The Mazemaster was the villain and former ruler of the Labyrinth. He attempted to kill the gang when they arrived in his realm, but was defeated by them, before being killed by Dark Jaiden.




The Mazemaster first appears once the gang drive off Dark Jaiden. Almost immediately after, he begins summoning portals which spawn previous enemies the gang has fought. As the rest of the gang fight his army of faceless minions, the Mazemaster floats into the air, but Banjo and Kazooie fly at him, and manage to knock him to the ground. Now on the ground, the rest of the gang attack him. Red Fork, Blue Ocean and Twilight Sparkle unleash an elemental combo on the Mazemaster, which seemingly defeats him. Just a second after, the Mazemaster gets up seemingly unharmed and summons an army of Phantom Clones before getting punches in the face by Lapis. Not long after the gang defeat his phantom clone army, icicles appear out of nowhere and impale the Mazemaster, killing him. The cause of these icicles is then revealed to be Dark Jaiden once more.

Powers and Abilities

The Mazemaster, despite his brief appearance, appeared to be a fairly powerful entity.

  • Portal Conjuration: The Mazemaster could create interdimensional rifts which could summon enemies from the Locked Rooms.
  • Levitation: The Mazemaster could float in the air, thought its use was limited once he had been tackled by Banjo and Kazooie.


  • Ice Ninjas: Dark Jaiden's icicles were easily able to kill him.


  • "The Labyrinth" is currently the only episode he appears in, since he doesn't appear in "The Gauntlet".
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