The Gauntlet is the 67th and penultimate episode of season 2. In this room, the gang must fight enemies from season 1, and the previous episodes in season 2. Depending on the length of a boss (how long the boss is defeated) will determine the amount of parts.


Our heroes reached the of the Dimensional Byway Entrance, only to find that this room was only a boss gauntlet, from season 1 and the previous episodes of season 2, the heroes will fight them all in each room in this Gauntlet Room.



Bosses (In Order)

The bosses are much harder in this episode

  1. The Room of Video Games Bosses
  2. Necrodeus
  3. Trip Hawkins
  4. Ender Dragon
  5. Porky
  6. Thunder Mayhem and Dark Flashlephant
  7. Evil Chell
  10. Mecha Jigsaw 2.0
  11. Barry Beatdown
  12. Petey Piranha
  13. Mad Cog
  14. Deadly Six
  15. Crystal King and Cave Creature
  16. Dark Jaiden
  17. .GIFfany
  18. Dark Dirigible Titan
  19. Bloonarius the Inflator
  20. Jumpy Bug
  21. Caterkiller
  22. Dr. Eggman
  23. King Croacus IV
  24. Kapelu the Caulipower
  25. Bill Cipher
  26. Bright Spark
  27. The King
  28. Evil Script and the Terraria Bosses
  29. Guardians of Umlaut and Umlaut
  30. Gruntilda
  31. Bonechill
  32. King D-Mind
  33. Necrola's Revenge
  34. Neptunica
  35. Shadow Mega Shatter X
  36. Ripto
  37. Super Mecha Sonic
  38. Metal Overlord
  39. Galaximus
  40. God of Hyperdeath Ink-Asriel
  41. Giygas
  42. Phase 1 of the Mysterious Fusion Reaper
  43. Antasma
  44. Infinite
  45. Star Dream OS
  46. Master Demon
  47. Chara
  48. Dark Star X and Paper X (Also called ???) - Entrance: A portal from the past appears, and out comes Paper and the Dark Star, Paper charges up and red energy comes bursting out and Paper changes to his X form, and the battle begins.





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