Rosewell, Jenny, Sanvi and Peridot get a job as store clerks at Stop & Slurp, which may or may not go well as planned. What obstacles will the 4 girls face?


Customers (in order)


[The Stop and Slurp. Inside, Rosewell and the manager is there.]

Manager: You're hired, Rosewell!

Rosewell: Oh yeah!

Manager: Here's your uniform.

(The Manager gives Rosewell her uniform. Rosewell dresses up in it.)

Jenny: It seems like Inklings never get employed.... But I'm going to change that!

(Walks up to the store and sees a "Help Wanted" Sign)

Jenny: That's it! Hello Manager? I would like to apply for the job!

Manager: Sure do! But, you need to go through training. Rosewell's already done so much!

Peridot: (walks in as well) Hello. I'm Peridot, and I'd also like to apply for the job.

Manager: Well, looks like you two gals need to go through training!

Jenny: Training? O.K I can manage. And i see i have competition...

(2 Hours Later!)

Manager: Well, it seems that you two are, in a theoretical sense, able to handle this job properly. And by that I mean, you're hired! (gives Peridot and Jenny uniforms)

Jenny: YA HOOOO! Finally, i get a non- Turf War job!

Peridot: Yes!

(A customer comes in. She's wearing some kind of olive-colored visor, has green facepaint on her cheeks, and is holding a green triangle flag. And she's got a bag of Doritos.)

Shelbi: Good afternoon, I would like to purchase these chips. Also, can I have one of those hotdogs?

Jenny: Sure you can! But leave one for me. That will be.... $5.00. By the way... sick outfit.

Rosewell: Geez, Jenny! You don't have to take the customer's food! Anyway, I agree with Jenny, your outfit is cool.

(Rosewell puts the Doritos thru the scanner and into the bag. She then grabs a pack of hotdogs and puts them in the grill. Once they're cooked, she grabs one and puts it in a bun, then she gives it to Shelbi. The price is $8.00.)

Shelbi: Wow, thanks! Here's my payment.

(Shelbi gives Rosewell $10.00. Rosewell gives her change.)

Shelbi: Have a nice day! (leaves the store)

Jenny: Well thanks, Shelbi... I guess. I was just hungry. Lemme take the next one.

(Another customer comes in)

Red Fork: Good afternoon. Um, how many bags of chips are there?

Peridot: About 200.

Red Fork: Ok, I'll buy them all, and 10 gallons of orange soda. Oh, I also want 60 hotdogs.

Peridot: (overwhelmed by the giant order) Oh, Jenny, you said you wanted the next one, right? You handle this customer.

Rosewell: By the time we give you all those chips, we'd run out of stock!

Red Fork: Um, ok, how many are there available? I'll buy all the ones you have.

Rosewell: (idea!) I got an idea! Instead of giving you all the chips, we could either jumbosize 30 chips, or call security.

Jenny: Helooo! How may I help you, Redfork?

(Rosewell gives Red Fork 30 jumbo-size Chaaaaps and 30 jumbo-sized hotdogs.)

Red Fork: Um, ok, I think that works. How about the 10 gallons of orange soda?

Peridot: Should we call security?

(Rosewell gives Red Fork a box full of 38 1-liter sodas.)

Red Fork: Oh yeah, thanks!

Peridot: That would be a total of $206.99.

Red Fork: Oh, ok.

(Red Fork gives Peridot $210.00, and Peridot gives him his change)

Red Fork: (using his magic horn to levitate everything he bought) Thanks! Have a nice day! (leaves)

Peridot: Ok, that was a hard one, but I think we did a good job.

(A mother and her daughter enters the store.)

Peridot: Good afternoon! How can we help you?

Mrs. Russel: Oh, my little angel.

Rosewell: Aww, look at your child, she's so cute, with the beanie and pigtails and all that! I can recommend healthy options for your daughter. Maybe fruits and vegetables, or whole-wheat cereal and corn flakes!

Mrs. Russel: Thank you! Okay, you stay here for a minute. I gotta go use the restroom. (goes to the ladies' bathroom)

Agatha: (glares angrily at the clerks) Sugar. SUGAR. SUGAR!!! Gimme sugar!!!

Rosewell: it me, or did someone put "Spoiled" in the concoction?

Agatha: (angry) SUGAR!!!!!!!! (whines)

Peridot: Um... how long is Mrs. Russel going to take? I'm not sure what to do about her daughter.

Rosewell: Have a banana. (gives Agatha a banana)

Agatha: (still angry) That. Is not. SUGAR!

Peridot: Should we give her sugar? It seems she won't stop whining until we give her sugar.

Rosewell: Yeah. (gives Agatha a candy bar) Uh, one more thing, how did you know everyone in this city's names?

Agatha: (angry) Yummy! More! MORE!

Peridot: Blue Ocean helped me with that one. He's the one with most friends in internet. So when he became my friend by internet, I had the chance to learn everyone's name. (gives Agatha another candy bar)

Agatha: (angry) Yummy! More! MORE!

Rosewell: UGH! Well, I just got the perfect thing for annoying little girls like you. Slushie time! (grabs a Slushie cup, makes a Banana Blast-Cosmos Currant slushie, then gives it to Agatha)

Agatha: (still angry) Yummy! More! MORE!

Rosewell: (sweatdrop) How many do you want?


Rosewell: Well, there's sugar in sodas. Peri, grab a Coca-Cola and give it to this little brat.

Peridot: Um, ok, (gives her a soda) Though, we're really low on sodas after Red Fork's visit.

Agatha: (still angry) Yummy! MORE!!!!! I WANT MOOORRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Rosewell: UGH! Here, have a Twinkie. (gives Agatha a Twinkie) It's probably a thousand years old or something.

Peridot: Is that ok? Steven said that food things have an expiration date. He said that after that date, food can make humans sick.

Rosewell: That's a figure of speech.

(Agatha stops being angry, and giggles. Mrs. Russel arrives.)

Mrs. Russel: Oh, sorry to keep you waiting. Have you rung up our order yet?

Peridot: Oh, yeah, here it is! (gives her the order)

Mrs. Russel: Dearie, why don't you hand them the money?

Agatha: Whoa. Money? Okay, here. (gives Peridot the money, then leaves)

Mrs. Russel: Ugh, what did you do to my darling? Come back here! (leaves the store)

Peridot: Uh, did we do something wrong?

(A customer arrives. It's Star Butterfly!)

Star: Hey, Rosewell!

Peridot: Hello, how can we help you?

Star: I want a Large-size Slushie with all the colors of the rainbow!

(Rosewell looks at the flavors: Razzmatazzpberry; Orangelicious; Banana Blast; Yellin' Lemon; Time Lime; Guava Gusher; Watermelon Surprise; Aqua Syrup; Blueberry Bomb; Ultragrape; Cosmos Currant; Strawberry Surprise; Bubblegum Berry; Nuts for Coconuts; Vantablack; and Coffee. Just Coffee.)

Peridot: Ok... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. (adds a flavor of each color) This should do. (Gives Star the slushie).

Star: How much would that cost?

Peridot: That would be $12.00.

Star: Okay! (gives Peridot $12.00) Goodbye! (leaves)

Rosewell: So.....who's next?

Paper: I would like something... Err...Complex, y'see.. The Biggest Burger you have.

Rosewell: This is a convenience store, not a fast food restaurant.

(Sanvi is going around, and soon notices the "Help Wanted" sign. She smiled a little bit, and followed along.)

Sanvi: Let's see what mess I'm getting into this time...

(Paper leaves. The Manager arrives.)

Manager: Well, do you have expertise in running a convenience store?

Rosewell: Now what?

Jenny: I dunno. Seems like everyone comes here.

Rosalina: (appears out of nowhere) Hello there.

Rosewell: Aah! You scared me right there!

Jenny: Hey Rosalina. What are you in the market for today?

Rosalina: I would like a Medium-sized Cosmos Currant slushie, a candy bar, a jumbo hotdog with mustard, and a bag of Lays.

Jenny: Sure thing! (gets the candy bar, jumbo hotdog, puts mustard on it, and the Lays.) I didn't even know Cosmos Currant was a flavor.... (gets the slushie) Here you go! All adds up to $9.50. Must be hard to keep all those Lumas fed.

Rosalina: That's actually for me. (grabs the items, takes a bite out of the hotdog, and pays Jenny) Thanks, and goodbye! (goes to her car with the items, then leaves)

Jenny: Well, I'd hate to see how much she needs for all those Lumas...

(A customer arrives: It's Marco!)

Marco: Hey, Rosewell! You work here?

(Sanvi hears all this commotion, and is confused...)

Sanvi: Well, that escalated quickly.

Jenny: I'll say.

Sanvi: (Is surprised) Whoa there, Jenny.  You certainly came out of nowhere.

Rosewell: No, you're in the store.

Marco: I want a hotdog.

Sanvi: Oh, uh - I must be oblivious, then. (She facepalms) Sorry, I guess.I KINDA wanna help out, but I frankly have no idea what's going on.

Rosewell: Here's your hotdog! (gives Marco the hotdog)

Marco: Thanks! (pays Rosewell, and leaves)

Manager: Well, I'll take you to training.

(20 minutes later)

Manager: You're hired! Here's your uniform. (gives Sanvi her uniform)

Sanvi: Well, thanks. I guess I can stick around - can always use more hands, right? Anyways. I'll get to work, then... (she goes to do just that..)

(A customer arrives)

Jelo: Hey- Rosewell? You work here?

Rosewell: Yep!

Jelo: Jenny, Peridot, Sanvi, you're here too!

Sanvi: I'm surprised as well.

Peridot: Hello Jelo!

Jenny: What's up, Jelo?

Rosewell: So, what do you want?

Jelo: One Choco Crusher slushie, a can of Pringles, and a giant hotdog.

Jenny: Coming right up! *gets the can of pringles, giant hotdog, and the Choco Crusher slushie* Here you are! That will be $4.50.

Sanvi: Hm. Well, while you handle him - I'll be.. over here. (She gets some distance while waiting for her opportunity)

Jelo: Thanks! (leaves)

Rosewell: Okay, next!

Jorlo: (arrives) hayeh i want 2 bags of doritoes.

Jenny: Oh boy, even Dumb Characters? Well, might as well (gets the two bags of Doritos) That will be $2.00.

Jorlo: tank hoo (pays Jenny, then leaves)

Sanvi: Er, I guess it's my turn. (She patiently waits for the next one up)

(It's Mirage.)

Sanvi: Oh great, look who it is.

Mirage: Hey, you're one to talk. I simply came by to grab a bite to eat. I'd reckon a can of Pringles and a Cosmos Currant Slushie will do the trick.

Sanvi: Alright, um.. (she gets what Mirage asked for) That would be.. $3.50.

Mirage: Thanks, I guess.(she hands over the money, takes her items, and leaves)

Sanvi: ...That went well, I think.

Richard: (arrives) I'm here!

Sanvi: Oh, hey. What brings you here? Lay it on me - and I shall give you it.

Richard: I want a cold pop with ice cubes.

Sanvi: You got it. ('she proceeds to get that ready, and soon finished with it, putting it up) Here you go. $3.50.

Richard: Thanks! (leaves)

Rosewell: Who's next? (eats a popsicle)

Sanvi: Well, uh... I'll see.. (she checks who IS next)

Jaiden: Heya!

Peridot: Hello! Can I help you?

Paper: I came back again, now I just need parts for my next invention. Hmm, Scraps of Metal, A New Wrench, and some Gears.

Rosewell: We're a convenience store, not a mechanic shop.

Jaiden: What's going on?

Rosewell: Oh, right! Sorry, we have someone else here. How about a hotdog instead?

Paper: Good enough. (Paper leaves a tip of 2 dollars. then leaves.)

Peridot: Why did he think we'd have all that stuff?

Blue Ocean: (comes while texting on his cellphone)

Peridot: Um, are you going to order?

Blue Ocean: Oh, yes, give me a large orange soda and 2 bags of potato chips.

Peridot: Here you go (gives him the soda and the potato chips) That will be $4.99.

Blue Ocean: (gives her 5 dollars) Ok (continues texting and leaves)

Peridot: Wait! (runs after Blue Ocean)

Blue Ocean: What?

Peridot: (gives him 1 cent) you forgot your change.

Blue Ocean: Thanks. (leaves)

Peridot: Ok, who's next?

Jaiden: Hello, me?

Peridot: Oh, yeah, what do you want?

Jaiden: Hmmm.....guess what I like!

Peridot: Something cold probably. Maybe a popsicle or an extra-cold slushie?

Jaiden: The latter. Oh, and a bag of Chaaaaps.

Peridot: (gives Jaiden the mentioned items) Here you go.

Jaiden: Thanks! How much does it cost?

Peridot: That would be $3.00.

Jaiden: Thanks!

(Jaiden pays Peridot, and is about to leave, when Dark Jaiden enters and accidentally bumps Jaiden)

Jaiden: Dark Jaiden?!

Peridot: Wait, who's she?

Jaiden: Dark Jaiden, my evil "twin".

Peridot: Oh, I see. Does she want to buy something?

Dark Jaiden: The same items as Jaiden.

Peridot: Ok (gives her those items) That will be $3.00.

(Paypr walks in, and goes in line behind Dark Jaiden.)

Dark Jaiden: (pays Peridot) Bye! (leaves)

Jaiden: Bye! (leaves)

Paypr: Hmm... What to get, what to get.. I'll just get some soda and some chips, and if you do have it... A pack of gum.

Peridot: Here you go! (gives him the items) That will be $4.99.

Paypr: Very generous of you. (Paypr leaves 5 dollars on the desk.) I give this a 5 star! If you worked pretty bad I would have sent complaints to the manager, but this is a quality store. Tell your manager how I said how good this store is. (Paypr leaves.)

Jenny: So, who is next?

Blue Ocean: (walks in with his cellphone) I'm gonna win! I'M GONNA WIN!

Peridot: Um, are you going to order something?

Blue Ocean: I'm gonna win! (focused on his cellphone)

Peridot: What?

Blue Ocean: If I win this match, I'll be level 13 on PearlFights!

Peridot: Are you going to order or not?

Blue Ocean: In a minute (focused on his cellphone)

Rosewell: Hello?

Blue Ocean: I just have to finish this...

Peridot: (uses her metal powers to take the cell phone away from Blue Ocean) Just order, now.

Blue Ocean: Agh, impatient. I want a bag of potato chips and a chocolate milkshake. Now give me my cellphone back!

Peridot: (lets go of the cellphone, and Blue Ocean has it again) Here you go.

Blue Ocean: What? No! NO!!! I lost the fight!!

Rosewell: Sorry!

Peridot: (gives Blue Ocean the potato chips and the milkshake)

Blue Ocean: (Gives Rosewell the money) I suppose I'll try again. (leaves)

(Aquamarine arrives)

Rosewell: AAH! A Homeworlder! (readies her boomerangs)

Aquamarine: (comes in with Topaz) Listen, we have no intention to harm you. We just want some items.

Peridot: You must be Aquamarine.

Aquamarine: And you must be Peridot-5XG.

Rosewell: What do you want?

Aquamarine: 2 bags of doritos, and an extra-large slushie for Topaz, and a small one for me.

Rosewell: did you know what Doritos are?

Aquamarine: Peridot told me.

Peridot: Yes, she asked me about it earlier.

Jaiden: (arrives) Hey- Wait. Aquamarine?!

Rosewell: (gives Aquamarine and Topaz their order)

Aquamarine: (pays) Thank you for a good service. (leaves with Topaz)

Jaiden: Uhh, hey!

Peridot: Maybe she had to hurry. So Jaiden, are you going to buy something?

Jaiden: A pack of chewing gum.

Peridot: (Gives her the pack of chewing gum) Here you go.

Jaiden: Okay, bye! (leaves)

(Blast walks in)

Blast: Hello!

Jenny: Hello Blast! What can I get you?

Blast: Hm... do you have any chocolate ice cream that has a heart shape on it?

Peridot: For what?

Blast: (blushes) Uh... for... well... Do you have one?

Jenny: Well, I could make one like that. (She gets the ice cream and shapes in like a heart) Here you go! This is for someone special... riiight?

Blast: (blushes even more) Yes... it is.

Peridot: I don't get it.

Blast: Um, like Percy and Pierre?

Peridot: Oh, now I get it.

Rosewell: That's 12.99$ if you're wondering.

Blast: Of course! (gives her 20 dollars) Keep the change, I insist. By the way, you haven't happened to see Jaiden recently, did you?

Rosewell: We did...she left later.

Neptune arrives.