The Koopa Army, also referred to as the Koopa Troop or the Turtle Tribe is an army controlled by Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Kamek. They consist of a variety of the troop Koopa. They became much more powerful than usual ever since Kamek discovered 'DETERMINATION' from the remains left by Flowey the Flower.

Regular Koopas

Regular Koopas come in two different versions: Green Shelled and Red Shelled. Green Shelled Koopas are really stupid and walk of edges, while Red Shelled Koopas are slightly more skilled and don't walk of edges. They are both the weakest type of Koopas, but also the most common.

Official Description

"Beware, for these guys are really dangerous!....Just kidding! Easiest the weakest members of the Koopa Army, they get scared so easily that they hide in their shell! "

The Koopalings

The Koopalings are possibly the strongest Koopas in the Koopa Army, other than Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Kamek. They are Bowser's seven children, not including Bowser Jr. which makes eight. Each one of them all have their own special traits, that assist them in battle. They work really well together.

Official Description

"The seven children of Bowser! Just like Bowser Jr., they're real troublemakers! They might not seem like much on their own, but when fighting them all together they can be tough to battle!"



A Red Shelled Paratroopa.

Paratroopas, like Koopas, come in Green Shelled and Red Shelled. They fly with their wings. Green Shelled mostly bounce on around on the ground, while Red Shelled fly up and down.

Official Description

"These guys are flying Koopas, although most of the time their only use is to get to greater heights. Green Shelled aren't very good at flying, but Red Shelled is pretty skilled at flying."


  • Paratroopas appeared and captured Lucas before most of The Koopa Army was introduced along with Kamek. However, it was revealed that Kamek was the one that sent these Paratroopas to capture Lucas at Lucas's Archery Training.
  • They are mostly controlled by SuperGaming101, but Moon Snail may also control them.
    • This is because SuperGaming101 controls Kamek, who leads The Koopa Army, while Moon Snail controls Bowser Jr., who can also control The Koopa Army.
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