The Room of Reverse Portal
Season 1
Episode no. Unknown
Ep. overall Unknown
Created by SuperGaming101
Story by SuperGaming101
Release date December 28, 2016
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
Link Unknown
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The Room of PaRappa the Rapper The Room of IFDB
The Room of Reverse Portal is the 21st room in the Locked Room series.

Another Portal series like a certain character wanted, but will everything took place?


MR Z BRAINZ thinks of using the Yellow Key to unlock Trial #3 again, but everyone gets teleported away. Most areas are even complete!

The characters need to get rid of Dr. Rattman as he is assaulting GLaDOS and the rest. They also need to blow up Black Mesa. They, however, need to know how to use a Portal Gun. Dr. Rattman appears before that happens, and bites Script. He also bites Mewtwo (In Mega Shadow X form) and sets a blocker. He gets hit by Shadow Psystrike, but he keeps saying "The Cake is a Lie", stunning everyone. He nearly finishes Tom, but Nice Script finishes him.

The characters are in the first test. They have to use the Portal Gun. Mewtwo attempts to teleport, but it didn't pass.

(More TBA)

Notable Features

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