The Room of Super Mario
Season 1a
Episode no. 4 (Original)
5 (Revival)
Ep. overall Unknown
Created by Rare Dandidoo
Story by Rare Dandidoo
Roleplayers Bluebird565
That Guy Is Guy (ALT)
Series One Super Charged
Yoshi Fan 600
Rare Dandidoo
Pumpkin Pro Lookiecookie0101
Hungry chomper36
Shy and Dry Guy
Estonian Sheep
Release date March 10, 2016
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
Link Link
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The Room of Minecraft The Room of My Singing Monsters

The Room of Super Mario is the 5th room in the original In a Locked Room series.


The doors have been opened, and BlueBird565 has found the way to the Room of Super Mario. But what's the point of having more Mario characters? Everything is chaos. Will the users be united again one day?

Notable Features


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