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Hello, and welcome to the mess of a page an Inkling like me calls home. I just roleplay a cool cast of characters, including one of the most devious villains of them all. I am also the user of the official message wall for Talking Random Stuff (yipee!) You still here? Okay, consider yourself a friend of mine if you are still reading. There is not much here- for now. But soon this page will be the grandest on this wiki! Maybe not...

This page is waaayyyyy outdated. I'll try and update it every so often, but pardon the mess right now.

Characters I roleplay as:

The Leading Ladies:

Jenny: CITRONtanker's most iconic character, and a true hero

Galaximus: One of the main villains of the series, she is Jenny's sister, and is bent on killing her, defeating the Locked Room Gang, and ruling the universe

The Supporting Cast

Paper Inkling: An Inkling made of paper, freed form a mysterious book

HIM: A demonic villain who has terrorized Townsville before. He is now an ally of Galaximus

Sedusa: A former villain of Townsville, she is now lending a hand to the gang to defeat the villains

Blaze: A Chandelure that is Mirage's greatest rival.

Baby Jenny: A bay version of Jenny who hides great power (Just ask Galaximus!)

Chaos Kin (upcoming, season 3)

My episodes:

Big Sister Trouble



Return of the Goddess

Things I started

Ask the characters. (I think)

Gang Chat.

Villains Unite!

Upcoming Content


User:CITRONtanker/Upcoming Content

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