The Room of Undertale
Season 1
Episode no. Unknown
Ep. overall Unknown
Created by SuperGaming101
Story by SuperGaming101
Roleplayers SuperGaming101, Moon Snail, JeloJellyJam, Fairy27, TheO0032, Dihaha
Release date January 4 2017
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
Link Unknown
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The Room of IFDB The Room of Star Wars

The Room of Undertale is the 24th room in the Locked Room series.

The gang end up falling into a mountain called Mount Ebott. They must go through hijinks, lowjinks, puzzles, action, drama and bloodshed to get onto the next room!



Notable events

  • Flowey the Flower makes his return, and has a far more prominent role.
  • Me is not very happy in this room, due to his dislike for Undertale.
  • Lucas was unable to use his Cute Fishron mount until the battle against Omega Flowey.
  • Most of the Undertale characters make their debut. Some of them move on to later rooms, most survived, but Toriel ends up dying.
  • Flowey is killed by Script.
  • Flowey injured the gang a lot as he absorbed the six human souls and transformed into Omega Flowey.
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