Time Trouble is the 20th episode of Season 2 reserved on March 16, 2017 and was released on June 17, 2017. It has 12 parts.

In this episode, the gang travels through time to stop a villain from damaging the space-time continuum, while helping their ancestors and predecessors.


The gang goes time travelling! However, a time travelling villain called the Time Stopper has appeared, and is bent on destroying the time-space continuum! To stop this chrono-foe, the gang must get help from their ancestors and descendants. Can the gang save time before it falls apart?

The Middle Ages

Jelo's upgraded van/time machine suddenly activates, and the gang ends up in a quaint town in the Middle Ages! The gang must first help Sir Jerawald and his band of misfits fight the Time Stopper and stop him before he wrecks havoc.

The Renaissance

The gang enters to the Renaissance next, the age where the general competition between artists occurred. However, the paintings get turned into life, due to the power of the Time Stopper. Will the gang defeat those paintings with the help of their ancestors?

Pirate Seas

The gang visits the Pirate Seas, the age where fearsome and tough pirates ruled the seven seas and seeked golden treasures. However, the Time Stopper is still lurking around and causing trouble. Will the gang be able to overcome the Time Stopper's tricks and save themselves from walking the plank?




- denotes a character's first appearance.
- denotes a cameo, minor appearance, or mention only.
- denotes a character's final appearance.


(Not in order)


Present People

Past Counterparts

Part 1: Dark Ages

Part 2: Renaissance

Part 3: Pirate Seas

Part 4: Ancient Egypt

Part 5: Ancient Greece

Part 6: Stone Age

Part 7: Disco Era

Part 8: Wild West



Middle Ages Counterparts:

  • Red Dish (Red Fork)
  • Azure Ocean (Blue Ocean)
  • Blastian (Blast)
  • Sir. Red Shell (Captain Red Shell)
  • Dark-celot (Dark Shadow)
  • Obscure Gem (Black Gem)

Renaissence Counterparts:

  • Red Colour (Red Fork)
  • Blue Aquarelle (Blue Ocean)
  • Blastavio (Blast)
  • Coppa di Limone (Lemon Glass)

Pirate Counterparts:

  • Captain Red Hook (Red Fork)
  • Bluebeard Ocean (Blue Ocean)

Ancient Egypt Counterparts:

  • Redmses Fork (Red Fork)
  • Dark Shadsses (Dark Shadow)
  • Blackib Geemab (Black Gem)

Ancient Greece Counterparts:

  • Red Forkceles (Red Fork)
  • Blue Oceidon (Blue Ocean)

Stone Age Counterparts:

  • Primal Red Fork
  • Primal Blue Ocean

Disco Era Counterparts:

  • Dark S. Beatbox (Dark Shadow)

Green Knife and Emerald don't really count as counterparts, as they're totally new characters.

Wild West Counterparts:

  • Rough Red Fork (Red Fork)
  • Limona Glassandra (Lemon Glass)
  • Blaston McBlaster (Blast)

Surf Era Counterparts:

  • Red Splash (Red Fork)
  • Mazekiel (Ezekiel)


Past Counterparts

  • Princess Jenny (medieval version of Jenny)
  • Peasant Paper Inkling (medieval version of Paper Inkling)
  • Witch Galaximus (medieval version of Galaximus)
  • Colorful Jenny (Renaissance version of Jenny)
  • Galaximural (Renaissance version of Galaximus)
  • Jolly Jenny (Pirate version of Jenny)
  • Soul of Captain Galaximus (Pirate version of Galaximus)
  • Jennygyptian (Egyptian version of Jenny)
  • Goddess Pharaoh Galaximus (Egyptian version of Galaximus)

Potato Smasher (The Epic)


  • 574lk3r
  • G0dz1ll4
  • 5733lwh4l3
  • Hans-Cuff
  • Dark Flashlephant
  • Shattered Glass-Dark Flashlephant*
  • Dragonstorm*
  • Firefly
  • Silverbolt
  • Air Raid
  • Skydive
  • Quickslinger
  • Powerglide
  • Superion
  • /triggerhappy*
  • Blowpipe*

Past Counterparts

  • Sir OBSIDIANFIRE (medieval version of ROCKFLAME, despite the fact that ROCKFLAME needs no past counterpart in medieval times)
  • FIREMIRAGE (medieval version of INVISIBLAZE)
  • ROCKPAINT (Renaissance version of ROCKFLAME, wields the Inferno Paintbrush)
  • INVISIPAINT (Renaissance version of INVISIBLAZE)
  • P41n73r (Renaissance version of 574lk3r)
  • Captain HOOKFLAME (pirate version of ROCKFLAME, wields the Infernal Cutlass)
  • First Mate 570ck (pirate version of 574lk3r)
  • FLAMEFORGE (Ancient Greece version of ROCKFLAME, wields the Inferno Hammer)
  • 5culp70r (Ancient Greece version of 574lk3r)


  • Moon
    • Moon's Alolan Muk
    • Moon's Grubbin
    • Moon's Mareanie
    • Medivoon (Middle Ages version)
    • Lunatin (Renaissance version)
    • Moorinne (Pirate version)
      • Moorinne's Archen
    • Anumoon (Egyptian version)
    • Poppoon (Disco version)
    • Westeroon (Western version)
    • Fisheruna (Surf version)
    • Steamoon (Steampunk version)
    • Techno-Moon (Future version)
    • Mooniana (Greece version)
    • Jurassic Moon (Stone Age version)
  • Night Cap


Play Dash / Escape Root

Moon Snail

Past Counterparts

  • Luccaneer (Pirate Lucas, Lucas + Buccaneer)
  • Seanic (Pirate Sonic, Sonic + Sea)
  • Anucas (Egyptian Lucas, Lucas + Anubis)
  • Barbarian Tut (Egyptian Barbarian King, Barbarian King + King Tut)
  • Egyptian Sligs
  • Sphinxro (Egyptian Spyro, Spyro + Sphinx)
  • Lupollo (Greek Lucas, Lucas + Apollo)
  • Macarola (Greek Necrola, Necrola + Macaria)
  • Mermuke (Surf Era Lucas, Merman + Luke (Short for Lucas))
  • Ocean King (Surf Era Barbarian King)
  • Sea-ro(Surf Era Spyro, Sea + Spyro)
  • Lucia (Steampunk Era Lucas)


Past Counterparts

  • Primal Homestar (Pom-Pom)*

True Ebee

  • The Marine Force
  • Monita
  • Dippy Fresh
  • Supernova Sunni
  • Electrobolt
  • Yee Dinosaur
  • Meloni
  • Hypnotic Henry
  • Shok1ng (Hasn't appeared yet)


  • Ezekiel


  • This is one of the episodes in which the gang is actually outside the rooms, doing time traveling.
    • This is because this takes place after the gang retired from the Challenge (i.e. this is a post-Challenge episode).
  • ROCKFLAME's past counterparts wielding flame weaponry will be explained more in The Seeds of the Future.
  • This episode has the most Rodimus characters in season 2 so far.
  • Galaximus refers to her and her past counterparts as the "Galactic Sisterhood Through Time".
  • Primal Homestar was originally going to actually be the Homestar Runner from older episodes of the web series, but was changed to Pom-Pom.
  • Disco Era is currently the only time period where Red Fork doesn't have a counterpart (Green Knife doesn't count as he's a completely different character).
  • This is the first episode in which Alika87 roleplayed in.
  • During Part 9, Play Dash got banned for being underaged. The user is currently seeking revenge, and the RP was stopped by him until his unban.
    • Jelo, however, felt this was limiting and tyrannical, so he lifted the hiatus. Currently, Play Dash asked him to use his characters.
    • Play Dash became his new favorite plant, Escape Root.
  • Lucia is the only past counterpart who is the opposite gender of her origin character.
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