The Return of the Robot Queen was an episode planned to release late S3. But later, it was scrapped in favor of a story version, and was replaced with Phantom Tower to coincide with the story.


As if Ripto hadn't gone far enough! Robin, Spyro, and Shadow Assassin spy on Ripto to find out that he's resurrected the dreaded Necrola! They need to stop her while everyone else has to deal with her Killer Robot minions!


The plot is based around two split plots:

The first one has Robin, Spyro, and Shadow Assassin going through Ripto's Space Station and finding out his newest plan is to bring back Necrola. They are then sent back into an unknown locked room. They need to find their way back to the gang while trying to find a way to stop her.

The second part is the gang going into a fortress and having to fight against Infinite and Necrola's Killer Robots.


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Moon Snail


  • This would have been the ?th episode to have spread plots.
  • While the episode is named after and revolves around Necrola, she is not the only main villain. She shares the title with Infinite.
  • There was intended to be a third plot involving Sean meeting XJ-9, but it was scrapped after the creator of the plot got blocked from FANDOM. However it may return since PD can now play at the New Forums.



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