"I'm...I'm not sure if it's a good idea...can we just go home..."
— Toby Topaz

Toby Topaz is a main character originating from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. He is a gemstone who lives in Mewni, only to be constantly kidnapped by Baroness Von Bon Bon in an attempt for her to marry him in Sugarland. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


In "Topaz Trouble", Toby Topaz is seen in Baroness Von Bon Bon's castle getting married to the latter, only to be threatened to agreeing. With the help of Star Butterfly, the gang manage to convince the Baroness to hand him over, while taking the opportunity of King Legolas' army from Toy Town appearing to distract the Baroness away. Toby Topaz later thanks the gang for saving him.

In "Emerald Emergency", Gary Garnet reveals to the gang that Toby Topaz has a crush on Emma Emerald, as he points to Toby Topaz dancing about.

In "Sapphire Shortcoming", Starcade saves Toby Topaz from a giant shark while injuring herself in the process. Toby Topaz repays her kindness by charging towards Captain Brineybeard himself.

In "Amethyst Atrocity", Toby Topaz gets creeped out by the ghosts in the Phantom Express train. As Toby Topaz gets disgusted and pukes at the sight of the blind specter, Kyoji comforts him and tells him to close his eyes while the gang fight off the ghosts.

In "Diamond Disaster", Toby Topaz finally reveals his superpower, to transform into a powerful plasma ball, when he sees Emma Emerald get beaten up by diamond thugs in Gemstonia. Diana Diamond also reveals that Toby Topaz used to live in Gemstonia with the other gemstones before he moved on to Mewni.

In "Rainbow Gem vs the Forces of Evil", Toby Topaz once again displays his ability, though he fails to break the Orb of Power. After the gemstones transform into the Legendary Rainbow Gem, Starcade remembers what Toby Topaz did earlier and used his tactic, this time with the Legendary Rainbow Gem, to destroy the Orb of Power and eventually defeat Shogo the Warlord.


Toby Topaz has a rhombus-shaped body positioned at a 45 degree angle, with sharp ends and wears a black bow tie. He also wears an iron armor with electric decals, a cravat and a red rose. On his forehead is a blue charm that he believes will protect him from ghosts, even though it has never been proven.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fighting Build: Despite his pacifist-like nature, Toby Topaz has a pretty strong fighting build - high attack, defense and speed stats. He only joins in the fight if he feels it is necessary, or if he sees one of his closest friends get hurt.
  • Electrokinesis: Toby Topaz is able to generate electricity. However, his version of electrokinesis works differently from other electric types such as Electra and Voltaire. He does not have electric powers, but his electricity does help him in other ways. The more he charges, the more powerful he becomes and the faster he may deplete his stamina.
    • Enhanced Visibility: Toby Topaz is able to act as a light bulb and light up dark areas.
    • Enhanced Vision: Toby Topaz is sometimes able to see objects or entities that most gang members cannot see with their naked eyes. Ghosts and specters are a good example.
    • Enhanced Strength: Toby Topaz's electricity allows him to deal increased damage in his attacks.
    • Enhanced Speed: Toby Topaz's electricity allows him to run fast, up to the same speed as Electra.
    • Flight: Toby Topaz can fly freely.
  • Shapeshifting: Toby Topaz's supernatural ability is to shapeshift into various shapes, literally. Shape forms include:
    • Ball Form: Bouncing and rolling abilities. Most commonly seen form.
    • Star Form: Powerful spin attacks.
    • Cone Form: Piercing attacks that may destroy forcefields.
    • Arrow Form: Attacks similar to a spear.


  • Pacifist Nature: Toby Topaz is easily intimidated by his opponents and generally prefers not to start a fight, unless he feels that there is no other option.



Kyoji cares and sometimes looks out for Toby Topaz, fully aware about his cowardly nature and his unwillingness to cause harm.


The two share a friendly relationship, ever since Starcade saved him once.

Red Ruby

Toby Topaz is afraid of Red Ruby, knowing that the latter is prone to getting angry easily and the trouble that comes along with it. Although the latter has snapped out of his grudge against the gang, Toby is still very cautious around him.

Emma Emerald

Toby Topaz has a crush on Emma Emerald as revealed by Gary Garnet, though the reason has never been shown. Although Emma Emerald is oblivious to Toby Topaz's feelings for her, she does show concern to him in certain situations.

Amelia Amethyst

Toby Topaz seems to get along with Amelia Amethyst more than he does with anyone else.

The Gemstones

Toby Topaz is extremely friendly to the gemstones and shows a lot of care for them, even unleashing his deadly superpower on anyone who as much harms the gemstones.

Emily Green

There was tension between both of them in the beginning, as Toby Topaz was the one who revealed Emily Green's secrets which directly caused the latter to lose the Blocked Room Gang as her allies. Although Toby feels sorry about this, Emily holds a grudge against him for it. However, after learning more about Emily and why she changed for the worse, Toby has been helping her change for the better, and their tension has gradually developed into a friendship.


Stats Toby Topaz.png

Besides his HP and stealth stats, Toby Topaz does appear to have pretty good stats. However, he is pretty timid which makes him easily intimidated by characters known for their strong intimidation levels or their overall higher stats, thus limiting him and his stats. Toby's power, defense and mobility stats are pretty high, which are shown only if someone gets on his bad side, making him powerful enough to deal with other mid-tiers and even a few top-tiers on his own.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Toby Topaz is a C tier character. Toby may have above average stats for the most part, but his lack of bravery does hinder him from unleashing his full potential on the battlefield, at least until he gets angry.



Luigi's Mansion 3 Music - 1F- Grand Lobby (Ghost Theme)

Toby Topaz's Battle Theme


  • His superpower is revealed only in "Diamond Disaster", and it has been seen in many other series in Heroes of Echo Creek.
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