Service for Science is the first story made by PaperMarioFan1000.


The brothers, Paper and Doc were bored that day, so they decided to open a service to give people inventions, medicines, or potions and all kinds of stuff.



Doc Luingus



Paper: Hey brotha, I'm so bored.

Doc: I know...

Paper: I've already walked the dog.

Doc: I already cleaned our rooms.

Paper: I know what we could do.. We could open like a service. Where we could help people by giving them our inventions and stuff.

Doc: Great Idea brother!

Paypr: Yeah I'll be in business for potions.

Paper: Just gotta work on the sign. And yeah. Was a carpenter before I even became a scientist.

(Paper put the sign next to his laboratory outside. Then went back inside.)

1 hour later...

L-botson: A customer is coming, Master Paper.

Paper: Well who is it?

L-botson: It could be anybody, Our neighbors, that Blue-Shirted Glasses kid?

Paper: You mean Mr. Elducal?

L-botson: Yes, Mr. Elducal. But it could be a pony or something..

Paper: Let me check who it is. (Paper takes a look outside.)

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