Mewtwo as an Trophy.

Trophies are items that used to be a character. They are basically the object version of an character; they can't move or think at all. They are the character on a gold plate that looks like a Smash Ball. This gold plate must be touched to bring the character back to normal. Objects can also be turned into trophies. To transform something in a trophy, you have to either use the trophy gun or have enough powers to be able to do it like Master Hand.
Objects Jelo's tabletMilo's backpackJelo's Swiss Army KnifeJelo's backpackWater ShooterKeysTrophySmash BallCLASSRosewell's telescopeKernely's saxophoneJelo's guitar
Food Plant Food
Machines Space-Time Objects
Vehicles Jelo's carStar BallThe Butterhawk
Weapons Inferno BladeSupersquirt Gun
Multiversal Fourth wall
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