The Night is Still Young was set to be the 19th episode of In a Locked Room, Season 3. In this episode, the Locked Room gang would have entered a room with a beautiful night sky, which is actually a sign of a destined revival. Before knowing what it really is, they enter a quick trial, followed by another one in a form of a maze.

This episode was scrapped due to a complete change of the roleplayer's personal plot for the Challenge Episodes of Season 3 and this never fitted there. On another note, Yarrow's revival is to be moved on the first non-Challenge (And non-Kaitlynn-style) Episode of Season 3A.


The Locked Room Gang enters a room with the beautiful night sky at first sight. But what's next? A sudden quick trial done by a mysterious cosmic being. Apparently, a young night means the time for a chosen revival in an altar, but who knows what kind of danger stores in there? Will the gang discover about it after their quick trial, and another one but in that altar?




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  • Pokemon Sun and Moon (Games) - Lake of the Sunne and Altar of the Moone both come from those two games, but this set-up is specifically for Pokemon Moon.


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