"Oh, hey Unikitty! Are you the one who joins Emmet and a bunch of random LEGO minifigs? 'Coz I like Legos."
Jelo Elducal, when first encountering Unikitty.

Princess Unikitty is a character introduced in the room of Super Smash Bros.. She's a very positive and chipper cat with unicorn aspects. She's usually happy, but when upset, she can easily lose all control over her emotions. She is controlled by Chilly Bean BAM!, JeloJellyJam and Redfork2000.


She first appeared in The Room of Super Smash Bros, but late in the room, so she didn't do too much. She continued on to The Room of Clash Royale.

Her first appearance in Season 2 is The Cloud Cuckoo Lander, where she welcomes the gang.


She wass based on her The Lego Movie's character. Currently, her appearance and personality are now based on her appearance as a main character in the show Unikitty.

Abilities and Weapons

So far, she has only one:

  • She can turn red when she's angry sometimes.



They are friends and they like doing things together with everyone else.


Puppycorn is Unikitty's younger brother. They get along very well, although they can sometimes get competitive when it comes to playing games together. Unikitty usually call Puppycorn "little bro" when she talks to him.


He is Unikitty's bodyguard, and always makes sure to protect Unikitty and the rest of their friends from danger. Unikitty and Hawkodile are good friends.

Dr. Fox

She's one of Unikitty's best friends, together with Puppycorn, Hawkodile and Richard. Dr. Fox and Unikitty get along very well.


  • She, Puppycorn, Hawkodile and Dr. Fox are the only Lego-based characters on the IaLR.

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