little about me... Like, just a LITTLE. Not enough to let you people stalk me. I don't know who's out there... Anyways, as you can see on the little bar thingy on top, I live in 'Murica. Although, as I'd said earlier I live in the USA, I'm a Filipino... AND I'M PROUD! I can be described as a Grammar Nazi. If there's a run-on sentence with no commas and stuff and it goes on forever I will probably add periods and rage and make sure it's fixed and I also want people to capitalize their i's in their sentences and use their apostrophes correctly or id rage so much that id like destroy furniture and if i do that the world will end i mean if i make run on sentences and stuff and dont add periods and dont use apostrophes correctly and stuff. So, yeah, basically, if I see ONE run-on sentence, a sentence with terrible grammar and/or verb usage, horrible apostrophe usage, and people not capitalizing their I's, I'd mutter to myself, "Gee, that person should really go to school! What are they, in middle school?" Yeah, totally not me!

Basically, in the roleplays and this wiki, I'm in charge of writing the summaries, plots, and cast of characters because I'm such a Grammar Nazi. I also know how to code, so I help with the templates, sometimes. As for actual roleplaying, I joined the IaLR roleplay series pretty late- the Season 1 finale! Wow! I know, right? Most of my plots in the episodes have really long, boring, complex subplots. Also, I oppose arguments because, seriously, what fun is roleplaying when everyone's attacking each other like little kids? Here's an example:

Kid #1's character accidentally tripped over Kid #2's character, who was stabbed in the eye.

Kid #2 exclaims, "What was that for? Oh well, he's not dead! He had a magic force field and plot armor!"

Kid #1 exclaims, "Plot armor? You can't do that! He's dead!"

Kid #2 yells, "Oh yeah, what if I banished your character!?" Kid #2 proceeds to click the delete button.

Kid #1 screams, "NOOO!!!" Kid #1 jumps Kid #2 and the two get into a really bad argument.

Kid #2 says, "You're mean!"

Kid #1 says, "Ouch! How rude! Oh yeah, you're meaner!"

Kid #2 says, "No! You wouldn't dare say that!"

Kid #1 replies, "Watch me!"

Kid #2 runs away, crying.

See what I mean? You wasted 2 minutes reading that! 2 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE YOU'LL NEVER GET BACK!!! And worse, it took me 4 minutes to write it all out! 4 MINUTES OF MY LIFE I'LL NEVER GET BACK!!!

So, now, did boring chunks of text above bore you to death? Well fear not! Don't worry, now there's a bunch of special-aligned text, pictures, bullet points, and other things that don't look like huge paragraphs. Okay, here they are... in 3... 2... 1... 0.5... 0.25... 0.125... okay, yeah, I'm stalling. PS: Why am I writing 'yeah' and 'like' and 'okay'? It's just as if I'm writing a really long text message, huh? Totally not stalling, by the way... Here it is...

My Characters


(Regular characters that appear in most episodes.)

Kelvin Degries

  • Kelvin Degries (Season 1B - Season 2A): Kelvin Degries is a series regular and was introduced along with Shri McDee (NN) and Pea Jay in the Season 1 finale. His original goal was to search for Bloom, but it continuosly keeps getting postponed. Upon meeting Clem, she immediately antagonizes him due to his role as a leader of T3PK. She successfully murders Escrape, causing Kelvin to feel guilty, despite it not being his fault. His values start to be tested throughout Season 2A, and leaves the group (due to an argument with Pea causing Pea to depart). He is later introduced to The Sanctumers whilst looking for Pea and learns about their struggles. While there, he bonds with Piff (a dragon) and agrees to help The Sanctum by reuniting with the LR gang and asking them for someone who can fight the Shriek Freaks.

Pea Jay

  • Pea Jay (Season 1B - Season 2A): Pea Jay is introduced as T3PK's protector and close friend. He claims to have been sent by the future to protect them and has a device that helps them travel through time. After Escrape's death, he starts to become unhinged and believes he's failing his job. This only worsens when NN disappears, and he starts to blame the LR gang for everything, causing tension between both him and the gang. He argues with Kelvin due to their clashing values and ultimately reveals that he'd acted that way to them due to his guilt over Escrape's death and NN's disappearance. After this reveal, he leaves with no more motivation to live. Although, this changes when he meets Sarah and tries to get her back to her mom. This goal wasn't enough to make him want to live, but it was enough to make him not want to die- causing him to be stuck in between living and dying. As a result, he ruthlessly kills anyone in his goal of getting Sarah to her mom because of his unwillingness to look at his morals. He starts a negative relationship with Dark Shadow due to their different perspectives.

Shri McDee (or more commonly known as NN)

  • Shri McDee (NN) (Season 1B): Shri McDee, or most commonly nicknamed NN, is an optimistic, hyperactive member of T3PK trying to live up to her parents' full expectations. She decides to cast that aside, though, and stick with her friends instead. She disappears in the Season 1 finale.

Sasha Reese

  • Sasha Reese (Season 2A): A mother desperate to find her daughter, Sasha Reese is introduced in Season 2. She will do anything for her daughter because of her husband's death in a L.E.A.F. mission gone wrong; Sarah is her only family left. Sasha gets stuck in Clem's camp, and is intent on getting out. However, when she asks Derek for help, he refuses. This makes her look at him as a coward.

Derek Greene

  • Derek Greene (Season 2A): Derek Greene is a member of Clem's base camp. He agreed to join because of his desire to stay with the stronger, winning side. Although, he never agreed with her methods. This show of reluctance caused Sasha to ask him for help, but he refuses, afraid of getting caught and getting punished.
  • Piff (Dragon) (Season 2A): Piff, the dragon, (not to be confused with Piff Faser) is, well, obviously, a dragon. He is first introduced as a part of the Sanctum community, but craves to leave and explore. He volunteers to go with Kelvin to help the community, and both bonds with Kelvin and learns the dangers of the outside world- even more so for a younger person like himself.
  • Zeus Ree (Season 2A): A charismatic leader who desires to stick with old traditions. A great example of this is when he decides to raise Piff the way the olden days did. Zeus is a teacher (and teaches people magic) and leads the Sanctum community. He believes in the brighter side of people, but nonetheless struggles to keep the community from falling apart to the Shriek Freaks.
  • Clementine Bloom (Season 1B - Season 2A): TBA
  • Hunt Dahl (Season 2)A: TBA

Also Starring

(Regular characters that appear in most episodes, but don't have as much of a major role/screen-time.)


(Characters that in some episodes for a period of time, but don't have as much of a major role as main characters.)


(Characters that are, yep, guests. They appear in special episodes or occasionally in a regular episode.)

Characters Coming Soon/Brainstorming

  • Douglas
  • The Terminator
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