Tony is an upcoming character in the In a Locked Roomseries of roleplays, and an existing character in the Jaidenstyle series of stories. He is mostly based off a YouTuber, Tonyvtoons. He is a friendly person with a liking for cookies, and a crush on Jaiden. He is roleplayed by JeloJellyJam, and in addition in Jaidenstyle, CITRONtanker and Redfork2000 as well.


Tony has tan skin, dark brown messy hair, and brown eyes. He usually wears a black/purple hoodie or a grey shirt, dark grey pants, and black sneakers.


He's loyal, optimistic, friendly, smart, skilled, likes cookies, and has a crush on Jaiden.

Relations with other characters


They're good friends. Tony has a crush on her.


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  • Like James, TimTom, Jaiden, Adam, Rebecca, and many more, Tony is meant to be the IaLR counterpart of Tony.
  • Tony likes cookies. Cookies and bouncy castles.
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