The Flying Star Cafe is an upcoming Season 2 episode reserved on June 13, 2017. It moved places due to swapping places with The Science of Metal Madness, and major changes in the episode lineup. After the planning of the Renaissance Era, this episode was moved even further ahead in the timeline, to become episode 28.


The gang visits the Flying Star Cafe, a prosperous cafe that is on the first moon of the PPF (Purple Planet Federation). While the gang rests a while and enjoys the delicious menu the cafe has to offer, they soon realize that they aren't alone. An alien race is attempting to destroy this cafe forever. Can the gang save the cafe from the alien invaders?




  • The Flying Star Cafe: The main plot of this episode is based on a story Redfork2000 wrote in 2013 called "The Flying Star Cafe". The locations and characters presented in the plot, as well, as the main theme of reuniting the different civilizations to form an alliance to defeat the zortigians, are all based off of said 2013 story.


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  • This episode is based on a story written by Redfork2000 in 2013, called The Flying Star Cafe.
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