The Tide is an upcoming event that will occur in the episode Squidsvile. It will infect anyone who comes into contact with it, causing them to exhibit Inkling capabilities. This includes speaking in the Inkling Language, growing tentacle hair, and pledging loyalty to Galaximus. Only Galaximus can create this plague.

Levels of Ink-fection

When one is "ink-fected" by The Tide, they will start to exhibit Inkling behaviour and, at higher intensities, extreme agression towards Gang members. There are five intensity levels of The Tide's infection.

Level 1

In this level, the victim is virtualy unchanged. They may say a few words in Inkling language, but they are overall unharmed.

Level 2

In this level, the victim will speak in Inkling language and nothing else.

Level 3

In this intensity, the victim will now grow Inkling hair and gain the ability to turn into a squid.

Level 4

This level is where things get really dangerous. The victim will become agressive towards anyone but Galaximus and her minions. They will actively attack the Gang.

Level 5

The ultimate level, the victim will now gain the ability to grow huge and cause major destruction. At this point, they become ferociously agressive towards the Gang, and have no thoughts other than destruction and personal gang, and satisfying their lord, Galaximus.


In the first three phases, simply pouring water on the victim can restore him or her. But in levels 4 and 5, you must defeat the victim in battle and then pour water on them.


  • Any villain goes to Level 4 of Ink-fection immediately after being Ink-fected. They cannot advance to Stage 5, except Galaximus.
  • Aside from Galaximus, other Inklings will simply be destroyed by The Tide, due to its dark ink.
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