"I guess it's time for all the Locked Rooms... being locked... in one room."
— ???, Prologue

"Named the Room of Mysteries, you will never know what happens next."
— Description

The Room of Mysteries
Created by Phantom of Ra
Starring Phantom of Ra
Moon Snail
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 4 (splitted into 10 chapters)
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
Release date May 29, 2017

The Room of Mysteries is a spin-off of the In a Locked Room series in the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. The series was made by Phantom of Ra. This is also the first "intense plot twist" RP series (where tons of things happen in a short amount of dialogue) in the whole wiki. The series was ended at the 4th part, as for some godmodding reasons. However, it's planned to be opened again someday.

In the prologue, a mysterious character (revealed to be Vexter in Chapter 6) has defeated the Room Maker in the In a Locked Room series and lock every Locked Room into one single room, called the Room of Mysteries. The gang must now face anything that can happen next and save the Locked Rooms.


For the full plot of what happened, see here.

Unlike the other series, Seasons are now called Stories. A thread can now contain many chapters at once, as they're shorter.

A story contains only one Mid-Story Finale and one Story Finale.

Story Threads Chapters Started on Ended on
1 4 10 May 29, 2017 --
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