This is a fake trailer for the Humanimals-based episode called "The Seeds of the Future".

There is more than meets the eye to this area.

(The camera shows a wall becoming a homing nuke launcher, a book becoming a thermonuclear missile launcher, a car transforming into an antimatter cannon and a base becoming a black hole generator)

This is a ravaged world. Welcome to H4W-H4W 016 Gamma's 2020 Earth.

ROCKFLAME: This is our 2020 Earth, a world where thermonuclear warfare ravaged Earth.

The Locked Room Gang learns the origins of the Humanimals.

ROCKFLAME: Back when I went by Hans more commonly, the squad in the Resistance that would become my Humanimals were searching for a way to restore Earth to its former glory.

574lk3r: At some point, we found the Humanimal Core and it saved us from a nuclear explosion by making us Humanimals.

ROCKFLAME: For some reason, the Humanimal Core chose me for leadership. D5 hates me for it.

Dark Flashlephant makes his move.

DF: Wargears, I have a lock on the Humanimals. Attack them and use their weaknesses against them. We'll be able to take over Earth.

Random Wargear: But wasn't ROCKFLAME your best friend? Surely you'll have remorse.


A Humanimal commander makes the ultimate sacrifice.

ROCKFLAME: One shall stand, one shall fall.

DF: You will fall.

(Both ROCKFLAME and DF battle and each non-core weapon the 2 own gets destroyed while majority of their core weapons (Tusk Blades, Inferno Blade, Humanimal Core, Overload Rock-14) take new owners besides the Tusk Blades and the Inferno Blade, which stay)



A new leader rises.

The Humanimal Core: The fate of Earth lies in your hands, 574lk3r. You now lead the Humanimals. You and the other Humanimal Command Team members make the choices that will save the most lives. Most importantly, the seeds of the future lie buried in the past.

574lk3r: I understand.

Join the Resistance and Humanimals in an uprising. In a Locked Room: The Seeds of the Future.

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