"The only reason I'm here is because I don't have anything better to do."
— Tom announcing his reasons for participating in the Locked Rooms in A Hive of Trouble

Tom is a Toxic Pea from the Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare series with a toxic personality to match. He is owned by SuperGaming101.


There's not a lot we know about Tom, apart from the fact that he apparently owns a Youtube account and a Twitter account. He also loves to play Minecraft, although he only ever plays on a server named 'Mineplex'. He gets the two mixed up, often saying that he plays Mineplex and not Minecraft. He does appear to have experience fighting zombies, as he has once announced his hatred towards zombies at one point in the series.


Tom just looks like your standard Toxic Pea. He looks just like a regular Peashooter wearing a gas mask.


Fitting his design and species, Tom has a very toxic personality. He can barely agree with anyone else, and he almost never has anything positive to say. He complains about every single thing that annoys him, and is quite rude to the other members of The Gang. He also seems to enjoy making mean and offensive jokes. He also seems to panic when he is in extreme situations.


  • Toxic Peas: Tom's main method of offence is firing peas from his mouth. These peas are radioactive in nature.
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