The Room of Mario Kart
Season 1
Episode no. Unknown
Ep. overall Unknown
Created by Chilly Bean BAM!
Story by
Release date December 31 2016
Wiki of origin Plants vs. Zombies Wiki
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The Room of Reverse Portal The Room of Undertale

The Room of Mario Kart is the 22nd room in the Locked Room series.

In this room, the characters are racing as it's the main feature of this room. However, not everything is racing...who would change the pace?


Everyone enters the Mario Kart room, and are asking each other if they are ready to race. Straw is quite terrified because he never races before. Some characters are competitive. A character appears from the stars after some time, hearing Voltaire's racing tactics are "average". She introduces herself as Rosalina, a human from space. Straw has not seen a "proper female human" until now, and Yarrow is shocked.

The characters (Except Rosalina and Jelo) ask what is Mario Kart, and Jelo responds that it's a racing game. However, he doesn't know what type of Mario Kart it is. Yarrow guesses it's 8. GLaDOS knows this room, as she claims it in Pre-Chell era. Some of them changed clothes specifically for racing, some do not.

Everyone prepares their karts for the race that's held in Mushroom Hills. And the race starts!

Script got first in no time, in no speed. Straw gets lapped by everyone, being in last. Jelo comes in second, Me comes in third, Rosalina in 4th, and Richard in 5th.

It is claimed to be no contest, since Script ALWAYS goes 1st. Everyone considers this cheating. As soon as that's said, New Year of 2017 arrives.

Another race starts, this time in Baby Park. Script comes 1st very quickly and Rosalina is 2nd. Jelo comes 3rd, Mewtwo finishes 4th, and Duck in 5th.

Lie Detector and Truth Detector are going to race, too. However, Voltaire is having trouble of not releasing her hatred on Script.

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