To Achieve the Top will be the 2nd episode of In a Locked Room, Season 3. In this episode, the Locked Room gang goes ice climbing to a large and tall icy mountain, as they are informed that the key and the door to the next room is at the top of that mountain.


The gang ends up in a room having an intense blizzard! They have to climb up an icy mountain, as they hear that the top of it has the door and the key to the next room. Meanwhile, the Ice Climbers are also climbing but did not want the gang to climb first, mainly because of their personal achievement. Who will reach the top first, and what does the top of the mountain contain?



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  • Ice Climber - Some elements from that game will be used in this episode. This is also the inspirational game of this episode.


  • The original name of this episode was Ice Climbing Time.
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