T3PK (The Time Traveling Portal Knights) is a group of time-traveling plants. Originally created by Kelvin (unintentionally), they go through different time periods, hoping to stop their main nemesis: Clem. It was originally created to find Bloom, though. As of now, they are currently trying to find Bloom, all while trying to avoid Clem. Escrape, a member of T3PK, was murdered by Clem.

In the IALR series (season 2A), they are struggling to fit in. Eventually, they break apart, going their separate ways and meeting new people while contemplating their previous actions toward each other.


T3PK consists of multiple people, some are deceased.



Close Allies:

Time Periods Visited

  • The Great Fire of Plantdom: Sep 2, 1666 – Sep 5, 1666
  • The Discovery of the Lost B-Arc: January 27, 2004
  • First Flight of Skyshooter Mk. 2: July 4, 2301
  • Destruction of the Chlorophyll Lab: February 27, 2438
  • The years of the main gang of the IaLR challenge (June-August 2016)
  • Colonization of Mars: Classified (year: 2819)
  • The Fall of L.E.A.F.: Classified (year: 3056)
  • Countless of unknown dates
  • "Time Rift": Neither present, past, or future

Killed Victims

  • Several of Clem's henchmen
  • Several Terminator robots
  • Several PEKKAs


  • Escrape is the only original member to have died.
    • Also, he is the only main role-playable member to have been killed.
  • Pea Jay wasn't officially in T3PK, but most people considered it. Although, he is know officially part of it after announcing that he'd break away from L.E.A.F.
  • Almost nothing is known about the members' pasts, except for Kelvin's.
    • Pea's past will be explored sometime in season 2 of IALR.
    • NN's past will probably explored in season 3 of IALR.
    • More about Clem (T3PK's nemesis) will be revealed.
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