String is an upcoming Season 3 episode reserved on June 13, 2017 and is slated for a 2018 release.

In this episode, the gang ends up in a pitch-white world, and finds Jelo, Lucas, Blue Ocean, Sean and ROCKFLAME missing. It appears the missing ones are stuck in another area, with a "string" who helps them. But, when some of the others refuse the string's love for them, she gets angry and attempts to attack them. Meanwhile, the gang gets attacked by the same string, but they fight back against her with the help of a red string.


The gang is stuck in a white world. But hey, where's Jelo, Lucas, Blue Ocean, Sean and ROCKFLAME? They're stuck somewhere, with some kind of black line, or a "string", who shows affection for them, and helps them throughout the area. But when many refuse the string's love, she gets real angry. Meanwhile, the gang are attacked and tortured by the same string, who attempts to keep them away from the missing ones. Can the gang, with the help of a red string, stop the black string from doing anything bad with the others, and can the others get away from this black stalker?


  • String (free use)
  • Red String (free use)


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  • This episode is named after the Happy Wheels level of the same name.
  • Jelo made this episode because he is a fan of Happy Wheels.
  • Sean will be the only one to not refuse the String's love.
  • This episode will have a HUGE twist related to Sean.
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