Story written by Redfork2000, PeaVZ108, JeloJellyJam and Chilly Bean BAM!


While making preparations to defeat Blast and the Locked Room Gang, Dr. Zack receives the visit of an old ally: one that helped him a lot in the lab before Electra was around. Surprised by this visit, Dr. Zack decides to take advantage of the ocassion to create a new masterplan to defeat the Locked Room Gang, and kill Blast, in order to finally take over the world. But this new ally to Dr. Zack, who is he? What is he here for?


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It was a stormy night. At Dr. Zack's base, Electra was helping the doctor to make plans to defeat Blast.

  • Dr. Zack: This might be more difficult than I had expected.
  • Electra: Well, since Blast joined the Locked Room Gang, everything is much harder. Instead of fighting a couple of kids,now we're fighting an entire gang of being of many species that won't let us kill Blast in peace.
  • Dr. Zack: We need a new plan. Re-Peat Boss's help was useless to our cause. If only my old lab assistant was back. He was much better than any of these silly villains there are nowadays.
  • Electra: But who is this old lab assistant you talk about?

Suddenly, both of them hear a short melody played with a flute.

  • Electra: What's that?
  • Dr. Zack: I remember that melody! It's him!

Dr.Zack looks towards the main entrance, and it's his old lab assistant. A young adult, with black hair, a red shirt andblue pants, wearing a gray scarf that waves with the wind of the storm.

  • Dr. Zack: Ace? You finally decided to return?
  • Ace: Yes, I did.
  • Dr. Zack: Are you going to help me with my mission?
  • Ace: Listen doc, it was nice to work with you last time, but I'm not going to help you create any more living beings. Creating living beings as if they were just machines or weapons, it's just not right.
  • Dr. Zack: Oh, that. Well, if you're not going to help me, then what did you come here for?
  • Ace: You didn't let me finish. I come to offer you a deal.
  • Dr. Zack: A deal, you say?
  • Ace: Yes. I'll help you out front in the battlefield, and leading your minions. But in return, you must help me with my mission. I imagine you already know what it is.

Dr. Zack thinks for a moment, and thinks of an idea to take advantage of this new situation.

  • Dr. Zack: Deal. It's good to have you back, Ace. Now listen carefully, we're going to kill two birds with one stone. Because the answer to our problems, is the Locked Room Gang. If we get rid of them, I'll be able to achieve my goals, and you'll be able to find who you are looking for.
  • Ace: The Locked Room Gang? I've heard of them. If clearing them out of the picture is what I need to do, then that's what will happen.
  • Electra: I don't like this.
  • Ace: In that case, you should start getting used to the new circumstances, Electra.
  • Electra: Wha!? How did you know my name?
  • Ace: I know much more than that. Now why don't you go to sleep? You'll need some good sleep this night.Tomorrow will be a big day.
  • Electra: Ok... *leaves to her bedroom, reluctantly*
  • Ace: Locked Room Gang, ready or not, here I come.

The next morning, the Locked Room gang are at Red Fork's house, as they were telling Red Fork and Blue Ocean about their battle against Re-Peat Boss's hybrids.

  • Green Shadow: So, Red Fork and Blue Ocean, do you guys know about what happened while you two were busy?
  • Blue Ocean: Yup, I heard all about it in Facebook and Twitter!
  • Red Fork: How did you get all that information so quickly?
  • Blue Ocean: That's what happens when you've got lots of contacts in Facebook in Twitter. They tell you pretty much everything that happens in the city.
  • Jelo: Wow, I've missed a lot of new events. Guess the gang did go on well without me, and I'm kinda proud of that.
  • Marco: Man, it's good to be back here on Earth.
  • Red Fork: Well, I do recall hearing about these new hybrids.
  • Richard: Wait, which hybrids?
  • Jelo: Well, according to a friend's blog, there's a new bunch of hybrids created by Re-Peat Boss. They were created originally to destroy us, but they changed sides and became good. I-I think.
  • Blast: The good thing, is that at the end, they joined Ink Splash and formed Team Hybrid! Now Ink Splash has many hybrid friends to live with.
  • Red Fork: That's great!
  • Star: It's nice of Ink Splash to finally have real friends.
  • Green Shadow: We're just glad that she doesn't have to spend the rest of her life living in the dark alleys of Echo Creek, now that she has a group of friends that she might call "a real family".
  • Starcade: But I can't shake off the bad feeling about what might happen next. Dr Zack mentioned something about an old lab assistant being able to take care of this madness before he left.
  • Kyoji: I don't like the sound of that either.
  • Red Ruby: Who cares? That good-for-nothing doctor has no idea what he's up against!
  • Diana Diamond: I don't know, Red. This might be an entirely new type of threat altogether.
  • Blast: I've known Dr. Zack for a good while, and he's not the kind of guy with empty threats. If he says something, you can be sure he really means it.
  • Red Fork: Not like Bright Spark who always overestimates his own machines. *laughs*
  • Alice: But if what Dr. Zack said is true, then next time we encounter him, things will be much more difficult.
  • Blue Ocean: Don't worry. We just have to stay alert. We can do our everyday activities. The only thing we need is to stay alert in case anything happens.
  • Kyoji: That's true. Dr Zack and his allies had put up a good fight back at the time when Fake Fork made his rampage.
  • Red Ruby: I'm sure it'll be fine. What's the worst that can happen?
  • Pealy: I dunno about this, Red...
  • Jaiden: Pealy, do you really have to be pessimistic about life? You've got a huge life to live, a great big world to explore, a lot of friends, and...well, that's it. So stop worrying, and enjoy life!
  • Jelo: Yeah! Besides, the chance of villains randomly attacking are lo-

Suddenly, the gang receives several distress signals, from different places in Echo Creek, all at the same time.

  • Jelo: Uh-oh, I stand corrected. Distress signal.
  • Pealy: Told ya.
  • Blue Ocean: Wha!?
  • Richard: Okay, this doesn't sound good.
  • Kernely: This seems dangerous...
  • Red Fork: That's the worst that could happen.
  • Marco: I agree. But, we need to stay strong.
  • Gary Garnet: What's happening?
  • Green Shadow: It might be another attack on Echo Creek. Let's go see what's happening.
  • Red Fork: Let's do it.

The gang goes outside, and finds Opposite Blast, Electra, Blade and Scorch destroying Echo Creek.

  • Jaiden: Not again....Whatever, we're still gonna stop you!
  • Blast: Oh, come on! Don't you ever get tired of doing the same thing over and over again?
  • Opposite Blast: There they are!
  • Scorch: Thinks are really cooking now! Let's set them on fire!
  • Green Shadow: You four again?
  • Starcade: I thought we've defeated you countless times? Why do you try again?
  • Red Ruby: Leave them to me!

Red Ruby throws dynamite sticks at Opposite Blast, Electra, Blade and Scorch.

  • Scorch: Time to burn the trash!

Scorch shoots a fire blast at the dynamite sticks, making them blow up before they get even close to the four villains.

  • Blade: Well, time to cut them down to size! Cutting it up!

Blade throws a cutting blade at the gang. But this time, the blade looks different. It's black, and moves in random directions instead of directly straight. It glows with dark colors. It's a shadow blade!

  • Blast: That thing is crazy! *dodges the shadow blade*
  • Blue Ocean: It's not following the laws of physics! It just moves around wherever it wants! *ducks*

The plants duck, along with Star, Marco and Gerald. Jaiden jumps to avoid the blade.

  • Star: Whoa! That was really close!
  • Starcade: Shadow blades? Did Akasha teach him shadow arts or something?
  • Kyoji: I don't think so. Akasha isn't someone who will reveal her secrets.
  • Starcade: Either way, I'm still confused by all of this.
  • Amelia Amethyst: Don't worry, everyone! Just take cover!

Amelia Amethyst activates a forcefield and protects the gang from the shadow blade. The shadow blade bounces off the forcefield, and Blade catches it.

  • Blade: That's not going to work!
  • Electra: Ready to get shocked?

Electra starts concentrating, and suddenly, trees and other large objects are being levitated, and electrified at the same time.

  • Blue Ocean: Wha!? How is she doing that!?
  • Electra: I told you this would be shocking!

The trees, cars and other large objects that Electra is levitating, are then tossed towards the gang, breaking through the forcefield, and causing massive damage to them.

  • Richard: OWWWWW!
  • Marco: Oh my gosh! Richard are you okay?
  • Sean Sapphire: What the?
  • Diana Diamond: Okay, the craziness of this situation has gone on another scale.
  • Kyoji: Levitation is another shadow art! I'm starting to think that Starcade is right but to a small extent. Someone might have taught them shadow arts, but it definitely doesn't sound like Akasha's doing.
  • Green Shadow: We still have to fight back!

Green Shadow attempts to catch the objects that Electra levitates towards the gang, but doing so electrifies her each time, making her weaker and weaker.

  • Electra: Shocking, isn't it!
  • Scorch: Time to turn the heat up!

Scorch, who was incapable of flying before, now flies towards the gang and quickly shoots powerful fire blasts at them, while Blade shoots more shadow blades at the gang.

  • Blast: What's going on!?
  • Alice: Since when can Scorch fly!?
  • Kyoji: That is definitely yet another shadow art. But we're not giving up easily even if it looks like that the odds are against us!

Kyoji counters the projectiles with ice blasts from his Elementia. However, Electra levitates even more objects, electifying them before tossing them at the gang. Finally, Opposite Blast teleports next to the gang, and with a powerful shadow wave, knocks out most of the gang, leaving few members still conscious, but weak.

  • Blovy: *weakly* Ugh...
  • Torchy: Oh gosh...
  • Captain Red Shell: These villains are more powerful now. We might need to leave and think of another strategy.
  • Starcade: Wait a minute, they're using shadow attacks, right? Why don't we fight back with light?
  • Green Shadow: Great idea! Red Fork and Blue Ocean, why don't you try using your magic to cast light on those four foes?
  • Captain Red Shell: They're already knocked out.

They look around, and notice that Green Shadow, Starcade, Star, Torchy, Blovy and Captain Red Shell are the only members of the gang that are still not knocked out.

  • Captain Red Shell: We must take our allies to a safe place, and rethink our strategies. It's too dangerous to leave them here.
  • Opposite Blast: Oh, so you're going to quit already? I thought you were a true warrior!
  • Captain Red Shell: Ignore him. We must put our friends safe first.
  • Starcade: You guys get them to safety, I'll hold them off!
  • Green Shadow: Are you sure about this? They're not the same as before, in fact, they're even more powerful than before!
  • Starcade: Well, I can't let them knock you out while trying to get the others to a safe place. It'll be over if all of us go and save them at once. I'll stay here and do whatever I can.
  • Green Shadow: *sighs* Very well, but please be careful. Come on, Captain Red Shell!

Captain Red Shell, Torchy, Blovy, Star and Green Shadow take their friends to safety, while Starcade stays to fight the four powerful villains.

  • Opposite Blast: *smiles with an evil look* Getting rid of you will be so satisfying.
  • Electra: You can say that again.
  • Blade: It'll be delightful!

Meanwhile, Captain Red Shell, Torchy, Blovy, Star and Green Shadow take their friends to a safe place, where they wait for them to wake up. After a while, some of them start reacting. Red Fork, Kyoji, Blast, Jelo, Richard and a couple of gemstones wake up.

  • Richard: ...Where am I?
  • Kyoji: What happened?
  • Toby Topaz: I feel dizzy...
  • Jelo: I dunno about you guys, but that was the worst battle we've fought.
  • Green Shadow: Listen, Opposite Blast has knocked you out earlier. I'm glad you're alright.
  • Diana Diamond: What do we do now?
  • Toby Topaz: We might actually lose this time!
  • Green Shadow: I believe in all of us. Even so, we have to rethink our strategies. We have to come up with a new and unexpected strategy to beat the four of them.
  • Kyoji: Wait a minute, where's Starcade?
  • Green Shadow: She's out there tackling the four villains alone.
  • Kyoji: Say what? That's too dangerous!
  • Green Shadow: I know, but that's the only way to get you guys to safety without all of us being obliterated completely.
  • Kyoji: I just hope she's doing fine against them.
  • Richard: Yeah, I hope so.

Suddenly, someone walks in. It's Boulder, and he brings Starcade with him. She's still conscious, but she's really weak.

  • Blast: Boulder?
  • Boulder: She was about to be knocked out by those four jerks. I saw what was going on, and helped her escape before it was too late.
  • Alice: But, how did Dr. Zack's allies become so powerful?
  • Starcade: No idea, the battle was rather a crazy one. The four of them were using shadow arts against me, and I had a hard time dodging them all at once.
  • Green Shadow: I fear that we might be dealing with a nemesis stronger than any of us think. And I don't mean Dr. Zack.
  • Red Fork: Whatever is going on here, we've got to get to the bottom of it, and fast.
  • Richard: Okay, and...
  • Toby Topaz: How are we going to do that...outside?
  • Jelo: Gang, I think we might need to head somewhere else for this.
  • Red Fork: That sounds like a good idea.
  • Blue Ocean: Let's do it, and fast. Echo Creek is counting on us.
  • Jelo: Okay. Blue Ocean, teleport us somewhere hidden.
  • Star: *slightly teary* It's okay, Marco. You'll be okay.
  • Blue Ocean: Got it.

Blue Ocean uses his magic to teleport the gang to his secret laboratory, which is located below the house where he lives with Red Fork. The gang is surprised to see so many machines, gadgets and wacky objects in Blue Ocean's lab.

  • Blue Ocean: This is my lab. No one other than me and Red Fork know of it's location. Well, now you know about it too, but no one else.
  • Richard: Woah, cool!
  • Red Fork: This will be a good place to stay safe until we find out how to defeat Opposite Blast and his allies.
  • Jelo: Hey wait, can you check to see if Marco's okay?
  • Alice: I've got it covered. I'm the closest thing we have to a real doctor.

Alice checks Marco to see if he is ok.

  • Alice: Well, I can perceive his vital signs. He's breathing, and his heart rate is in the normal range. He has a couple of injuries and burns, but he'll be ok. He just needs some rest. I think I have some aloe vera ointment I can apply to his burns. *checks her backpack*
  • Star: Phew, thanks Alice. I was pretty worried.
  • Blast: So while we're at that, how do we defeat those villains? They're much powerful than before!
  • Tommy: They literally owned us without even trying!
  • Captain Red Shell: Calm down. Panicking will not help us. We must stay calm and think of a solution.
  • Jelo: Wait, where's Jaiden?
  • Jaiden: Here I am!
  • Blast: Jaiden! Are you ok?
  • Jaiden: I've got a couple of scratches, but I'll be ok. Thanks for asking.
  • Green Shadow: So I was thinking of the "light beats shadow" strategy. They're using shadow attacks after all. Shall we try that?
  • Red Fork: Sure, I think it's the best choice.
  • Blue Ocean: Guys, I'm receiving several distress signals. And this time, they're in different areas of the city. That can only mean that the four villains have split up!
  • Captain Red Shell: It's our chance to defeat them.
  • Jelo: Sounds like a good strategy.
  • Green Shadow: Now that we have a strategy, we shall use it against them. Let's go, Echo Creek is counting on us!

The gang goes to stop the four villains.

  • Blast: So, should we split up to fight the villains?
  • Star: I need somebody to take care of Marco.
  • Alice: I can take him to my lab. I can take better care of him there.
  • Tommy: I'll go with you, Alice!
  • Green Shadow: I think it's best if we stop them together.
  • Jaiden: Sounds great!
  • Blast: Got it. Let's go for the first of them!

The gang first goes to the Stop & Slurp shop, where Blade is destroying the place with shadow blades.

  • Red Ruby: Hey, "cut" it out!
  • Kyoji: Leave that store alone! This is between you and us.
  • Blade: You guys again? I'll "cut" you down to size! If you don't surrender now!
  • Kyoji: Bring it on!
  • Green Shadow: Red Fork and Blue Ocean, you know what to do, right?
  • Star: Yeah, come on!
  • Red Fork: Yup!
  • Blue Ocean: We're ready!

Red Fork and Blue Ocean use their magic horns to create light, and render Blade's shadow powers useless.

  • Blade: Aw, man! Well, I guess I've gotta use the traditional "cut"! Down the middle!

Blade shoots several cutting blades at the gang.

  • Jelo: Ack! Everyone, dodge!

The gang dodges the cutting blades. Kyoji leaps at Blade and slashes at him with the Elementia.

  • Kyoji: Looks like you're going down! But don't worry, your friends will be going down soon enough!
  • Blade: Yikes!
  • Jaiden: Time to stop and freeze, Blade. *shoots ice blasts at Blade*
  • Captain Red Shell: Excellent. *jumps towards Blade, and slashes him repeatedly with his sword*
  • Blade: Nooo!

Blade falls to the ground, defeated.

  • Richard: Yeah!
  • Blast: Wow, that was easy.
  • Jaiden: I agree. We defeated him with barely any effort!
  • Kyoji: To be fair, we couldn't have done it without the power of light.
  • Green Shadow: Let's go stop the next one!

The gang goes to stop the next villain. Meanwhile, at Alice's house, she and Tommy are taking care of Marco.

  • Alice: There you go. That aloe vera ointment should help heal your burns.
  • Tommy: Well, what do we do now?
  • Alice: Well...

Suddenly, a short flute melody is heard, and then, Alice and Tommy see someone appear in the room. It's Ace!

  • Alice: Who are you!?
  • Ace: That's beyond the point. Now tell me, where is he?
  • Tommy: Where is who?
  • Ace: My brother. I'm certain that you two know of his whereabouts. So tell me at once, and don't try to play any tricks. It won't work.
  • Alice: Uh, sorry mister, we don't know where your brother is. How would we know?
  • Ace: Don't make fools of yourselves. I can perceive both of you know him, and know where he is. So tell me where he is, or I'll be forced to take action.
  • Alice: Hey, calm down! We don't know who your brother is!
  • Ace: So, you refuse to cooperate. Dr. Zack said you'd do that.
  • Tommy: Dr. Zack!? You're working with him!?
  • Ace: Precisely.
  • Alice: You must be the one who taught shadow arts to Opposite Blast and his friends.
  • Ace: Guilty. Now if you don't start talking, I'll have to force you to.
  • Tommy: What do we do?
  • Alice: Stay behind we, Tommy.

Tommy does as he is told, and Ace shoots a shadow blast at Alice. Alice grabs Tommy, and jumps away from the shadow blast.

  • Alice: That's it, leave us alone weirdo!

Alice takes out her plasma cannon , and shoots at Ace. However, Ace pulls out a red and gray shield, and uses it to deflect Alice's shot.

  • Tommy: Aah! He has a shield!
  • Ace: The Ace Shield, the most powerful shield ever known to shadow ninjas or mad scientists alike. Now think fast.

Ace shoots another shadow blast, and hits Alice. Tommy grabs a yo-yo, and uses it to attack Ace. However, Ace teleports behind Tommy, and kicks him into a wall.

  • Tommy: Ouch!
  • Alice: Hey, leave Tommy alone!

Alice grabs her plasma cannon, and shoots another plasma bolt at Ace. Ace deflects the plasma bolt with his shield, and then shoots a shadow blast back at Alice. She is hit again, and falls to the floor, unable to continue.

  • Alice: Who are you anyway?
  • Ace: Who am I? I'm The Ace. Now it's time to turn off the lights.

Alice shakes in fear, and Tommy, still dizzy, looks in horror. However, instead of shooting at Alice, Ace turns off the lights of the room.

  • Alice: What?
  • Ace: If you fight villains, you should consider training. A villain will have no mercy when fighting. As a Locked Room Gang member, you should be prepared. Now if you excuse me, I must find my lost brother.

Ace leaves the room by teleporting away, leaving Alice and Tommy weakened and hurt.

  • Tommy: What was that all about?
  • Alice: I don't know, but the gang needs to know this. *calls the Locked Room Gang*

Meanwhile, the gang are still on the way to fighting the next villain.

  • Green Shadow: I wonder who we're fighting next.

Suddenly, the gang gets a call from Alice.

  • Alice: Guys, we've got important things to tell you!
  • Blue Ocean: What is it?
  • Alice: We were attacked by a shadow ninja. He calls himself "The Ace".
  • Blast: Are you guys ok!? A shadow ninja is nothing to take lightly.
  • Alice: We're beaten up, but strangely, he didn't kill us or anything. He says he's working for Dr. Zack, and he says to be the one that taught shadow arts to Dr. Zack's minions.
  • Red Fork: So that's where they learned the shadow arts from.
  • Richard: Ahh.
  • Kyoji: Isn't Akasha the only shadow ninja left? How is there another one? Did you happen to see "The Ace" wearing gauntlets?
  • Alice: I don't remember seeing him using gauntlets. But he uses a gray scarf, and carries a shield he calls "The Ace Shield".
  • Blast: Do you guys need anything?
  • Alice: Well, fortunately, The Ace didn't find Marco, but we're really injured. If someone else comes to attack us, we won't be able to defend Marco.
  • Red Fork: So, you need someone else to take care of Marco?
  • Alice: That would be a good idea. We can't defend Marco in this state.
  • Red Fork: We'll send a few gang members to protect Marco and you guys. They'll be there in a few minutes.
  • Alice: Thanks guys! And be careful. The Ace could be anywhere! *call ends*
  • Richard: Are you sending me?
  • Red Fork: No. A shadow ninja is a dangerous opponent. I think we need someone who could be able to fight a shadow ninja. Perhaps a couple that has experience fighting shadow ninjas? *looks at Kyoji and Starcade*
  • Richard: Fine...
  • Kyoji: Sure. I've dealt with Akasha countless times after all.
  • Starcade: Yeah, but the Ace might be dangerous. I'm lending Kyoji a hand.
  • Kyoji: I guess it's settled then. Starcade and I will help Alice and Tommy.
  • Red Fork: Good. The rest of us will take out the other villains.
  • Blue Ocean: Oh, by the way, you should consider taking Marco, Alice and Tommy to a new location, since The Ace already found their current hideout.
  • Starcade: about Eitbit?
  • Kyoji: That might work. It's far from Echo Creek.
  • Captain Red Shell: Good idea.
  • Blue Ocean: Good luck guys! We'll stay in contact!

As Starcade and Kyoji leave to take Marco, Alice and Tommy to Eitbit, the rest of the gang heads to the coast, where Scorch is burning the ships that are at the dock.

  • Green Shadow: Bet that's Scorch. His days of burning shall be over!
  • Red Ruby: Wait! I got this!

Red Ruby throws a dynamite stick at Scorch while he's facing away from the gang.

  • Scorch: I'm on fire!

Scorch shoots flames in all directions, accidentally making the dynamite stick blow up before it hits him. The explosion surprises him, and makes him look back, noticing the gang.

  • Scorch: You have come to fight me? Fire shall be your destiny! Fire shall be your grave! Fire will be the end of you! Fire!
  • Blast: You never have anything new to say, do you?
  • Scorch: FIRE!!!

Scorch teleports to the gang, and shoots powerful flames at them, before teleporting back to his previous position.

  • Richard: Yikes! *dodges*
  • Green Shadow: Let's shine some light at Scorch! Red Fork, Blue Ocean, you know what to do!
  • Red Fork & Blue Ocean: Ready!

Both unicorns create light with their magic, and render Scorch's shadow powers useless.

  • Scorch: You might have gotten rid of my shadow powers, but the flames inside me will never be put off! I'm on fire!
  • Captain Red Shell: I think you made a bad decision to attack near the coast. Sean, can you use the ocean to put off Scorch's flames?
  • Sean Sapphire: Certainly!

Sean Sapphire creates a huge wave from the ocean, which splashes at Scorch, drowning Scorch and dousing his flames.

  • Sean Sapphire: And that's why I say no to your fires, Scorch.
  • Janna: Ooh, burn!
  • Star: Whoa, hey Janna!
  • Scorch: Oof!
  • Red Fork: Sorry to put out your fire, Scorch, but we can't have you destroying things.
  • Scorch: You haven't seen the last of me yet!

Scorch escapes.

  • Blue Ocean: Well, that's two villains down. Let's go for the next one.
  • Captain Red Shell: You guys must go. I will stay here to rebuild the damage done to the dock, and comfort the sea creatures that were caught in the middle of the fire. I want them to know that they're safe now.
  • Blast: Ok then. You stay here. We go for the next villain.
  • Captain Red Shell: Agreed.
  • Blast: So who's next?
  • Blue Ocean: According to the distress signals... Electra is wrecking the park.
  • Red Fork: Let's go stop her. 
  • Diana Diamond: She's going down! 
  • Richard: Yeah!
  • Green Shadow: Let's get moving, we don't have much time to lose! 

The gang goes to the park to stop Electra. Meanwhile, at Eitbit...

  • Alice: Thanks for helping us. The Ace came out of nowhere!
  • Tommy: But it's still strange how he defeated us, but didn't actually kill us.
  • Starcade: Maybe he has pity on you two. Or that he finds that you're useful to his cause in the future.
  • Kyoji: It doesn't matter. We'll stop him the next time he shows up.

Suddenly, a flute melody is heard. Alice and Tommy recognize it.

  • Alice: That's the melody we heard before The Ace appeared.

Effectively, Ace appears in the room.

  • Tommy: Aah! He's back!
  • Kyoji: Allow me to take care of this.

Alice and Tommy run to hide. Kyoji turns around to Ace and blasts ice at him with the Elementia. Ace blocks the ice blasts with his Ace Shield.

  • Ace: Kyoji, ice ninja, and Starcade, leader of the Retro Rebels. Am I correct?
  • Kyoji: Yes, you are.
  • Starcade: Don't forget about the fact that I'm a Star Fighter though. How did you know about us anyway?
  • Ace: I have my sources of information. Now where is my brother?
  • Kyoji: We don't know who that is!
  • Starcade: Could you tell us the identity of your brother?
  • Ace: His name is Alex! He's a few years younger than me. Don't tell me you don't know him. I have good reasons to suspect you not only know him, but also know where he is now. So stop trying to play tricks, and tell me where he is.
  • Kyoji: Alex? We don't have anyone in our gang with that name.
  • Starcade: We're not tricking you in any way, mister! Also, we know that you're working for Dr Zack, so did he tell you about us knowing the location of your brother?
  • Ace: He told me you'd refuse to cooperate. I'm certain that you know of him. So if you're trying to challenge my intelligence, I'll challenge your power now. Prepare yourselves.

Ace shoots a couple of shadow blasts at Kyoji and Starcade, before using super speed to move quickly around the room. Kyoji steps up to protect Starcade and himself from Ace's attacks.

  • Starcade: We could've helped you find your brother, but since you're going to attack us, we'll have to fight you.

Starcade draws her dual laser pistols and fires them at Ace, while staying behind Kyoji. Ace uses super speed to dodge the shots from Starcade's dual laser pistols. Then he teleports behind Kyoji and Starcade, and delivers quick yet powerful hits on both of them, and teleports away from them before they can react. Then, he charges a powerful shadow blast.

  • Ace: I'm sorry it has to be this way, but I must find my brother.

Ace then shoots the powerful shadow blast at Kyoji and Starcade. Kyoji and Starcade dodge the shadow blast.

  • Starcade: We need another strategy.
  • Kyoji: I'll give you time to charge up a powerful attack on Ace by distracting him.
  • Starcade: Got it.

Kyoji steps up to Ace and points the Elementia at him.

  • Kyoji: You there! Fight me if you wish, but leave the others out of this!
  • Ace: A one-on-one duel? Sounds good to me. May the strongest fighter win.

Ace shoots several show blasts at Kyoji, and the speed of the shadow blasts gradually increases, to the point where Kyoji only has fractions of a second to dodge each shadow blast. Kyoji reacts by creating an ice shield around himself, while trying to fight back with his own ice blasts.

  • Kyoji: If I have dealt with Akasha many times, I can do the same for you!
  • Ace: Akasha? Yes, I've heard of her. However, I recommend you don't underestimate your foes. You might have a nasty surprise.

Ace uses super strength abilities, and lifts some of the furniture in the room, and tosses it towards Kyoji. He uses his Ace Shield to block the ice blasts from Kyoji.

  • Kyoji: I never underestimate my foes. I'm just saying that to make myself feel more confident that I can defeat you.

Kyoji dodges the furniture thrown at him. Starcade then shoots her charged attack at Ace from behind him while the latter is attacking Kyoji. However, Ace suddenly teleports, and the powerful shot ends hitting Kyoji instead, leaving him defenseless.

  • Starcade: Oops, sorry!
  • Ace: I must say, you two are good fighters. As a team, you're well synchronized. Your timing could be a bit polished, though.

After teleporting behind Starcade, and knocking her into the wall with a quick attack, Ace walks towards Starcade and Kyoji.

  • Ace: I guess this is where it ends. Isn't it?

However, instead of delivering a final blow, Ace just looks at both of them.

  • Ace: I perceive it. You've got a strong relationship. As long as you stay together, your victories will outnumber your defeats by a wide margin.
  • Kyoji: Yes, currently it's a wide margin as for now.
  • Ace: I'll be leaving now. My brother is still out there, and I must find him. Keep on fighting as a team. You proved to be worthy opponents.

Ace teleports away, leaving them very confused.

  • Starcade: Um...what just happened?
  • Kyoji: No idea. Anyway, where's Alice and Tommy?

Alice and Tommy come out of their hiding place.

  • Alice: Here we are.
  • Tommy: Did you see that!? He has superpowers too!
  • Alice: I still don't understand him. Instead of killing us, he always leaves. That's definitely not like anything Dr. Zack, Opposite Blast or any of them would do.
  • Kyoji: Me neither. I'm still wondering how the rest of us are doing though.

Meanwhile, back to the gang who has found Electra attacking the park.

  • Gary Garnet: I don't understand. Why would she attack a park of all places?
  • Janna: I dunno, because there's lots of people?
  • Blast: I don't know, but I do know what we're going to do about it!

Blast flies directly towards Electra at high speed, planning to punch her in the face. However, he ends up strangely flying through Electra, and falling in a forcefield trap.

  • Blast: What the!?
  • Blue Ocean: It's a trap!

Suddenly, the illusion of Electra disappears, as the real Electra walks into the scene.

  • Electra: You really fell for a hologram? *laughs at Blast* I don't even get how you're supposed to be a threat, Blast!
  • Green Shadow: Stop bullying Blast!
  • Red Ruby: Prepare to get exploded!
  • Electra: Oh, really? You guys again? You can't do anything to me now! Time to get shocked!

Electra levitates all the trees, benches, fountains, picnic tables and other large objects in the park, and tosses them at the Locked Room Gang.

  • Electra: *Evil laugh* Victory will be mine!

Green Shadow catches the objects, despite getting weaker each time she catches an object.

  • Green Shadow: Quick! Shed some light at Electra! I can't keep this up much longer! *collapses the moment she catches a huge tree*
  • Red Fork & Blue Ocean: Got it!

Red Fork and Blue Ocean create light, deactivating Electra's shadow powers.

  • Electra: Hey! No fair!
  • Blast: *inside the forcefield trap* What? You can't fight without shadow powers? I don't even get how you're supposed to be a threat, Electra!
  • Blue Ocean: OOOHHH! That was a great burn!
  • Red Ruby: I know a great way for even greater burns! Now prepare for some great explosions!

Red Ruby throws a cluster of dynamite sticks at once towards Electra, giving her no chance to dodge the attacks. Red Fork & Blue Ocean finish the job with some fast magic blasts.

  • Electra: Eek!

Electra falls onto the grass, defeated. Blue Ocean uses his magic to deactivate the forcefield Blast was trapped in.

  • Blast: Thanks.
  • Jaiden: Are you ok, Blast?
  • Blast: Yeah, I'm ok.
  • Blue Ocean: Well, Electra has been defeated. Now we're only missing Opposite Blast.
  • Toby Topaz: Uh oh.
  • Diana Diamond: Let's go find him.

The gang goes to find Opposite Blast. Meanwhile, at the coast, Captain Red Shell is with Coconut Crab and Gary Guppy.

  • Captain Red Shell: Good job. We have finished repairing the damage Scorch has done, and the sea creatures are safe again.
  • Coconut Crab: It looks great captain, even better than before it was all burnt down.

Suddenly, the three sea fighters hear a short flute melody.

  • Gary Guppy: What's that?
  • Coconut Crab: I don't know.
  • Captain Red Shell: That tune... I think I remember it from somewhere...

The three sea creatures look around, and see Ace at the coast.

  • Ace: Captain Red Shell, I presume.
  • Captain Red Shell: Who are you, stranger?
  • Ace: Don't you remember me? I was there the first time you invaded my city.
  • Captain Red Shell: What?
  • Ace: It was a long time ago. I was with my brother at the beach, when you came along with your ship, and attacked my home city. It was after that day, that I never saw my brother again.
  • Captain Red Shell: I want you to know that my days as an evil captain are over. I have moved on to a new leaf, and now I'm an honorable member of the Locked Room Gang.
  • Ace: Good. In that, case, I suppose you know where my younger brother is.
  • Captain Red Shell: I do not know your brother.
  • Ace: Yes, you do. Now stop lying, and tell me where Alex is!
  • Captain Red Shell: I already told you, I don't know him. I haven't met anyone with that name.
  • Ace: So, you refuse to help too? Dr. Zack was right about all of you.
  • Captain Red Shell: You work for Dr. Zack? You must be The Ace!
  • Ace: Now we're understanding each other.
  • Captain Red Shell: Alice told us about you. Proceed no further! *points his sword at Ace*
  • Ace: Want to fight? Challenge accepted.

Captain Red Shell rushes to Ace to attack him, but Ace teleports, and shoots a shadow blast at Captain Red Shell from behind.

  • Gary Guppy: Blast that guy!

Gary Guppy throws several bombs at Ace, but he uses his super speed to dodge them all. Then he shoots a shadow blast at Gary Guppy, knocking him out.

  • Captain Red Shell: *slashes at Ace with his sword* You won't get off the hook, villainous shadow ninja!
  • Ace: *using his Ace Shield to block off Captain Red Shell's attacks* Villainous? Are you sure of what you're saying?

Ace teleports behind Captain Red Shell, and kicks him against a rock.

  • Coconut Crab: Captain!

Coconut Crab starts shooting coconuts at Ace, but he blocks them with his Ace Shield. Captain Red Shell takes advantage of the distraction to slash Ace from behind. Ace takes some damage, but quickly turns and shoots a shadow blast at Captain Red Shell, knocking him back against the rock.

  • Ace: It was because of your invasion that I lost my brother, lost my family, and lost everything I cared about! *shoots powerful shadow blasts at Captain Red Shell, weakening him even more*
  • Captain Red Shell: It wasn't my intention to make you lose track of your brother. I was a different crab back then. A crab led only by his desires of revenge on humanity, and his desire to protect the sea creatures from any perceived threat. It's a shame to remember my past actions. But I've moved on. You should do it too.
  • Ace: Not until I find my brother! I know he's still alive, and I know the Locked Room Gang is aware of him.

Coconut Crab throws more coconuts at Ace, but Ace blocks them off with his Ace Shield, before shooting a powerful shadow blast at Coconut Crab, knocking him out too.

  • Ace: It looks like it's only the two of us, captain.
  • Captain Red Shell: I advise you that you stop. This is not the way.
  • Ace: I live my life as I wish, and do whatever I believe is right. Whether you think I'm right or not, does not concern me.
  • Captain Red Shell: I never wanted you to lose your brother. My methods were not the best ones, but in the end, everything that ever mattered to me was to defend those I care for. Do you even know what it is, to see yourself forced to take extreme measures to protect those you care for?
  • Ace: Certainly. If you haven't noticed, my only reason to fight is to find my brother again. I will not rest until I find him.

Captain Red Shell slashes at Ace again, but the latter defends himself with his Ace Shield. Finally, Ace charges a powerful shadow blast towards Captain Red Shell, knocking him into another rock, and leaving him too weak to continue.

  • Ace: it was a nice reunion captain, but I must end this now.
  • Captain Red Shell: If that will calm your fury, then end it now.

Ace looks at Captain Red Shell, who is staring at Ace. Ace is about to deliver a final blow on Captain Red Shell, but instead takes a couple of steps backwards.

  • Captain Red Shell: What is it?
  • Ace: I can't do it. I'm not a murderer. I haven't forgiven you for what you did to me, but I won't kill you.
  • Captain Red Shell: *smiles* That's what I wanted to hear. Perhaps there is some nobility inside your heart after all.
  • Ace: I must leave now. Alex needs me.
  • Captain Red Shell: Then by all means, find him. Just make sure to not let anyone innocent get caught in the crossfire. You wouldn't want to make someone suffer what you did, would you?
  • Ace: Train harder, captain. You'll have your rematch some day. Trust me, this isn't over.

Ace teleports away, leaving Captain Red Shell weakened, while Coconut Crab and Gary Guppy are knocked out.

  • Captain Red Shell: The gang should be about to finish their mission now. They'll do fine. I trust them.

Back to the gang, they're in the city, until they find Opposite Blast, who is using his new shadow powers to demolish several buildings in the city.

  • Amelia Amethyst: Hey, Opposite Blast! We're here!
  • Opposite Blast: I noticed.
  • Red Fork: We're going to defeat you, just like we did to Scorch, Blade and Electra!
  • Opposite Blast: What? Already?
  • Blast: Yup!
  • Opposite Blast: Those three can't do a thing without me... Well, no more games, time for a real fight!
  • Red Fork: You're on! Blue Ocean?
  • Blue Ocean: Certainly.

Red Fork and Blue Ocean use their horns to create light, and render Opposite Blast's shadow powers useless.

  • Opposite Blast: Whatever. I'm still the strongest around!
  • Jelo: Not anymore. *grabs out his sword and slashes at Opposite Blast*
  • Green Shadow: You think so?

Green Shadow packs a powerful punch and does an uppercut on Opposite Blast. Opposite Blast fights back, lifting Jelo with one hand, and Green Shadow with another, and tossing both of them into a wall.

  • Blast: That's it Opposite Blast! You're going down!
  • Opposite Blast: Come at me, if you dare.

Opposite Blast and Blast start fighting in mid-air, using their super speed and ability to fly to attack each other in mid-air.

  • Jaiden: Blast, do you need help up there?
  • Blast: Yeah, that would be nice.

Both superpowered teenagers continue fighting each other.

  • Jaiden: Hey, how about a super-powered ice combo?
  • Blast: Let's do it.
  • Opposite Blast: What?

Blast and Jaiden put their hands together, and do a powerful ice combo towards Opposite Blast.

  • Opposite Blast: No! Not again!

The ice combo is so powerful, that is sends Opposite Blast blasting off.

  • Opposite Blast: No! It looks like I've been "blasted" off again! *disappears into the sky*
  • Janna: See ya! And never come back!
  • Red Ruby: What a terrible last line from someone who's been defeated yet again.
  • Green Shadow: Now that we've taken care of the four of them, what's next?
  • Star: Well, I'm still worried sick about Marco.

A screen appears, revealing Dr. Zack.

  • Dr. Zack: So, you defeated my team of super-powered beings? I knew you would. But that's only the beginning. I have lots more in store for you in my new base! Come if you dare!
  • Blast: But where is your base?
  • Dr. Zack: Let's see. Here's a little riddle for your little brains. All four sides of my base point towards the south! Come and find me! *evil laugh*
  • Blast: All four sides point towards the south!? How is that even possible? 
  • Green Shadow: Maybe his base isn't anywhere near the south? 
  • Toby Topaz: What do you mean? He clearly said south! 
  • Green Shadow: True, but pointing to the south can only mean one thing, which means his base must be somewhere in the north! 
  • Red Fork: I've got it! The North Pole! That's the only place where all the sides of his base could be pointing south! 
  • Gary Garnet: I must admit you're pretty smart for someone who eats a lot. 
  • Red Fork: Thanks. 
  • Green Shadow: Seems like our best shot. Let's go to the North Pole! 
  • Blue Ocean: To the North Pole it is! 

The gang travels to the north pole, and effectively, there is Dr. Zack's Base.

  • Dr. Zack: *Through a screen* It seems like you found your way to my base. Welcome to your doom, Locked Room Gang! Enter at your own risk, to the base of the most wicked scientist on Earth! *evil laugh*
  • Gary Garnet: I've seen Bright Spark and Re-Peat Boss do better than you!
  • Sean Sapphire: Well, we're not afraid of you, doc!
  • Green Shadow: We can take anything you throw at us.
  • Dr. Zack: Bright Spark? Re-Peat Boss? Those two fools? Simply put, those two are kids play compared to me. Now come inside, and get ready for your doom!

The doors open, while thunder can be heard, and lightning can be seen.

  • Blast: Spooky.
  • Red Fork: Well, let's go and finish this!
  • Red Ruby: And when we're done, I'm finally going to blow him up into a thousand pieces!
  • Diana Diamond: Thunder and lightning indoors? Well, that's ominous.
  • Emma Emerald: What if Electra is back?
  • Sean Sapphire: But we defeated Electra, didn't we?
  • Emma Emerald: Yes, but I'm paranoid that anything might happen.
  • Toby Topaz: I'm scared.
  • Diana Diamond: Don't be. We can do this together.
  • Toby Topaz: I hope you're right.

The gang enters the base,and the first thing they encounter when they enter the base, is a room full of poisoned cookies and snake-scorpion hybrids.

  • Red Fork: Cookies!
  • Amelia Amethyst: Cookies!
  • Blue Ocean: Don't eat them! My device detects large amounts of poison in those cookies!
  • Jaiden: I'd be a bit more worried by those snake-scorpion hybrids.
  • Blue Ocean: Yup, those are pretty venomous. You won't want to get a bite from one of those.
  • Diana Diamond: Amelia, use your forcefield to protect us!

Diana Diamond does not see Amelia Amethyst anywhere near her.

  • Diana Diamond: Amelia?

Diana Diamond sees Amelia Amethyst blindly approaching the poisoned cookies. She steps in and drags Amelia Amethyst back, but to no avail. The poisoned cookies are ready to attack.

  • Diana Diamond: Someone help me stop her! I can't do this alone!
  • Blue Ocean: Got it! *uses his magic to levitate Amelia away from the cookies* Amelia, didn't you hear when I said those cookies contained posion?
  • Red Fork: Food... *walking like a zombie towards the cookies*
  • Blue Ocean: *facepalm* You too, Red Fork?
  • Jaiden: We've got to be careful! Those snake-scorpion things are going to attack us!

The snake-scorpion hybrids crawl towards the gang, ready to attack them.

  • Toby Topaz: This is crazy!
  • Amelia Amethyst: COOKIES!!!
  • Diana Diamond: Not again!
  • Sean Sapphire: I'll take it from here, Diana. You'll need someone tough to handle her.
  • Diana Diamond: Alright then. Let's take care of the enemies.
  • Green Shadow: Charge!

The gang attacks the snake-scorpion hybrids. However, the snake-scorpion hybrids retaliate by attempting to bite the gang.

  • Blue Ocean: Watch out! Those little creatures could kill us with their venom!
  • Jaiden: What do we do then?
  • Blue Ocean: There has to be a way to get rid of them without exposing ourselves to their dangerous venom.
  • Gary Garnet: Maybe you can activate that forcefield of yours? Amelia is currently unavailable to help.
  • Blue Ocean: Got it, but someone has to keep an eye on Red Fork. *activates the forcefield*

Suddenly, a portal appears in the room, and a larger and familiar snake shows up from the portal, and begins to attack the snake-scorpion hybrids.

  • Blue Ocean: Wait, we know that snake.
  • Green Shadow: Is that...Paula Python?
  • Paula Python: Yes, but not just me.

Out of the portal also comes Ink Splash, followed by the entire Team Hybrids!

  • Paula Python: This team of hybrids moved to a place near my house not too long ago.
  • Ink Splash: Paula, you didn't tell us you knew the Locked Room Gang too.
  • Paula Python: You know them too? I didn't know that.
  • Ink Splash: I guess we've got a lot of stories to tell each other later.
  • Blue Ocean: Wait, so you're neighbors now?
  • Paula Python: Yup!
  • Ink Splash: Team Hybrids settled in another dimension, remember? We decided to settle in a place not too populated, where we can be ourselves. And that forest was the perfect place. We met Paula, and she helped us find our new home.
  • Paula Python: Many people don't realize it, but there's many buildings inside the forest.
  • Ink Splash: We heard that Dr. Zack was up to something again, so Team Hybrids is here to help! Right guys?
  • Pincers: Snip snap, yup!
  • Magi-Knight: We're gonna take down that doofus this time!
  • Octo-Phantom: Something spooky is surely brewing for him!
  • Dark Trident: And that means us!
  • Crusade: Now let's destroy the enemies in this room!
  • Jelo: That's a lot of hybrids! Ink Splash sure made a lot of friends

The hybrids attack the snake-scorpion hybrids. Soon, all the snake-scorpion hybrids have been defeated.

  • Ink Splash: Good job team.
  • Blue Ocean: Wait a moment, I see two doors! Which one should we take: left or right?
  • Ink Splash: *to the gang* How about you guys take the left door, while we take the right door?
  • Whacker Weed: Either door will lead to a TRICKY path though.
  • Green Shadow: Sounds like a plan. Let's do it.
  • Dyna-Matic: Displaying agreement.

The gang enters the left door, while the hybrids enters the right door. The gang enters a room, where they find a bunch of black colored gelatin. The particles of black gelatin come together, to show a black colored Bob the Blob!

  • Blue Ocean: Why is he black now?
  • Bob the Blob: Bumo bumo? Bumomomo, bumo!
  • Blast: I never knew this thing could talk.
  • Bob the Blob: Bumo! Bumo bumo!
  • Green Shadow: He's like Kirby, only that he doesn't say "poyo".
  • Diana Diamond: At least Amelia is able to assist now. Amelia, why don't you show Bob what you've got?

Amelia Amethyst summons a black hole in an attempt to suck up Bob the Blob. However, Bob the Blob uses shadow powers to alter the black hole, and make it suck some gang members instead.

  • Bob the Blob: Bumo bumo bumo, bumomomo!

Amelia Amethyst casts a spell on the black hole, causing it to eject the gang members out. She then closes the black hole.

  • Amelia Amethyst: Okay, maybe we have to try something else.
  • Red Fork: Wait, so that's why he's got a new color. the shadow powers gave him that color. Blue Ocean, are you ready?
  • Blue Ocean: Ready!

Red Fork and Blue Ocean use their horns to create light, and Bob the Blob changes from black, to his usual green color.

  • Bob the Blob: Bumo! Bumomomo! Bumo!

Bob the Blob shoots gelatin blasts at the gang, trapping Green Shadow inside a pile of jell-o.

  • Green Shadow: Yikes!
  • Amelia Amethyst: Now it's my turn!

Amelia Amethyst summons another black hole to suck up Bob the Blob. It works, and Bob the Blob is sucked by the portal.

  • Bob the Blob: Bumo! *gets sucked by the portal*
  • Red Fork: Good, let's continue!
  • Gary Garnet: *gets Green Shadow out of the gelatin* Let's go.

Meanwhile, Team Hybrids and Paula Python are going by the right path, and end up in an empty room.

  • Ink Splash: Why is this room empty?

Suddenly, they hear a short flute melody.

  • Ink Splash: That melody... why does it sound familiar...

Suddenly, Ace appears in the room.

  • Pincers: Who are you?
  • Ace: You can call me, The Ace.
  • Ink Splash: You must be Dr. Zack's new ally, aren't you?
  • Ace: Wait a moment... PHX-002?
  • Ink Splash: What? I'm Ink Splash, to you.
  • Ace: That's your regular name. But your code name when you were being developed was PHX-002.
  • Ink Splash: 002? Who's 001?
  • Ace: PHX-001? I hope Dr. Zack isn't messing with that thing.
  • Ink Splash: There was a hybrid before me? I always thought I was Dr. Zack's first hybrid.
  • Timmy Turquoise: Another hybrid? Now that's crazy!
  • Crusade: So, Ace, what are you doing here?
  • Ace: I have to stop you. Believe me, it's for a good reason.
  • Ink Splash: Sure, good story! You're working for Dr. Zack, of course you need to stop us!
  • Ace: You don't get it, do you? You really shouldn't move on.
  • Ink Splash: Why should we believe you? How do we know you're not like Dr. Zack?
  • Ace: I can't do anything more than warn you. If you won't believe me, I'll have to stop you the hard way.
  • Pincers: The hard way it shall be then. Prepare for the greatest pinch!

Pincers flies towards Ace and snaps at him with his giant crab claws. Ace teleports to dodge, and appears behind the hybrids, before shooting several shadow blasts at Team Hybrids.

  • Ink Splash: Ok, that's it. I'm ready to defeat you!
  • Ace: You may want to reconsider that. Dr. Zack might have taken most of the credit, but I did just as much as him in creating you. You're going to fight the man who knows you better than anyone.
  • Ink Splash: If so, then fight me! I'm not afraid of you.
  • Ace: Then that's how it shall be.

Ink Splash grows to giant size, and shoots powerful ink blasts at Ace. Ace uses his Ace Shield to block the ink blasts, and teleports behind Ink Splash, before hitting her with a powerful shadow blast. Ink Splash falls to the floor, but quickly stands up to continue.

  • Dark Trident: Ink Splash! *turns to Ace* You're gonna pay for that!

Dark Trident summons his magic trident and uses it to savagely attack Ace. Meanwhile, Magi-Knight activates a forcefield to protect everyone else from Ace's attacks. Ace blocks Dark Trident's attacks with his Ace shield, but that gives Ink Splash a chance to grab Ace from behind with a tentacle, and smash him into a wall.

  • Ink Splash: You've got no chance against us.
  • Ace: Ok, you forced me to do this.

Ace shoots a strange energy blast at Ink Splash, and she falls unconscious.

  • Ace: Sorry it had to be this way, Ink Splash, but I can't let you proceed any further.
  • Paula Python: What did you do to Ink Splash!?
  • Ace: She's unconscious, but not hurt. She won't be able to go any further now.
  • Pincers: That was our leader!
  • Crusade: You're gonna pay for that! Octo-Phantom, give me a boost.
  • Octo-Phantom: You got it.

Crusade draws her laser katana while Octo-Phantom carries her. Octo-Phantom flies Crusade to Ace, as Crusade slashes at him with her laser katana. Ace blocks most of the slashes with his Ace shield, but a couple of them hit Ace and deal him some damage.

  • Paula Python: You won't get away with this, Mr. Ace!

Paula surrounds Ace, and starts rolling up around Ace, and starts squeezing him. Ace tries to break free, but Paula Python is holding on too strong.

  • Paula Python: Finish him!
  • Dark Trident: For Ink Splash!
  • Dyna-Matic: Execute Operation: Destruction.
  • Magi-Knight: Let's do this!

The hybrids synchronize their attacks on Ace. Finally, the hybrids manage to do lots of damage on Ace. Paula Python sees Ace somewhat weak, and stops squeezing him. She goes back with the hybrids.

  • Ace: You have fought well. It's good to know that PHX-002, I mean, Ink Splash, has such loyal friends. I always wished that she would be happy someday, and I think you guys are what she needs. I still recommend that you don't proceed any further, but if you want to do it anyway, I won't get in your way anymore. Just take care of her, ok? She's lucky to have friends like you.

Ace leaves, and the door opens, letting Team Hybrids proceed.

  • Pincers: We did it! We aced the Ace!
  • Crusade: Well, he did care for Ink Splash though, so that's good news.
  • Octo-Phantom: Now let's go spook that mad scientist!

Team Hybrids enters the door. Meanwhile, back at the gang, they enter a dark room.

  • Blue Ocean: I can't see anything!
  • Red Fork: Let's turn on the lights.

Red Fork and Blue Ocean use their horns to create light. However, when they do, the gang sees that in this room, there's Blade, Electra, Scorch and Opposite Blast, ready to attack the gang.

  • Blast: Wha!? I thought we defeated all of you!
  • Blade: Yeah, you did. But we're back!
  • Opposite Blast: And we're going to finish you off this time.
  • Scorch: Fire!
  • Red Ruby: Just give up already, will you?
  • Green Shadow: Enough of this, let's fight!
  • Blue Ocean: Marco should be alright now. Toby, quick, use your dimensional scissors to bring back Kyoji, Starcade, Alice, Tommy, Marco and Captain Red Shell back. We're going to need their help to fight these guys.
  • Jelo: It sounds like a good idea.
  • Toby Topaz: Okay, I'm on my way!

Toby Topaz opens a portal and goes into it to bring back Kyoji, Starcade, Alice, Tommy, Marco and Captain Red Shell.

  • Diana Diamond: Meanwhile, we'll take the four of you down!
  • Gary Garnet: Prepare to get outsmarted!
  • Opposite Blast: I doubt it. Guys, let's finish this gang for once and for all!
  • Blade: We'll "cut" 'em down to size!
  • Scorch: Fire!

Scorch shoots powerful fire blasts at the gang. while Blade shoots several cutting blades at them.

  • Amelia Amethyst: Eek!
  • Red Ruby: You'll regret messing with us for the last time!

Red Ruby throws a cluster of dynamite sticks at all four villains at once. Gary Garnet takes out his laser cannon and fires at the four villains. Emma Emerald and Sean Sapphire summons forest creatures and sea creatures respectively to take care of the four villains. Amelia Amethyst raises a forcefield to protect the gang from the attacks. Diana Diamond summons swords and directly attacks the four villains.

  • Green Shadow: Just give up, you four. You've never won against us, haven't you?
  • Blade: We did this morning!
  • Opposite Blast: That was because of our shadow powers, Blade.
  • Blade: And... what keeps us from using them now?
  • Opposite Blast: *facepalm* Good point.
  • Green Shadow: We've got the answer to your question. Ready, Red Fork and Blue Ocean?
  • Red Fork: As always.

Red Fork and Blue Ocean use their horns to create light, making the villains unable to use their shadow powers.

  • Opposite Blast: I should've guessed.
  • Blade: We can still defeat them!
  • Scorch: On fire!

Scorch shoots more powerful fire blasts at the gang, managing to destroy the forcefield. Blade shoots several cutting blades at the gang, while Opposite Blast charges towards them at full speed.

  • Blast: We've got to fight back!
  • Jaiden: That's what we're going to do!

Jaiden, shoots ice blasts at Opposite Blast. Opposite Blasts dodges, and charges towards Jaiden, but before he can land a hit, Blast intercepts Opposite Blast and kicks him into a wall.

  • Blast: That was close.
  • Jaiden: Yeah, it was. Thanks for the save.
  • Blast: *blushes* No problem.
  • Scorch: Fire!

Scorch continues shooting powerful fire blasts at the gang, while Blade continues shooting dozens of cutting blades per minute.

  • Amelia Amethyst: Even without their shadow powers, they're still pretty powerful!
  • Diana Diamond: I just hope Toby returns with backup soon.
  • Red Ruby: Meanwhile, let's blow em' up! *throws more dynamite sticks at the four villains*
  • Scorch: Fire!

Scorch shoots fire at Red Ruby's dynamite sticks, making them blow up way before they reach the villains.

  • Scorch: Those explosives ain't gonna do you any good! The flames of destruction will arise upon you and all your friends. Fire!
  • Opposite Blast: Ok guys, time to synchronize!

Blade takes out a large cutting blade, and Scorch uses his fire to heat it up to extreme temperatures. Then Opposite Blast uses his super strength to kick the cutting blade, and send it flying at super speed towards the gang.

  • Opposite Blast: Scorching Blade of Doom!
  • Blade: That'll "cut" 'em up!
  • Scorch: You're fired, Locked Room Gang!

The Scorching Blade of Doom is about to hit the gang and cause them massive damage. Just then, a portal appears, and Toby Topaz and the others emerge.

  • Diana Diamond: You're here! *points to the Scorching Blade of Doom* Look out!
  • Kyoji: Time to cool it down!

Kyoji blasts his ice to cool it down to extremely low temperatures, slowing the cutting blade down until it drops onto the ground before it reaches the gang.

  • Kyoji: Did we miss anything?
  • Green Shadow: Opposite Blast and his friends are here!
  • Opposite Blast: I guess you decided to join the party?
  • Scorch: Fire at all enemies! Fire!
  • Blade: Cutting 'em up!

Opposite Blast flies Scorch around the room, while Scorch shoots massive amounts of fire at the gang. Blade, from his position, continues shooting cutting blades at the gang.

  • Blue Ocean: It's kind of hard to fight them all at once.
  • Starcade: I was thinking of the Rainbow Gem strategy, but remembering how they could beat him up, that might not work.
  • Diana Diamond: It didn't work that time because we didn't have backup. Now that we have backup, defeating the four of them will be much easier. *takes out the rainbow orb* Shall we do that?
  • Red Fork: It's worth a try. Go for it!

Diana Diamond calls the gemstones together, and they transform into the Legendary Rainbow Gem.

  • Rainbow Gem: What seems to be the problem, miss?
  • Starcade: It's them...again! *points to the four villains*
  • Rainbow Gem: Those forces of evil do not rest, eh? I shall take care of them!

The Legendary Rainbow Gem spins around and fires powerful rainbow bullets at Opposite Blast, Blade, Electra and Scorch. Soon, Opposite Blast, Blade and Scorch are defeated, while Electra strangely still stands in the exact same position.

  • Blast: Huh? Electra survived the attack?
  • Tommy: That doesn't make sense at all!
  • Blue Ocean: Now that I think of it, has anyone seen Electra do something during this battle?
  • Green Shadow: Nope. We're too busy taking care of the other attackers.
  • Rainbow Gem: Allow me to help.

The Legendary Rainbow Gem charges up a powerful rainbow beam and fires it at Electra. Still, she stands in the exact same place, as if nothing has happened to her.

  • Blue Ocean: Ok, this is starting to get creepy. Something is really wrong here.
  • Green Shadow: It must be a hologram!
  • Rainbow Gem: That's indeed strange.
  • Kyoji: Maybe she's using a shadow art!
  • Green Shadow: That might make sense. Red Fork and Blue Ocean, why don't you shine some light at her?

Red Fork and Blue Ocean shine light at Electra, but nothing happens.

  • Blue Ocean: Then it has to be a hologram.

Suddenly, the ceiling starts moving downwards, and a screen in the wall turns on.

  • Electra: I can't believe you guys! I fooled you with the same trick twice!
  • Blast: You were outside this room the whole time!?
  • Electra: Yes. I knew you'd get excited to fight everyone, so I placed a hologram of myself to prepare this little surprise for you. Now you'll all be crushed to death by this indestructible ceiling! *evil laugh*
  • Alice: You're a wicked girl, Electra.
  • Electra: I know, but I'm also the smartest and prettiest wicked girl there is. Now get ready to die, Locked Room Gang!
  • Starcade: How are we gonna get out of here?
  • Rainbow Gem: Allow me!

The Legendary Rainbow Gem fires a powerful rainbow beam at the ceiling. However, the ceiling does not take any damage.

  • Electra: What part of indestructible didn't you get? I calculated all your possible attacks, and made this ceiling to be able to resist every single attack any of you could use. Rainbow Gem, ninja combos, Sun Fork, I thought of everything! *evil laugh*
  • Blue Ocean: What are we going to do now!?

The ceiling continues moving downwards, and it's starting to get dangerously close to the gang.

  • Tommy: Are we going to die?
  • Alice: No, we're not. Don't worry Tommy, there has to be a way. There always is.
  • Electra: Not this time! Finally, I win! *evil laugh*
  • Jelo: ARGH! We'll kill you!
  • Starcade: Wait, I have an idea! Why don't we try them all?
  • Green Shadow: What do you mean?
  • Starcade: Rainbow Gem? Ninja combos? Sun Fork? She listed all the things that the ceiling is capable of absorbing. What if we try them all together at once? Nothing is truly indestructible after all.
  • Electra: Oh, thank you for reminding me. Using everything at once is another thing this ceiling can resist. You didn't think I'd miss that, did you? *evil laugh*
  • Blue Ocean: How do we get out of here!?
  • Red Fork: Wait a moment...

Red Fork looks at the other side of the room, and sees Opposite Blast, Blade and Scorch, knocked out and resting on the floor.

  • Red Fork: Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Green Shadow: No, what's on your mind?
  • Red Fork: If we get crushed by the ceiling, Electra's allies will get crushed too. We're in the same room, after all. Do you get my point?
  • Green Shadow: Oh, I thought you had a solution to getting out of this room.
  • Red Fork: *facepalm* Just watch. Hey Electra!
  • Electra: What is it, you pesky unicorn?
  • Red Fork: You forgot your friends!
  • Electra: What are you talking about?
  • Red Fork: Look over there! *points at Blade, Scorch and Opposite Blast* You're going to kill them too.
  • Electra: Wait, what!? Blade, Scorch, Opposite Blast! How didn't I think of it before!?
  • Red Fork: What happened? I thought you were the smartest.
  • Electra: Ahem... I mean, well, I considered that... *looking nervous* But to be fair, it's a necessary sacrifice in order to kill off you guys.
  • Red Fork: Really? Aren't you going to mis your friends once you've crushed them to death? How will you be able to get any sleep at night knowing that you killed them?
  • Electra: Blade... Scorch... Opposite Blast!

Electra struggles for a few seconds, before pressing a button to stop the ceiling from falling. The ceiling returns to its original position.

  • Electra: Gah! You win... I can't let them die. Blade is my best friend, Scorch is always there when I need him, and Opposite Blast is... um, well... you get the point!
  • Tommy: You care for your friends too? That's so nice!
  • Electra: *mumbling angrily* Argh! I hate you guys! I thought I had you this time!

The screen turns off, and the door to the next room opens. The Legendary Rainbow Gem also splits back into the seven gemstones.

  • Toby Topaz: That was rather close!
  • Green Shadow: Hopefully this is the time when we can finally take down Dr. Zack. I wonder how the hybrids are doing...
  • Starcade: Hybrids?
  • Kyoji: Does this mean Ink Splash and the others are here too?
  • Green Shadow: Yup, they went into another room. Not sure what happened to them, but anyway, we'll find out later.
  • Kyoji: Alright then, let's go.
  • Jelo: Hopefully it isn't more traps.

The gang enters the next room. Meanwhile, the hybrids and Paula enter a strange room, with a gigantic metallic capsule in the center of the room.

  • Paula Python: Wow, now that's a large capsule! I wonder what's inside it.
  • Pincers: "Shell" I open it?
  • Whacker Weed: I don't know, it looks TRICKY.
  • Octo-Phantom: But not so spooky.
  • Crusade: Either way, it'll be dangerous to open it, even though we're hybrids.
  • Ink Splash: *finally wakes up from her unconsciouness* Ugh... what happened?
  • Paula Python: The Ace shot a weird energy blast that knocked you out instantly. Though he said it didn't do you any real damage.
  • Ink Splash: This capsule... I don't know why, but I feel like I've seen one of these before, a very long time ago.
  • Crusade: Could it be that PHX-001 that Ace was talking about?
  • Ink Splash: It might be.

Suddenly, a screen turns on.

  • Electra: Oh, look! Dr. Zack gave me permission to open this secret capsule! I wonder what's inside.

Electra presses a button, and the capsule opens. Large amounts of gas and liquid come out of the capsule, before revealing a monstrous hybrid. It somewhat resembles the shape of a pony, but it's completely covered in ink, and has a more monstrous aspect.

  • Electra: Gross! This must be the original hybrid prototype Dr. Zack developed. Well, at least I'm nowhere near that thing. I can't say the same for you guys, though. Have fun! *evil laugh*

The screen turns off.

  • Paula Python: It must be the PHX-001 Ace mentioned.
  • Ink Splash: So... this is the true first hybrid?

PHX-001 roars at Team Hybrids. He is much larger than even Ink Splash at her largest size.

  • Ink Splash: I... I can't believe this. Dr. Zack really doesn't care for his creations at all. Who knows how long that prototype must have been locked in there? Brother...

PHX-001 roars again, and spits a powerful magic ink ball at Ink Splash, causing her massive damage.

  • Paula Python: Brother? That thing is a monster!
  • Ink Splash: He's a hybrid like us. I know the pain he must be feeling... to be treated as an object by his creator... this isn't how living beings should be treated.
  • Paula Python: Well, we have to do something!
  • Ink Splash: I didn't want to have to do this, but I guess we'll have to fight PHX-001... my big brother.

PHX-001 roars at Team Hybrids.

  • Octo-Phantom: This guy's spookier than Ink Smash!
  • Magi-Knight: Let's take him down!
  • Pincers: I'm up first! His monstrous look won't scare me!

Pincers flies towards PHX-001 and snaps at him with his giant crab claws. However, PHX-001 blasts him backwards by spitting some large magic ink spheres at him.

  • Ink Splash: Apparently his main attack is spitting magic ink spheres from his mouth. Maybe we should stay as far from his mouth as we can.
  • Pincers: That's a lot of ink!
  • Timmy Turquoise: Ink, huh? I know just how to counter that!

Timmy Turquoise concentrates his powers and fires river water at PHX-001. PHX-001 creates a magic forcefield around himself, keeping the water from reaching him.

  • Paula Python: That's no good.
  • Ink Splash: We'll have to try something else.

PHX-001 turns around to attack Ink Splash, but Ink Splash spins around PHX-001, avoiding his mouth. PHX-001 turns around, in an attempt to shoot magic ink spheres at Ink Splash. However, Ink Splash still keeps her distance from PHX-001. Then, he sticks out his tongue, and uses it as a tentacle, to grab Ink Splash.

  • Paula Python: His tongue! He's using it like a tentacle!
  • Octo-Phantom: Hey, let her go, you spooky spook!

Octo-Phantom grabs Ink Splash with her own tentacles, attempting to free Ink Splash from PHX-001. A tug-of-war between Octo-Phantom and PHX-001 ensues. PHX-001 struggles, while the tug-of-war continues. PHX-001 then spits out a magic ink sphere at Octo-Phantom, making her let go of Ink Splash.

  • Ink Splash: Let me go!

Ink Splash shoots a powerful magic blast directly to PHX-001's mouth. When the magic blast enters his mouth, he suddenly lets go of Ink Splash, and lets out a loud shriek of pain.

  • Ink Splash: That's his weak spot. His mouth! He can only take damage from the inside. Shoot at his mouth when he opens it.

PHX-001 spits out several magic ink spheres at Team Hybrids. Magi-Knight protects everyone with a magic forcefield.

  • Magi-Knight: Go! I have you protected!
  • Dyna-Matic: Activating rear thrusters. Target scanning: PHX-0001. Engaging bomb cannons on target.

Dyna-Matic flies up into the air, before firing bombs into PHX-001's mouth. PHX-001 stops shooting again before letting out another loud shriek of pain. After this, he does something new. Several particles of ink start separating from his body, and float around him, becoming large magic ink spheres.

  • Paula Python: What is he doing?
  • Ink Splash: He must be trying to create a barrier against our attacks. Those spheres spinning around him will make it harder for us to damage him.

More particles of ink float away from PHX-001 body, before turning into magic ink spheres. Some of the spheres home directly towards the hybrids, while the others stay spinning around PHX-001.

  • Timmy Turquoise: What do we do now?
  • Dark Trident: You and me, let's combine our water attacks!
  • Timmy Turquoise: Okay!

Dark Trident and Timmy Turquoise combine their water attacks to neutralize the incoming magic ink spheres. The magic ink spheres vanish when they touch the water. PHX-001 roars at the hybrids, and spits out a large magic beam at them, destroying Magi-Knight's forcefield.

  • Ink Splash: *starts growing to her giant size* It's time to get serious.

Even in her giant size, Ink Splash is still smaller than PHX-001. Ink Splash shoots powerful magic blasts towards PHX-001, but he blocks them with the magic ink spheres that are spinning around him.

  • Dark Trident: Don't worry, Ink Splash! We'll give you an opening!

Dark Trident and Timmy Turquoise fire their combined water attacks again to neutralize the magic ink spheres spinning around PHX-001. Ink Splash then shoots at PHX-001's mouth, and he lets out another shriek of pain. He shakes his head, and looks weak.

  • Ink Splash: I think we're almost done. One more hit should finish him off.

However, PHX-001 does another unexpected thing. He uses his magic horn, barely noticeable due to being covered in ink. PHX-001's magic causes the gravity in the room to disappear. Paula Python and the hybrids, as well as every other object in the room, start floating aimlessly around the room. PHX-001 then separates more ink particles from his body, and creates more magic ink spheres. They home towards Team Hybrids, while more magic ink spheres spin around PHX-001 creating a barrier.

  • Paula Python: We're floating!
  • Ink Splash: We have to finish him off!
  • Paula Python: But how? We can't even control where we're moving!
  • Dark Trident: Magi-Knight, we're gonna need lots of protection, because we're gonna make a water park out of this room!
  • Magi-Knight: Got it!

Magi-Knight activates another forcefield to protect Paula Python and Team Hybrids. Dark Trident and Timmy Turquoise spin around while holding each other, causing water to splash everywhere in the room with their combined water powers. All the magic ink spheres vanish. PHX-001 creates a magic forcefield around himself to protect him from the water. Then he spits a powerful magic beam at the hybrids, deactivating Magi-Knight's forcefield.

  • Ink Splash: We need a precise shot directly to his mouth to finish him off.
  • Paula Python: We're floating aimlessly. How can we get a precise shot at his mouth?
  • Crusade: Precision? You got the right girl for the job!

Crusade draws her laser katana. She takes aim before firing a powerful laser beam from her laser katana into PHX-001's mouth. PHX-001 lets out a loud shriek, louder than all the previous shrieks, before fainting. The gravity in the room returns to normal, and everything that was floating falls to the ground. Ink Splash returns to her normal size, and then walks towards PHX-001, who is knocked out, resting on the floor.

  • Ink Splash: I'm sorry it had to be this way brother. You'll be free one day, trust me...

Ink Splash walks closer to PHX-001, and hugs him. She lets out a tear.

  • Timmy Turquoise: *cries as well* Even with water powers, this is tear-triggering!
  • Crusade: To be honest, I do feel bad for PHX-001. Being mistreated and locked away in a capsule would've changed anyone in the mind.
  • Whacker Weed: He was a TRICKY opponent though.
  • Pincers: Alright then, can we get going? We can come back for him later.

Pincers busts down the door to the next room with his super strength.

  • Ink Splash: You're right. Let's move on. *cleans away her tear*

As the hybrids and Paula Python advance to the next room, the Locked Room Gang proceed to their next room as well.

  • Red Fork: We're ready for anything we could encounter.
  • Blue Ocean: We already faced off Opposite Blast, Scorch, Blade, and even Bob the Blob, so it's not like there's much left between us and Dr. Zack.
  • Captain Red Shell: We must still be cautious. Dr. Zack could have more traps in store, so don't let down your guard.
  • Red Ruby: Same thing. We could easily destroy anything he throws at us.
  • Diana Diamond: Well, we can't assume things to go smoothly as always.
  • Kyoji: She has a point. Even though we're sure of what to do, our methods aren't guaranteed to work the first time.
  • Green Shadow: I wonder what's in this room.

As the gang walks into the room, Blast notices Electra in the room.

  • Electra: *presses a button* Ha!
  • Blast: Aah!

Blast reacts in a fraction of a second, and pushes Jaiden and Starcade, who were next to him, away. Just after Blast had done that, a dome made of diamond fell on the rest of the gang, trapping them inside.

  • Electra: I'm always a step ahead of you! *evil laugh*
  • Blast: Well, you didn't trap all of us.

Electra stops laughing when she realizes that Blast, Jaiden and Starcade are outside of the dome.

  • Electra: Argh! Curse you Blast!

Suddenly, they hear a short flute melody, and Ace enters the room, levitating Opposite Blast, Scorch and Blade, the three of them still unconscious.

  • Electra: Ugh, it's you. What are you doing here?
  • Ace: Just ignore me. Continue whatever you're doing.

Ace leaves the three knocked out villains in the room, and then levitates Jaiden.

  • Jaiden: Hey, let me go!
  • Ace: Sorry, but that's not possible.

Ace takes Jaiden to another room.

  • Blast: Jaiden!
  • Electra: Oh, you want to be her hero? You're not going anywhere, Blast!
  • Blast: But, I have to save Jaiden!
  • Starcade: Don't worry, Blast! I'll help! *points her dual laser pistols at Electra* Now come out from your seat and fight us if you dare!
  • Electra: Fight you guys? Sure, this should be easy!
  • Blast: I need to save Jaiden. Do you think you can handle Electra on your own?
  • Starcade: Sure. After all, I have dealt with her before. Now go save Jaiden and leave me to take care of the rest!
  • Blast: Got it. Good luck!

Blast runs off to save Jaiden.

  • Electra: Yeah, good luck. You're going to need it, girl.
  • Starcade: Well, this is now between you and me. You'll be sorry you messed with us in the first place!

Starcade runs to Electra and punches her in the face. Electra gets angry and shoots an electric bolt at Starcade, electrocuting her.

  • Starcade: You're tougher than you look, but not nearly tough enough!

Starcade grabs objects in the room and starts throwing them at Electra. Electra dodges them with great agility, and shoots several electric bolts at Starcade.

  • Electra: Tough? I'm pretty tough, but that's not the only thing that matters. I'm fast, I'm smart, and I'm going to beat you!

Electra shoots several more electric bolts at Starcade. Starcade neutralizes them by firing lasers from her laser pistols.

  • Starcade: Don't underestimate a Star Fighter. It's a mistake doing that.
  • Electra: We'll see about that.

Electra shoots more electric bolts at Starcade, this time larger than before.

  • Starcade: So you're using stronger attacks on me now? How about this?

Starcade starts lifting chairs, computers, stationery and more and throws them at Electra.

  • Electra: Yikes!

Electra creates an electric forcefield around herself, protecting her from everything Starcade threw at her.

  • Electra: Phew, that was close.

Electra shoots electric bolts at Starcade, but now they're smaller, since she's using most of her power to keep the electric forcefield around herself.

  • Starcade: Aw, looks like someone isn't as strong as she is before. Too bad it had to be this way.

Starcade dodges the electric bolts with great agility, before firing back lasers at the electric forcefield. Electra's forcefield takes enough damage from the lasers, and is destroyed.

  • Electra: Want to see something strong? See this!

Electra shoots a powerful electric blast at Starcade, and manages to hit her.

Meanwhile, Ace levitates Jaiden to a small room, and ties her up.

  • Jaiden: What are you planning to do with me!?
  • Ace: Don't freak out. I only want information.
  • Jaiden: Information? Then why didn't you take Blue Ocean, or Starcade? They can get you any information you need with their computer skills.
  • Ace: It's not something that computers can answer. I need to know where my brother is. I have the knowledge that you know him.
  • Jaiden: What? Why do you think I know where your brother is?
  • Ace: His name is Alex.
  • Jaiden: I don't know anyone named Alex. Well, maybe some of my suscribers are called Alex, but I don't really know them all.
  • Ace: Suscribers? *facepalm* I'm talking about someone you know personally. Now give me answers, it'll make everything much easier for the both of us. *prepares a shadow blast*
  • Jaiden: Hey look, I don't want to fight you. Why don't you tell me how this Alex is?
  • Ace: He's younger than me, and probably a bit younger than you. Brown hair, light skin.
  • Jaiden: Hm... no, I don't know anyone called Alex, but I can ask Blast. He has a few friends. Maybe he has seen your brother.
  • Ace: Blast? That can't be a real name.
  • Jaiden: And is "The Ace" any more real?
  • Ace: Touché.
  • Jaiden: Plus, if I know Blast, he'll come soon. He's always been there for me when I need him.
  • Ace: So, I understand you two are close.
  • Jaiden: *blushes* Yeah, we're pretty close. How about you? Have you ever had someone you were very close to?
  • Ace: Not any romance. I never had time for that, with all the hardships I lived through. The only person I was really close to was by little brother, Alex. Even though I haven't seen him in years, I never forgot about him. He's my little brother, and I yearn to see him again.
  • Jaiden: Oh, I see. Well, I hope you find him soon.
  • Ace: Thanks. Wait, why am I talking about this with you?
  • Jaiden: *shrugs*
  • Ace: Sorry, I shouldn't be sharing this with you.
  • Jaiden: Don't worry, it's fine. Everyone needs to talk about their feelings sometimes. And I'm guessing you never had someone to talk to.
  • Ace: I lived a tough life after being separated from my brother. I don't really want to talk about it though. I don't wish to remember those horrible years.
  • Jaiden: It's ok.
  • Ace: Well, perhaps I should let you go. I'll continue my mission.

In that moment, Blast kicks down the door, entering the room. He sees Jaiden tied up, and Ace with her.

  • Blast: That's it, mysterious guy! Let go of Jaiden!
  • Ace: You must be the one they call, Blast.
  • Blast: And you must be the one they call, "The Ace".
  • Ace: Precisely.
  • Blast: Well, I'm not going to let you kidnap Jaiden! So fight me, if you dare!
  • Jaiden: Blast, don't...
  • Blast: Don't worry Jaiden, I'll save you!
  • Ace: So, are you challenging me?
  • Blast: Uh, I guess so.
  • Ace: Then a battle it shall be. It's time to put your skills to the test, young hero. You, against me. Ready?
  • Blast: Ready!

Blast flies towards Ace to attack him, but Ace quickly jumps out of the way. Then he shoots a shadow blast at Blast, but Blast quickly reacts by shooting an ice blast at Ace. Both attacks collide and destroy each other. Ace runs towards Blast, with his Ace Shield in front of him. Blast sees Ace charging towards him, and dashes out of the way. He shoots another ice blast at Ace, but Ace deflects it with his shield. Ace then shoots a couple of shadow blasts at Blast. Blast dodges the first one, bt gets hit the second time. Ace then charges towards Blast, but Blast again manages to dash out of the way.

  • Blast: Whoa... you're tough!
  • Ace: Just as a sword is forged and shaped with extreme temperatures, I was trained in the toughest conditions. Everything that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. *shoots a shadow blast at Blast*
  • Blast: I guess you're right. *dodges*

Ace and Blast fly around the room with their super powers, trying to attack each other. Ace deflects the ice blasts with his shield, while Blast dodges Ace's shadow blasts with great agility.

  • Blast: I don't know who you are, but I don't care. I won't let anyone hurt Jaiden!
  • Ace: If it helps, I haven't hurt her at all. She is actually pretty persuasive. *shoots another shadow blast at Blast*
  • Blast: You guys were talking? *dodges, and then shoots an ice blast at Ace*
  • Ace: Yes, but that's not the point. *dodges Blast's ice blast*

Ace shoots several more shadow blasts at Blast, but he dodges most of them. He gets hit by two consecutive shadow blasts, and feels weaker.

  • Ace: I am searching for by brother, and I won't let anyone get in the way. Not even a young hero like you.
  • Blast: You made the wrong decision by taking Jaiden. I won't let you get off the hook that easily.

Ace and Blast continue fighting for a while, while Jaiden watches, concerned about the result of this fight.

Meanwhile, back to Starcade and Electra, the fight has gone on for a while, and both girls are starting to get weak.

  • Electra: *exhausted* Ready to give up yet?
  • Starcade: *exhausted* I don't give up to the likes of you. A Star Fighter never surrenders to her opponents!

Starcade continues throwing objects at Electra, but due to her exhaustion, the things she throws become smaller and lighter. Electra dodges, and shoots more electric bolts at Starcade, but due to her exhaustion, the electric bolts are becoming smaller and less powerful.

  • Electra: I won't give up. I can't lose to you! *exhausted, shoots another electric bolt*
  • Starcade: *dodging Electra's attacks* Neither can I. It looks like I'll have to make you give up.

Starcade throws a book at Electra, before collapsing to her knees in exhaustion.

  • Electra: *gets hit by the book* Ouch... Hey, I guess I won!

Electra falls to the ground from exhaustion.

Back to Blast and Ace's showdown, Blast has managed to do some light damage on Ace, but he has taken a lot of damage from the shadow ninja, and looks like he's about to be defeated.

  • Blast: Jaiden...
  • Ace: Good fight, young hero. You require more training, but you have the heart of a true hero, and that's the most important part.
  • Blast: No... I won't give up!

Blast lunges at Ace, knocking him down. A small, old flute falls from Ace's pocket when this happens. Blast then stops fighting, and looks at the flute.

  • Blast: Wait a moment... this flute... I remember it. It's the flute that... are you... Jason?
  • Ace: Alex?
  • Blast: I can't believe you're still alive!
  • Ace: Wait, so you are Alex?
  • Blast: Yeah, it's me! I can't believe it, I haven't seen you since that unfortunate event in our old city.
  • Ace: Me neither. Brother... I can't believe I finally found you.

Ace drops his shield, and runs to hug Blast. Blast hugs Ace back, as both of them start crying a bit.

  • Ace: I can't believe I never recognized you. You've grown so much since the last time I saw you. Now look at you! You're a super hero, working with the gang that saves the world from villains.
  • Blast: I didn't recognize you either. When did you start using gray scarfs? And what about that weird haircut?
  • Ace: Oh, brother, I went through so many troubles after we were separated in that crustacean invasion. I somehow met the Shadow Sensei, and he offered me to show me the fobidden shadow arts in order to have revenge on the crab who separated us. But then he turned me into his slave, and I was trapped and tortured for years, until one day he died. That's when I was finally free, and decided that my mission in life would be to find you. You won't believe how many troubles I had to overcome for this moment. It's been so many years, and all that mattered to me was to find you, hug you. I missed you so much. *lets out a few tears*
  • Blast: I missed you too, Jason. I remember how we used to play together, and how you would always defend me from anyone who tried to bully me. No matter what happened, you were always there to protect me.
  • Ace: You're my little brother. No matter what happens, I'll always be there to protect you. I just can't believe I finally found you, after all these years of loneliness, concern and despair. At some point, I even thought you would be dead.

Both siblings hug each other tightly. They can't stop crying, from the emotion of finally being together again. Jaiden herself can't stop crying, watching the two brothers hug each other.

  • Jaiden: Wow, I never imagined all this. Blast, I never knew you had a brother.
  • Blast: Yeah, sorry for that. I would have told all of you before, but inside, I still missed him so much. And I just didn't want to remember that tragic day we got separated.
  • Jaiden: What did happen that day?
  • Ace: It was a Sunday in the afternoon. Alex and I were playing together at the beach, when this crab captain came with his troops in a battleship. He started attacking the city, trying to conquer everything. I couldn't let my little brother get harmed by those violent creatures, so I put him somewhere safe, and then called the crabs' attention towards me. I ran away from the hideout, so that the crabs would follow me and not find Blast. But eventually, they caught me and I beat me up. Next thing I knew, I woke up in the middle of nowhere, and had no idea how to return to my home. I was lost, and worst of all, didn't know if my little brother was ok. It was heartbreaking to find myself lost, far away from my family.
  • Blast: When the invasion finished, my mom found me, and I told her what Jason had done. She was worried, and organized a serach party to find my brother, but no one could find him. We ended up assuming he was dead. It was one of the toughest moments in my entire life.
  • Ace: Mom! How is she?
  • Blast: She's alright. We live at Echo Creek now.
  • Ace: It's so good to know that the people I care about are ok. Now that I finally found you, I don't need to work with Dr. Zack anymore.
  • Blast: You were working for him!?
  • Ace: Yes. It's a long story, but I'll tell you that later. First we have to untie your girlfriend, and go back with the rest of your friends.

Ace unties Jaiden, and carries her back to the rest of the gang, while Blast runs next to his brother.

  • Ace: Hey little brother, later you've got to tell me how you got such a "cool" girlfriend.
  • Blast: *blushes* It's... a long story.
  • Ace: Just kidding.

Ace, Blast and Jaiden return to the previous room, where both Starcade and Electra are extremely exhausted from their battle.

  • Jaiden: What happened here?
  • Ace: Electra, a report.
  • Electra: *lifts her head* The subject rose against me in battle, but she was tougher than I had anticipated. *puts her face on the floor again*
  • Ace: Come on, what did I teach you the shadow arts for?
  • Starcade: I told you before, Electra. The villains always lose! *puts her face on the floor as well*
  • Ace: *facepalm* I guess they're right. Dr. Zack's team is a mess without me.

Ace presses a button to free the rest of the gang from the dome that had them trapped.

  • Red Ruby: About time!
  • Diana Diamond: We're free!
  • Kyoji: *sees Starcade knocked out brutally* Starcade, are you alright?
  • Starcade: I'm fine...
  • Kyoji: You fought well even though I wasn't there to help. I'm proud of you. *lifts Starcade and piggybacks her* Alright, now it's my turn to help you.
  • Green Shadow: *to Ace* You must be the Ace Alice told us about. Thank you for saving us.
  • Ace: No problem.
  • Blue Ocean: But, isn't "The Ace" supposed to be evil?
  • Alice: He saved us, so I guess he's actually a hero.
  • Ace: I'm neither. I'm not evil, but I don't consider myself a hero either. I just walk through life, wherever my heart and the wind take me.
  • Tommy: Whoa... that's deep.

Opposite Blast, Scorch and Blade finally wake up.

  • Opposite Blast: What? What happened?
  • Scorch: Fire?
  • Blade: My head hurts.
  • Ace: You're awake. Just in time.
  • Blade: In time for what?
  • Ace: You had fun after I teached you the shadow arts, didn't you?
  • Blade: I'll admit, it's pretty fun to have shadow powers.
  • Opposite Blast: Yeah! Now I feel more powerful than ever!
  • Ace: *smiles* Well, you've enjoyed yourselves for a while. Now I need you all to do me a favor.
  • Electra: Ugh, I knew there was going to be something at the end. What do you want us to do?
  • Ace: That's simple. I want you to destroy Dr. Zack's base, and defeat him for good.
  • All four villains: What!?
  • Opposite Blast: We'd never do that!
  • Electra: You want us to betray Dr. Zack!? Never!
  • Ace: I imagined you'd say that. But I'd advise you to follow my instructions, or the results could be a bit painful.
  • Opposite Blast: Oh really? You think you can...

Suddenly, all four villains start screaming in pain, and fall to the ground.

  • Blade: Agh! What is this!?
  • Electra: It hurts so bad!
  • Scorch: Fire! It feels like I'm really on fire!
  • Ace: I warned you. I'm your sensei now, so you have to obey my orders. That's the only way for the pain to go away.
  • Electra: What did you do to us!?
  • Ace: It turns out no one learns the shadow arts in one night. The only solution was to use a special potion to grant you your powers. But at a cost: you will feel an extremely painful burn in your body everytime you disobey me.
  • Electra: You did what to us!?
  • Ace: Obey, and the pain will go away.
  • Blade: It hurts!
  • Scorch: Aah!
  • Opposite Blast: You sneaky... *tries to attack Ace, but instantly falls back to the floor from the intense pain*

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang watches the four villains struggle from the intense pain each one of them is suffering from.

  • Kyoji: Well, I can only imagine the similar pain Akasha once went through when she disobeyed the Shadow Sensei.
  • Starcade: This is pretty intense, but at the same time, it could be useful as we're putting an end to Dr. Zack's evil plans once and for all.
  • Kyoji: At least Ace is taking care of his minions, so that's good, I guess.
  • Jelo: most oddest event I've ever seen today.
  • Electra: You think this is good!?
  • Ace: Now, get done with Dr. Zack!
  • Opposite Blast: Never! Agh!
  • Blade: I give up! I'll do it!
  • Scorch: Fire! I'll do it too!

Soon, all four villains run into Dr. Zack's room, and beat him up, before kicking him out of the control room.

  • Dr. Zack: What is this supposed to mean!?
  • Electra: Sorry Dr. Zack, but we've got no alternative.
  • Blade: We're forced to do it!
  • Dr. Zack: Who forced you to do such a callous act!
  • Opposite Blast: Your "friend", Ace.
  • Dr. Zack: Ace, you betray me!?
  • Ace: Sorry, but it had to be. You are causing too much trouble to this world. Destroying cities, terrorizing citizens, kidnapping people, and creating hybrids only to use them as weapons. No living being deserves that. They deserve to be free, and have a life. So I'll have to take over your base.
  • Dr. Zack: What!?
  • Ace: I learned a lot of your machinery over the years, and now, I can finally take over all of it, and use it to stop every villain in the world! Imagine a world where no villains hurt innocent people. And with your minions under my control, pretty much no villain in the world has the power to stop me.
  • Electra: Can we stop this madness? I don't want to be your slave!
  • Ace: Did I tell you that you had a choice?
  • Electra: No.
  • Ace: That's because you don't. You've caused just as much trouble as Dr. Zack, and this will be your punishment. You will work for me now. And if you dare to disobey, you will suffer, and a lot. I'm your sensei now, so I recommend you start respecting me as such.
  • Electra: You can't do this to us! You're crazy!
  • Blade: Don't make him angry, Electra. He could hurt us.
  • Electra: No, I've had it with you! Ever since you came to "help" Dr. Zack, I've had to take orders from you! Dr. Zack is my boss, and Opposite Blast well... I let him boss me around, ok? But you're just an arrogant guy who comes and thinks he can take over everything Dr. Zack created! I'm not going to stand around and let you do it. I'll fight for our freedom!
  • Opposite Blast: Wow, I never knew this side of you, Electra.
  • Electra: *blushes* We'll talk about that later.
  • Ace: I'm sorry, but you have no choice. This is your punishment for everything you've done. And talking about Dr. Zack, lock him in this base's dungeon. I know there's one here.
  • Electra: No!
  • Ace: As you wish.

Electra falls to the ground and squirms in pain, until she finally stands up and takes Dr. Zack.

  • Electra: Sorry doctor.
  • Dr. Zack: This is a big mistake Ace! You can't stop me!
  • Ace: You think? Sorry, but I already have.
  • Blade: Ok, I'll do whatever you want, just please... don't hurt me.
  • Ace: If you don't disobey, you won't get hurt.
  • Opposite Blast: Obey this, you jerk!

Opposite Blast tries to punch Ace, but falls to the ground in pain.

  • Blue Ocean: Uh, is this ok?
  • Captain Red Shell: This is too much. Even for them.
  • Kyoji: Ace, stop this at once! You do not want to be just as cruel and manipulative as the Shadow Sensei, do you? *reluctantly draws his sword*
  • Ace: The Shadow Sensei? Don't remind me of him.
  • Blast: Brother, you aren't like this. I know you. You're kind and protective. You're not mean. You don't torture other people like this.
  • Janna: Wait, he's your brother?!
  • Captain Red Shell: Remember what I said, Ace.

Ace turns his back towards the gang, and closes his eyes. He's about to shoot a shadow blast at them, but then, he starts remembering all the horrible memories he has of the Shadow Sensei, torturing him into submission. Finally, he shoots the shadow blast at the ceiling.

  • Ace: I guess you're right. Opposite Blast, Electra, Blade, Scorch, stop.

Ace throws a potion at them, relieving them from the effects of the shadow potion.

  • Ace: I'm sorry for this. I was so focused on getting rid of cruel people like Dr. Zack, that I turned into the cruelest person I've ever met: The Shadow Sensei.
  • Blast: No, you didn't turn into him. You're nothing like the Shadow Sensei! You were just confused, and didn't know what to do. After all, it's been tough for you all these years. All you've seen is violence and cruelty, I can't blame you for unconsciously replicating that.
  • Ace: Thanks Alex, but it's true. Perhaps being with the Shadow Sensei and Dr. Zack for so long has had a negative effect on me.
  • Blast: Hey, we all make mistakes. But you don't have to follow the steps of the cruel people you met. Why don't you stay with the Locked Room Gang? If anyone can help you become a better person, it's us.
  • Ace: Thanks brother, I really appreciate it. But I think I should leave now. I need to be alone with my thoughts, and reconsider many things now.
  • Blast: Ok, but will I see you again soon?
  • Ace: Sure. Good luck Alex, or should I say, Blast?
  • Blast: Any of the two works for me.
  • Ace: I have faith in you. I came searching for a little boy, but I found my brother turned into a super hero, with the heart of a true hero. Don't forget this, brother: If you never give up, and always continue on no matter the situation, you will achieve anything you want. I trust you brother. You and your friends.

Ace teleports away, while the four villains, still calming down after the extreme pain they experienced, rest on the floor.

  • Jelo: Bye...Ace. *to Blast* Whoa, I'm pretty surprised you have a brother.
  • Dr. Zack: Ace turned out to be a traitor after all. I guess it's time for plan B.

Dr. Zack runs into the last room, but Team Hybrids appear, as the room they went through are connected to this room.

  • Red Fork: Don't let him get away!
  • Crusade: Allow Team Hybrids to take care of this!
  • Octo-Phantom: Time for something spooky!

Octo-Phantom extends her tentacles and catches Dr. Zack before he enters the last room. However, he suddenly turns green, and transforms, until he looks like an alien.

  • Jaiden: Ew!
  • Blast: What!?
  • Jelo: NOW that's what I call weird.
  • Tommy: Dr. Zack was an alien all along!?
  • Dr. Zack: And now it's time for me to finish all of you!

The alien-shaped Dr. Zack teleports away from Octo-Phantom's tentacles, shoots energy spheres at the gang, and floats into the last room.

  • Blue Ocean: What is this madness!?
  • Starcade: Could this be the reason why Opposite Blast and the others are loyal to him?
  • Red Fork: It doesn't matter. We have to stop him! Come on everyone!
  • Jelo: Gang, let's kick E.T. back to his home!
  • Dark Trident: He isn't nearly as intimidating as me!
  • Pincers: I'll say the same thing! Let's take him down, Dark Trident!

Pincers and Dark Trident charge towards Dr. Zack together. Dr. Zack teleports around the room, while shooting energy spheres at the gang.

  • Blast: Time to chill out, Dr. Zack!

Blast shoots ice blasts at Dr. Zack. Dr. Zack instead of dodging the ice blasts, moves towards them and absorbs them.

  • Dr. Zack: *evil laugh* Thanks for the ice, Blast!
  • Blast: What!?
  • Blue Ocean: Apparently, ice doesn't hurt him. Instead, it makes him stronger.
  • Blast: Seriously?
  • Dr. Zack: Time to give you a taste of your own medicine!

Dr. Zack shoots ice spheres at the gang and the hybrids, slowly freezing them. Whacker Weed, being immune to ice due to having Green Shadow's ice powers in his blood, breaks the ice spheres with his ice punches before he runs to Dr. Zack and punches him.

  • Whacker Weed: TRICKY enough yet for you, eh, Dr Zack?
  • Dr. Zack: If you'd like to see something truly tricky, try punching again.
  • Blast: With pleasure!

Blast charges into Dr. Zack and attempts to punch him again. However, Dr. Zack teleports behind Blast and hits him with an energy sphere.

  • Blast: Aah! *falls to the floor*
  • Alice: Blast!
  • Jaiden: You can't do that to Blast! *prepares an ice blast*
  • Alice: No, remember you can't attack him with ice.
  • Jaiden: Oh, right. But there's got to be something we can do.
  • Gary Guppy: How about a CRAZY bomb!?

Gary Guppy throws a bomb at Dr. Zack, but when the bomb gets close to Dr. Zack's alien form, the bomb is suddenly deactivated, and it doesn't explode.

  • Gary Guppy: What!?
  • Blue Ocean: Apparently explosives don't work near him. I guess he can deactivate them in this form.
  • Gary Guppy: That's CRAZY!
  • Crusade: How about lasers? Aliens tend to use them against each other, right?

Crusade fires lasers from her laser katana at Dr. Zack. Dr. Zack absorbs the laser, and shoots dozens of lasers at the gang.

  • Blast: Oh, come on! Is there anything he isn't immune to!?
  • Blue Ocean: He has to have a weakness, but I don't know what it is.
  • Alice: Let's try electricity!

Alice uses an electric cannon to shoot electric bolts at Dr. Zack, but he just absorbs the electricity.

  • Dr. Zack: Shocking, isn't it?
  • Blast: What!? Immune to ice, immune to electricity, immune to lasers, immune to bombs, what isn't he immune to!?
  • Dr. Zack: There is one thing, but you'll never find out in time!

Dr. Zack continues shooting energy spheres at the gang, and some members of the gang have already been knocked out.

  • Octo-Phantom: How Time to get spooked by a spook, Dr. Spook!

Octo-Phantom spins her tentacles around and tosses a barrage of ghostly ink at Dr. Zack. Dr. Zack absorbs the ink, and starts shooting ink blasts at the gang.

  • Blast: Aah!
  • Blue Ocean: There's got to be something that can defeat him.

Tommy is feeling cold.

  • Tommy: This room is very cold. Where's the air conditioner?
  • Dr. Zack: There isn't one. This room is supposed to be cold. Now, prepare yourselves, this will be your end, Locked Room Gang.

Dr. Zack prepares a blast of ice, electricity, laser power and ink to shoot at the gang.

  • Blue Ocean: There has to be something we can do...
  • Tommy: Does anyone have a coat? I'm feeling really getting cold.
  • Red Fork: I've got something better.

Red Fork uses his magic horn to generate heat around him, and warm up Tommy. Dr. Zack floats away from Red Fork, and prepares to shoot the devastating combo at the gang.

  • Green Shadow: I got it! Why don't we try it again?
  • Starcade: Try what again?
  • Green Shadow: The light combo! Red Fork and Blue Ocean, I think it's time you do your thing!
  • Red Fork: Ok.

Red Fork and Blue Ocean use their magic to create light, but it does nothing to Dr. Zack.

  • Dr. Zack: Good, now I can finish you off.
  • Blast: Maybe we won't survive this time.
  • Alice: If this is the end...

Dr. Zack shoots the powerful combo of ice, electricity, ink and lasers at the gang, but a short flute melody plays. Suddenly, the attack is blocked by a shield.

  • Blast: Wha!?

Ace has blocked Dr. Zack's attack with his Ace Shield!

  • Dr. Zack: What are you doing here?
  • Ace: I can't let you hurt my brother, doctor. I lost him once, I won't lose him ever again. Now stop this at once!

Ace shoots a shadow blast at Dr. Zack, but Dr. Zack absorbs it without taking any damage.

  • Ace: That's not good.
  • Red Fork: Well, I guess light didn't work. I'll continue warming up Tommy now.

Red Fork uses his magic horn to generate heat around him and warm Tommy. Dr. Zack floats away from Red Fork again, before preparing another devastating combo. Green Shadow notices Dr. Zack floating away from Red Fork every time the latter generates heat.

  • Green Shadow: So he's prone to heat? Well, who here is able to generate a lot of heat, enough to defeat Dr. Zack?
  • Red Fork: Heat! That must be it!
  • Blue Ocean: But we can't produce enough heat to harm Dr. Zack. We could only create a small amount of heat to warm up our surroundings.
  • Blast: Too bad we don't have anyone with fire powers in our team. That would've been useful.
  • Red Ruby: I have my dynamite stick fuses, but maybe not even them can do the trick.
  • Diana Diamond: Well, if there's one person we know who is loaded and obsessed with fire powers, it's...
  • Toby Topaz: SCORCH?
  • Starcade: Even though he is fire-based, he is a villain. I don't think he'll help us. We have to think of someone else.

Suddenly, the four villains enter the room, still recovering from what they suffered.

  • Electra: What is that!?
  • Blast: Dr. Zack. *gets zapped by Electra* Ouch!
  • Electra: I'm not joking!
  • Blast: Me neither!
  • Scorch: Fire at the gang!
  • Dr. Zack: No, don't fire!
  • Scorch: Aw...
  • Red Fork: Wait, I've got it! Scorch bursts in flames when he gets excited or angry. If we can make him get excited or angry, he can create enough heat to defeat Dr. Zack!
  • Red Ruby: Make him angry? Easy!

Red Ruby tosses dynamite sticks, not at Scorch, but at the other three villains instead.

  • Electra: Aah! You're going to pay for that!
  • Blade: Ouch! I'm going to cut you down to size!
  • Opposite Blast: Oof! That's it, no more games!

Opposite Blast, Electra and Blade attack the gang.

  • Scorch: I can't fire, I can't fire.
  • Blast: There's got to be some way to make him get angry.
  • Red Ruby: I know!

Red Ruby whispers some words to Timmy Turquoise.

  • Red Ruby: Hey, Scorch! See this? *takes out a stick of dynamite with a rather huge flame, while standing next to Timmy Turquoise*
  • Scorch: That's a nice flame you've got there! But what about it?

Timmy Turquoise uses his river water powers to extinguish the flame on Red Ruby's dynamite stick.

  • Red Ruby: You see that? You're probably gonna go all..."Fire! Fire! Fire!" when you see this very flame die just like that! What are you gonna do about it, huh? *imitates Scorch* FIRE? FIRE?
  • Scorch: I'll show you! *starts bursting in flames* FIRE!

Scorch bursts in flames and shoots large amounts of fire at Red Ruby, burning him severely. However, the extreme heat coming from Scorch affects Dr. Zack.

  • Dr. Zack: No! The system is overheating!

Dr. Zack starts shaking, until suddenly, an explosion occurs, and all that's left is a few pieces of a machine.

  • Pincers: What the? He was a machine?
  • Crusade: Just when I thought things can't go any weirder.
  • Green Shadow: Did we actually defeat him though?

Suddenly, the lights turn on, and the gang sees Dr. Zack, in his usual human form, controlling the alien machine from a small closet in the room.

  • Blast: What?
  • Dr. Zack: No! You destroyed my Z-Alien!
  • Blue Ocean: So you aren't an alien?
  • Dr. Zack: Of course not!
  • Star: Wow, this is confusing.
  • Ace: You're finished, Dr. Zack.

Dr. Zack looks at the entire gang, Team Hybrids and all their allies looking at him.

  • Red Ruby: Remember that time when I said I won't let you go the next time we meet? Well, this is the time!
  • Sean Sapphire: I agree, we'll have one less villain to deal with that way!
  • Red Ruby: Prepare for your ultimate demise!
  • Green Shadow: For sure, he has to pay for everything he did.
  • Pincers: Get him!

Dr. Zack jumps out of the closet and starts begging for mercy.

  • Dr. Zack: No! Do not hurt me! I learned my lesson this time! Please, give me one last chance! Isn't forgiving enemies something the Locked Room Gang does?
  • Green Shadow: To be fair, we forgiven you once and you had the chance to redeem yourself. You should have taken it.
  • Red Ruby: No need to beg, let's just do this! *takes out dynamite sticks, ready to blow up Dr. Zack*
  • Starcade: You terrorized many lives out there, mistreated your creations, kidnapped innocent people and destroyed innocent cities, all for your amusement. A villain like you deserves nothing less.
  • Kyoji: *draws sword* When you make a mistake, you have to suffer a punishment equal enough to account for your mistake. In this case, you made a huge mistake messing with us, so you will have to suffer an equally huge punishment. It's fair this way.
  • Sean Sapphire: Now let us finish you off so that you will never bother with anyone ever again!
  • Dark Trident: It's time a villain like you gets intimidated for real!

The gang inches closer to Dr. Zack, ready to finish him off.

  • Dr. Zack: No, please! Don't hurt me! I'll redeem myself this time! I'll do anything!
  • Red Ruby: Sure...what will you do? Come up with another scheme to destroy us, the Locked Room Gang? You really think you can pretend to beg for mercy again, do you? Well, let me remind you of what you did the last time this happened. YOU TRAPPED US IN YOUR STINKING SELF-DESTRUCTING SPACE BASE RIGHT AFTER WE SPARED YOU!
  • Green Shadow: Wait! If you really want us to spare you, you must hand over all of your possessions.
  • Dr. Zack: I'll do it! I'll hand you over everything! I can go get them right now to give them to you.
  • Green Shadow: We'll be getting the possessions for you.
  • Red Ruby: Wait a minute, why do we need his stuff?
  • Green Shadow: So that he won't mess with us anymore?
  • Red Ruby: No way, he'll just go out and search for resources again! It won't be long before Dr. Zack gets back into the villainy business that way! Besides, none of his stuff are of use to us anyway.
  • Green Shadow: You do have a point. Any better idea?

While the heroes argue about what to do, Dr. Zack sneaks away. Blast notices that Dr. Zack is gone.

  • Blast: Wait, where'd he go?

The gang sees Dr. Zack enter a small escape pod.

  • Dr. Zack: Forget this base! It's of no use to me anymore! You can use it. But good luck surviving!

Dr. Zack presses a button, and a large explosion is heard outside.

  • Blue Ocean: What was that!?
  • Dr. Zack: My backup plan. I set some explosives in the mountains. Now there's a huge avalanche coming this way. It'll destroy this base, and leave you all buried in an icy grave! Farewell, Locked Room Gang! *escapes in his escape pod*
  • Blast: We'll get you next time, Dr. Zack!
  • Jelo: The next time we encounter him, remind me to put him in the Phantom Zone.
  • Janna: Sounds harsh, but okay.

The gang looks outside the window as the avalanche is coming towards the base.

  • Gary Guppy: That's crazy!
  • Paula Python: We've got to get out of here!
  • Toby Topaz: Hey, I got an idea! Opposite Blast, Electra, Blade and Scorch are still here, aren't they? They can help us find the way out!
  • Scorch: I'm gonna melt that snow! Fire!
  • Electra: Don't be silly, Scorch. You can't simply melt that amount of snow!
  • Opposite Blast: He... left us to this fate? Traitor! Gang, follow us. We know the way out.
  • Blast: Ok.
  • Jelo:, and villains, let's go! Hold up...He used an escape pod, so there must be more escape pods, right?
  • Opposite Blast: Unfortunately, that was the only escape pod there was in the base.
  • Jelo: Oh man.
  • Electra: So Dr. Zack knew this would happen, and he didn't even set escape pods for us!? We're his team!
  • Opposite Blast: But he has a ship we can use to escape. Follow me, I remember where he left it!

Opposite Blast leads his allies and the Locked Room Gang to a room where there's a large ship, ready for take off.

  • Janna: Thank goodness!
  • Star: Whoopee!
  • Green Shadow: Thank you for your help.
  • Red Ruby: I'm still angry over what happened!
  • Toby Topaz: Red, calm down.
  • Red Ruby: NO! If only we weren't dumb enough to...
  • Diana Diamond: We'll talk about it later. The avalanche is approaching!

The gang, Team Hybrids and the four villains board the large ship. Electra sits in the pilot's seat, and drives the ship out of the base. The ship exits the base a few seconds before the base is destroyed by the treacherous avalanche.

  • Red Fork: Well, we didn't catch Dr. Zack, but at least we stopped his evil plans again.
  • Blue Ocean: But he's still out there!
  • Blast: We'll catch him next time.
  • Electra: I hope so. Such a traitor deserves some punishment.
  • Alice: Whoa, you're actually very angry at Dr. Zack, aren't you?
  • Electra: Of course we are!
  • Blade: He left us in the base to be buried under the snow!
  • Opposite Blast: He didn't even care about what would happen to us. All he cared about was saving himself.
  • Electra: Well, one thing's sure. I'm never going to work for him ever again! I can't believe I hadn't opened my eyes to the truth sooner.
  • Blade: It's ok, Electra. The four of us thought he really cared.
  • Opposite Blast: He always said I was his favorite creation. But to leave me to be buried under the snow... is that how he treats his favorite creation!? I could've gotten killed!
  • Electra: You don't worry, Opposite Blast. We'll get our revenge on Dr. Zack one day.
  • Opposite Blast: Yeah, we will.
  • Star: Wait, so you hate Dr. Zack now?
  • Opposite Blast: He literally left us in that base to die. He didn't show the slightest regard for our well-being! He just caused the avalanche and fled! If he had cared about us, he would have made sure we were safe.
  • Electra: So yes, we hate him now.
  • Scorch: And the flame inside me will have it's revenge on Dr. Zack. Fire!
  • Jelo: Well, I guess that's the end of yet another battle for the Locked Room Gang.
  • Star: Alice, where's Marco?
  • Alice: He's with us. We brought him with us when we rejoined the mission.
  • Tommy: Don't worry, he's already cured.
  • Alice: We made sure he was in good conditions before bringing him back with us.
  • Marco: *waving* Hi!
  • Star: *gasps* Marco! *quickly rushes to and hugs Marco*

Marco, confused, just shrugs and hugs her back.

  • Red Fork: Well, we saved the world once again.
  • Blast: And the best part is, that I got reunited with my brother! Right, brother?

Blast looks around, but notices that Ace isn't there anymore. However, he has left a small book next to Blast.

  • Blast: What's this?

It's a book titled "The Journal of a Shadow Warrior". Blast starts reading it, and notices that it was written by his brother. Suddenly, the same flute melody as before started playing again, but this time, instead of being the short melody that the gang had heard several times now, the melody was now longer, to the point to where it is now an entire song.

  • Alice: It's Ace's song.
  • Blast: Yes, I remember that song. When we were much younger, he had a flute, and composed that song himself. I think we even gave the song lyrics, but I don't remember them.

As Electra flies the ship back to Echo Creek, Blast looks outside the window, and sees a cloud with the shape of Ace's face. As Blast looks up to the sky, he remembers Ace's words to him:

"No matter what happens, I'll always be there to protect you."

  • Jaiden: Are you ok, Blast?
  • Blast: I'm great. I thought I had lost my brother forever, but he's back. This is the best day of my life.
  • Jaiden: I'm glad you met your brother. From what he said, I can tell he really cares for you.
  • Blast: Yeah, he does.

Back to Echo Creek...

  • Red Ruby: I can't believe we've let him get away, TWICE!
  • Diana Diamond: Red, are you okay?
  • Red Ruby: Of course not! We've literally let him get away when we could've killed him right away!
  • Diana Diamond: Don't worry, we'll get him next time.
  • Red Ruby: No, I'll get him next time! If I don't stop him myself, he'll never be stopped! Dr. Zack will know he's in trouble the next time he sees my face!
  • Diana Diamond: But...
  • Red Ruby: I'm not taking any chances again! He'd better watch out when he sees me.

Red Ruby storms off in anger back to the gemstones' clubhouse himself.

  • Toby Topaz: This is crazy! Red's planning to kill Dr. Zack alone?
  • Amelia Amethyst: I'm pretty sure he's joking. He can't be that reckless, now can he?
  • Toby Topaz: I don't know, he sounds serious.
  • Blue Ocean: Wow, he sure didn't take things well.
  • Electra: I don't blame him though. I myself am planning to get revenge on that evil doctor one day.
  • Opposite Blast: By the way, we helped you guys this time, but that doesn't make us allies or anything, got it?
  • Blast: Ok.
  • Opposite Blast: Electra, Blade, Scorch, let's get moving.

Opposite Blast leads Electra, Scorch and Blade to find a new place to live, since they've decided to leave Dr. Zack's team for good.

  • Captain Red Shell: Good luck, young ones.
  • Opposite Blast: Yeah, whatever. *leaves with his allies*
  • Blast: Heh, some things never change, do they?
  • Diana Diamond: I can't say the same for Red Ruby though.
  • Green Shadow: Echo Creek still looks like a mess. How about we do some fixing?
  • Starcade: Alright!
  • Kyoji: Let's do it.
  • Green Shadow: Get your tools, because we've got work to do!
  • Red Fork: Ready to work!
  • Marco: Absolutely!
  • Star: *groans* Okay, fine...
  • Jelo: Man, we're so glad to be back home. *grabs out a hammer*

The gang goes to rebuild the damage done to Echo Creek. Meanwhile, in the gemstones' clubhouse, Red Ruby can be seen exercising and training himself with many rigorous activities, as well as blowing up posters of Dr. Zack. Red Ruby smiles when he sees posters of Dr. Zack blowing up in flames.

  • Red Ruby: Look out, Dr. Zack! Because I'm coming for you, wherever you are. *gives a death stare to the camera*

Finally, Blast is seen watching the cloud shaped like Ace, while Ace's flute melody can be heard in the background.

  • Blast: Brother, I'm so glad to finally see you again. I had missed you so much, Jason.

At the top of a nearby hill, Ace is standing, watching Blast from above, while his scarf waves with the breeze.

  • Ace: I missed you too brother. Now that I found you, I finally have peace. Now I can finally be here for you, guide your steps, and protect you. I won't let anything or anyone separate us again. I promise.

Blast doesn't notice Ace, but he feels so good inside, while Ace finally has peace, after so many years of worry and despair. Neither of the two siblings know exactly what the future has in store for them, but they do know something: Now that they're finally together again, they can overcome any obstacle together. After years of being apart from each other, they were together again, and that was the greatest gift any of the two could have ever asked for.


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