The Room of Super Mario Galaxy is the 26th room in Season 1 of the In a Locked Room series.


The gang has reached the 26th room. Original plot follows, except Mario isn't present! The gang actually replaces him, this time with twists, like a character telekinetically blasting them away at the beginning. In the meantime, Rosalina has asked everyone to gather all Grand Stars so that the Comet Observatory can move. Can they get all the Grand Stars before it's too late?



Notable Features


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Moon Snail




  • This is the first room wherein the parts are made by two or more different users. In this case, it's Chilly Bean BAM!, Fairy27 and Moon Snail. The second is The Lair of the Dark Star and the third is Mass Attack.
    • This is the only room that was created by three users. The rest have two.
    • They have also the most amount of parts in the Locked Room series up to date, having 5 parts.
    • Interestingly, Fairy27 created at least one part on all of those three rooms.


  • Super Mario Galaxy: The whole room is based off of this game.


  • Necrola is commanded by Bowser to take away Lucas' Phantasm. It was revealed in Season 2B that the Phantasm is bound to Lucas, meaning that nobody else should be able to hold it. Further accented when Super Monkey takes it to the Comet Observatory.
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