The Room of My Singing Monsters
Season 1
Episode no. Ep. 6, Room 6 (Original)
Ep. 17, Room 16 (Revival)
Ep. overall Unknown
Created by Chilly Bean BAM!
Story by Chilly Bean BAM!
Roleplayers Chilly Bean BAM!, Moon Snail (New), JeloJellyJam, Fairy27, TheO0032, SuperGaming101, Da Interruptor Haha132, RodimusPrimeHans-Cuff210
Release date December 12, 2016
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
Link Link (Original)
Link (Revival)
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The Room of Super Mario (Original)
The Room of Pokemon (Revival)
The Locked Room (Original)
The Room of Plague Inc. (Revival)
The Room of My Singing Monsters is the 6th episode of the original series and the 16th episode of the revival core series.



Now, the users are stucked in the room of a mobile game, My Singing Monsters. The gang has recruited their army back once more to defeat the army of hypnotized singing monsters! But for some reason, the monsters did not attack! Too bored, the users started to fight eachother again, weakened themselves seriously! Is this the end of everything?


The characters go to My Singing Monsters, but things go downhill when Me turns everyone into vines, Dahlia's equipment gets eaten, and everyone gets into a LOT of mishaps...

Notable events (Revival)

  • This takes a toll on Vine, who cannot handle the singing. The seedgoo event from room 14 happens again.
  • Jeff (orb from the Dark Star) returns.
  • Barbarian King makes his debut. And with him, Moon Snail makes his introduction to the IALR series!
  • 3rd Wall revealed his real personality, yet being evil and tries to kill everyone in the room.
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