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Salutations, dear reader. Welcome to my user page! There's not a lot I have to say to you, but I am a roleplaying veteran who's lived their whole life on the internet! By the way, if you want to work with me on something here, just notify me in some form, perhaps we can work something out.

Simple request.

About me

I am BoltBlizard, also known as the fairy of the freezer (just call me Bolt). I am a roleplaying veteran, and I like to think I have diverse opinions - but my favourite thing to do when it comes to roleplaying is also varying up the characters and character types. So I try to vary up origins and genders, etc. Oh, by the way - here's my crew so far. I'd like to think they're all awesome and diverse, but hey. That's me. What do you want now? Um - summaries? Not now - I kinda think you need to know more about myself. Look here, mate. I've got a kind of autism, thus leading to a bit of a rage if I do not approve of something.

Further information

Well, how do I start... Hi, hello. I'm a guy on the internet. Sup.

Likes: DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), Touhou Project, video games as a whole (especially RPG, card and strategy games). I also am 'really' fond of guns, especially ones that involve explosions!

Dislikes: Most anime (I don't watch a lot of it, but I'm generally not too interested in it), going outdoors, stereotypes, face-value impressions.

  • Game: Not got one.
  • Guns: Explosives and shotguns!
  • "Class" (in games): Magic - definetly. Magic holds usually some of the strongest attacks, and even some support toys.
  • "Class" (real life): Well, I'm currently dealing with Maths and Games Design, so... Not much choice there, huh? :D
    • Will add more later.

My cast

Name Origin Why I introduced them Significance
Neptune Hyperdimension Neptunia (Whole series - main character) I thought it'd be fun to bring in a main character from something I'm familiar with, but not too fond of on the surface. Maybe putting myself in their view will help! And so, Neptune. I can say she's growing on me, honestly. Good, main character.
Sanvi Custom I wanted a bit more of a comedic character, but has troubles interacting like I do often times. So, Sanvi. Why trains? She has to express her moments otherwise - and in thought of keeping it funny, I picked a train! Removed due to no more need for training wheels. Removed.
Velouria Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest and Revelation - optional character) I wanted a character that helps out others, more than they help themselves. Velouria fit the impression greatly - as in game (for me at least), she tore all foes down I put her up against, or just left them ready to go down. Good, major character.
Cirno Touhou Project (EoSD, first boss) Cirno, for a long time, was thought as my main. She was, but has degraded since. I wanted a fantasy character in a sense, and something that represents my more insane side.  Good, minor character.
Mirage Pokemon (Generation 4 onwards, Pokemon species) I needed a villain. I wanted to bring back some good times - and NATURAL selection seemed more fun. As Roserade is an old favorite, why not put that to work with a more villainous approach than its appearance leads people to believe? Evil, minor character.



Splatoon (Enemy)

Splatoon (Special Weapon/Playable character)

I needed a male character, and I quite liked this particular Octoling when using him one time. I decided to drag him here along with his pet, and make him more vital in key moments. Why not??

Good, main character. (Beta)

Good, minor character.(Toxen)

Ib Ib (Main character) Why do we need so many serious main characters? I thought I'd bring in some quiet innocence. She won't end up doing much, but... I think it's a good idea. Good, major character.
Godcat Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Final Boss) I needed a new villain. Enough said. Why not pick something I can find out of place while still making them major? Evil, main character.
Candlehead Wreck-it Ralph (Minor character) After a re-watch recently, I remembered why Candlehead stood out to me the most, mainly when the moment of truth truly matters. That. CANDLE. It struck me - why not have her as bendable as a straight rope and STILL make her relevant? Neutral, main character.
Kenny South Park (Major character) I seem to remember South Park REALLY fondly, not as something I hate - but something I've actually come to love. Then enters Kenny, with his unhealthy chance of dying! I found him soon to be my favorite, so I wanted to experiment more. Neutral, major character.
Nepgear Hyperdimension Neptunia (Supporting character) With Neptune being hinted to get into contact with her, I eventually decided enough was enough, and she needed to show up. Is that good enough? Good, major character.
Blitz Custom A character I got a lot of inspiration for, Blitz is one I had to openly test first. He's along the same lines as Nepgear, except he didn't have any hints to him until he revealed himself. Good, main character.
Hat Kid A Hat in Time (Main character) My story with Hat Kid - I have a lot of intrigue for her as a character, with many ways to perceive what she does in her source material. Due to the majority of her affiliations with enemies (the Mafia, Conductor, the Snatcher, etc.), I thought it'd make sense for her to set foot into this path, too. We're talking about someone who has the mobility of Mario with her wall climbing and double jump, and a mix of other abilities, too. Neutral, main character.
Pinkyy Relic Hunters Zero (Playable character) Honestly, I feel like I needed more power in my roster overall, but also hopefully introduce you people to a game I just love to go on because I can shoot stuff and blow stuff up. Pinkyy will be the power in the game incarnate. Good, minor character.
Alternis Dim Bravely Default (Major character) Again with the power thing - but I also needed some more seriousness in my group, to be honest. What's wrong with that? Good, major character.
Agent 3 Splatoon (Main character), Splatoon 2 (Octo Expansion only) No introduction needed - the hero of Inkopolis and the one thing Octarians fear the most. A3 rounds out diversity in her entire arsenal with each weapon and each asset in her grasp has a different use. But why I introduce(d) her is to at least show my portrayal of Agent 3 - at minimum - and keep things fresh. Neutral, main character.
Bonnie FNAF World (Playable character) With Bonnie, I felt like I need an anti-hero in my group. And this is where Bonnie takes center stage - fighting to avenge his fallen family and seek vengeance on those who aided in that event. He's not too terribly angry, unless he sees whoever did it, in which case he shifts into 'killer robot' mode. However, I have scrapped him due to not wanting to down the route again. Removed.
Taika Custom Taika and Hibiki are the results of some hard work and thought gathering - most of it coming from work at college, actually. These two were originally supposed to be main characters for one of three ideas I was to make, but since I did not choose their idea, but still wanted to use them - I repurposed them both to here. Good, stories only

Characters Power Levels

Godcat (both) - A tier
Neptune - A tier
Ib - A tier
Beta - B tier
Nepgear - B tier
Taika and Hibiki (same strength) - B tier
Cirno - B tier
Hat Kid - B tier
Agent 3 - C tier
Velouria - C tier
Godcat (separately) - C tier
Pinkyy - D tier
Blitz - D tier
Alternis Dim - D tier
Mirage - D tier
Toxen - E tier
Candlehead - E tier
Sanvi - F tier
Kenny - F tier
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