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The Shenanigang 2 is a comedy sitcom series based on the In a Locked Room series of roleplays. Taking place in 2017, which is months after the events of IaLR (which takes place from June to August 2016), the series focuses on the daily lives of the Locked Room Gang. The series is created by JeloJellyJam, a roleplayer in the main IaLR series. Despite being called "The Shenanigang 2", it is not actually related to the original The Shenanigang, and is an entirely new series.


On April 29, 2017, in the episode Isolation Point, JeloJellyJam announced plans for a sitcom series based on IaLR, but he didn't know what to name it.[1] On May 7, 2017, Jelo added the plans to a blog post and expanded it. He then started a poll on what to name the sitcom, and people voted for "The Shenanigang 2" the most.


The first season will have 18 episodes.

No. Title Written by Release date
1 "Shoot to the Observatory in Space" JeloJellyJam May 8, 2017

​Peeter gets stuck in Peach's backyard cannon and ends up getting launched into space! With Jelo, Gerry Rosewell and the others worried, they launch into space, and find out Peeter is a space observatory. But, when they find out they are stranded, they must try to survive and kinda illogical ways.

Notes: This episode is based off Supermarioglitchy4's blooper, "Shoot to the Observatory in the Sky". The name also hints it.

2 "Roommate Ruckus" JeloJellyJam & Redfork2000 May 9, 2017

​Jelo was working on his animations peacefully, until Black Gem gets in trouble with the crab army when she steals an ancient treasure. Black Gem invites herself to live at Jelo's house. How will this work out for both of them? How will the others react to this turn of events?


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