Thunderstorm is the Ancient God-Element Ninja of Lightning who works under Elementia II. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Thunderstorm is known to be very smart and quick-thinking, two traits that are crucial to his fighting capabilities. That being said, he is also snobbish and arrogant, as he has a strong superiority complex and tends to look down on those he believes would be weaker than him and therefore not stand a chance. As such, he prefers to work alone rather than with a team, believing that doing things on his own is more efficient than relying on others. He has been shown to get irritated pretty easily by childish antics or anything else that may break his concentration, as nothing ticks him off more than being disturbed by something that is not even worth his time.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed: Thunderstorm is the fastest of the Ancient God-Element Ninjas, being able to reach the speed of superpowered teens thanks to his mastery in the electric element.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Thunderstorm has above average intelligence, though not at the level of scientists such as Blue Ocean and Gary Garnet. He does make use of this trait in combat.
  • Electrojitzu: Thunderstorm is a master of the electric element, having full access to all abilities in the Electric Ninja tree.
    • Electrokinesis: He can generate electricity at will and use it in several ways, from lightning bolts powerful enough to damage buildings to electric forcefields for protection. As Thunderstorm is more experienced in the electric element than other electric users such as Electra and Takeshi, he can use more powerful electric attacks such as electromagnetic pulses, lightning chains and even powerful thunderstorms.
    • Flight: He is capable of flying around in the air on his own.
    • Electric Touch: With a single touch of electricity, he can electrocute his opponents or a group of them at once if they are connected (e.g. holding hands, in the same water body, etc.). He can turn regular clouds into storm clouds, and even instantly restore power to machines and robots alike.
    • Paralysis: His electric attacks have an additional effect that may help him against opponents he might struggle against. The more damage Thunderstorm does to an opponent, the higher the chances that he or she will be paralyzed from over-electrocution.
    • Electric Immunity: He is completely immune to electric attacks of any kind and cannot be paralyzed by electricity.


  • Tactical Mind: Thunderstorm usually fights his opponents by outsmarting them to the best of his ability. He does this by observing his opponents closely so that he can predict their next move and be one step ahead of them whenever possible.


  • High-frequency Sounds: Thunderstorm gets easily irritated by sounds that are high-pitched enough to be considered ear-piercing, usually the ones louder than explosions. Not only do such sounds affect his concentration and thinking, they are also capable of disrupting his electric attacks and stunning him, rendering him vulnerable to attack. Examples of such sounds include Tommy's karaoke singing and soundwaves from Tornado's wind attacks.
  • Metals: Metals conduct electricity, so Thunderstorm cannot break them easily unlike other materials. This is more of a weakness to his attacks, rather than his defense.



  • He is the shortest of the God-Element Ninjas, and is also just a short character in general.
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