The Room of Super Smash Bros.
Season 1
Episode no. Unknown
Ep. overall Unknown
Created by SuperGaming101
Story by SuperGaming101
Roleplayers SuperGaming101, Moon Snail, JeloJellyJam, Fairy27, TheO0032, Dihaha
Release date February 12, 2017
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
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The Room of Super Smash Bros is the 27th room in the Locked Room series.


The gang has reached the 27th room! Yay! To celebrate, let's all..Fight each other to death? Yeah, I'm not really feeling it. The gang find out they HAVE to enter a fighting tournament, or else they'll be killed on the spot by a strange white hand! Who will win? What'll happen? Who knows?



Notable Features


Winners are in bold.

Round One

Round Two

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