Just an short story I thought up of... (Not really short now)

Dr. Stitch is at his shenanigans again. This time, he's training to become an ACTUAL "Super Villain" and is thinking of a plot to get rid of Fluff, and his friends, AND the entire Locked Room Gang. While on the other side of the Planet Kirby, Fluff, and Waddle Dee are happily sitting around. Kirby finds out about his shenanigans due to Bandanna Dee. Kirby, Fluff, and both Waddle Dee's (And possibly others) are prepared to stop Dr. Stitch. But will Dr. Stitch succeed? Will Kirby and his friends defeat him? Will the super awesome "The Planted AKEE" ever become president (Sorry, just wanted to put something randomly stupid in there)

Cast of Characters

Chapter 1. The only Chapter

Dr. Stitch: THAT BLASTED PRINCE FLUFF! I hate him for what he and his pesky friends did! Kirby and Fluff shall pay for the explosion on my Lab! I probably shouldn't have put the Self-Destruction Core in the blueprints... *Flashback*

Dr. Stitch (Past): It's not that hard to understand!

Construction Worker 1: So you want a "Secret Lab Facility"... here?

Dr. Stitch (Past): Yeah... Pretty much!

Construction Worker 2: And a "Self Destruction Core" too?

Dr. Stitch (Past): Yeah... Why not?!

Dr. Stitch: Eh... I'll never remember why I wanted a Self Destruction Core. But... I'll need a NEW lab, and I'll need to be an even better villain to stop Kirby... and Fluff.

Villain Training Academy: Day 1

Mr. Evil Guy: Welcome to class, future villains, and world rulers.

Jr. Bowser: Eh stupid dad... making me take classes for being a villain.

Blade Knight: I can't believe Meta Knight didn't want to train a new recruit.

Waddle Doo: Why King De De De? Why?

Dr. Stitch sits down in a seat next to Jr. Bowser

Mr. Evil Guy: Pipe down class... Now, I want you to tell me your names and your nemesis, or I will destroy you.

And so the class introduced themselves and went on to the first lesson

Mr. Evil Guy: Being a villain isn't as easy as doing dastardly things, you have to think of a FLAWLESS plan. And don't worry... the moral of every story may be "The hero beats the villain, and..." so on. But your in this class to change that moral to: "The hero gets destroyed by the villain, and then the villain rules the world and enslaves mankind" Now the first lesson is-

Dr. Stitch: SHUT UP! *Shoots him with a Patch Laser*

Mr. Evil Guy: Hey! No weapons in the classroo- *Gets vaporized*

Jr. Bowser makes a sort of " D: " face.

Dr. Stitch: He was droning on...

On the other side of Planet Popstar.

Kirby: Ah... nothing like a good, relaxing day on Popstar!

Fluff: Yeah... enjoying a good Meta-Matoe Shake...

Kirby: Want one Bandanna?

Bandanna Dee: No thanks! Besides, I don't have a mouth!

Kirby: He-he.... Hey look it's Waddle Dee! And he's running over here!

Waddle Dee: Kirby... *pant* There is.... *pant* ... news.... *pant*... big, big news... *pant* new villain in Popstar!!!

Kirby: Who IS this new villain?

Waddle Dee: His name is Dr. Stitch!

Fluff: Dr. Stitch... hmm... Where do I remember that from.

Fluff (Child Past): Hehe... not as strong as you thought you were huh, Stitch?

Child Stitch: You don't play nice big bro!

Fluff (Child Past): Yeah, I do! Besides... It's not like we're fighting each other to the death!

Child Stitch: Yeah we are.... We're playing Smash Bros.


Kirby: So he's your brother?

Fluff: Yeah pretty much.


Galaximus: Hey, Stitchy. What are you up to?

Dr. Stitch: Villain training... Because the first 3 "Flawless Plans" I thought up of got ruined by that darn Kirby! He blew up my Labratory and I have no where else to think of a plan or training!... my first lesson was simple Villain stuff... like how to think of a way to make the hero try and top you, how to make your plan hero proof. Stuff like that!

Kirby: I tell you Fluff... It's becoming a day to day basis where villains have to attack us...

Fluff: Kirby... Kirby... Kirby-

Bandanna Dee: Is the name you should know-

Fluff: Let's not... no Kirby.... Dr. Stitch is no villain... he's a mere... let me say "not the protagonist of a story" but he's more of a minor protagonist.

Kirby: You know this... how?

Jenny: Hey! What's going on?

Galaximus: I see. I could train any supervillain easily!

Dr. Stitch: Hmm perhaps you can be the teacher... because I killed the last one.

Jr. Bowser: Which is why we don't have homework tonight!

Blade Knight: We weren't going to ever get homework...

Jr. Bowser: See it worked!

Galaximus: I wanna see how evil you are. Show me!

Jr. Bowser: Alright! *Goes to World 1-1 and comes back with Princess Peach* Done!

Peach: HELP! Where am I, and why am I here?!

Blade Knight: Pathetic!*Goes to a Waddle Dee*

Waddle Dee 2: *Licking Ice Cream, and eating a Hot-Dog*

Blade Knight: Mine! *Takes the Ice Cream and the Hot-Dog*

The Waddle Dee looks at Blade Knight with a blank face and then proceeds to pull out another Ice Cream and Hot-Dog.

Dr. Stitch: You think, THAT's evil... (Points a laser at a random guy and mind controls him)

Guy: (Monotone) Your wish is my command, master.

Dr. Stitch: Go kill yourself.

The guy kills himself...

Galaximus: *applauds* Well done, Stitch. The rest of you need a lot of training!

Dr. Stitch: But it's not enough training... I mean look at you! Your what tons of people call a "Super Villain"... because of how much evil you have!

Jr. Bowser: I'm pretty sure the kidnapping act would work.

Peach: So is Bowser going to leave me trapped for about a day or two, or is something else going to happen.

Jr. Bowser: Not today Mama Peach... not yet though...

Galaximus: *stomps the ground* I have a different idea.

Chapter 2: A new idea

Galaximus: Alright, listen up! As villains, we tend to have grudges against one specific person. Now I want all of you to state a person who you depise!

Jr. Bowser: I despise of those Mario Brothers! They always kidnap Mama Peach from Papa Bowser!

Blade Knight: That Kirby! He always has to refer to cannabalism!

Waddle Doo: Same as that guy... except he stabbed me in the eye!

Dr. Stitch: Fluff... That jerk!

Shadow the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog!

Dr. Stitch: Who brought Shadow the Edge Lord here?

Sonic: I did... I needed a worth while opponent.

Galaximus: I hate this fool! *shows a picture of Jenny* Now, listen. This is your target. I want you to capture this Inkling and bring her to me!

Jr. Bowser's Try

Jr. Bowser: HAHAHA! (Pulls out a Robot Squid... which looks like an Inkling Squid, and then he sprays Ink all over the place, and throws the squid in the ink) Yeah... this will totally work!

Shadow: Dream on Twerplet... For I have a better idea... 

Jr. Bowser: HEY! This is my attempt! Not yours Mr. Edgy McEdge!

Jr. Bowser sees Jenny coming

Kirby: You sure this is were you saw that "villain"

Waddle Dee: Yeah, I'm sure! Hey it's Jr. Bowser!

Jr. Bowser: SHUT IT!

Jenny: What is even going on here?

Jr. Bowser: Uh *Thinking: Uh-oh... this could get ugly... think... what would Papa Bowser do...* uh... I found an Inkling in that giant Ink pool!

Jenny: Huh? Where?

Jr. Bowser: In there... *Points at the ink pool... little does anyone know... except Jr. Bowser... there is a Bear Trap in the ink*

Kirby: Well, I mean, what would Jr. Bowser do to us... it's not like we're the Mario Brothers.

Fluff: Unless Kirby is secretly Luigi!

Kirby: No no no... I ate Luigi yesterday... *Burps out his cap*... *Chuckles*

Jenny: *goes into the ink, setting the trap off* Ouch! Wh-what!?!

Jr. Bowser: Waha! *Grabs Jenny and puts her upside-down in his Clown Car* WAHOO! Yeah, I did it! Now Galaximus will HAVE to give me an "A" for my good work!

Kirby: Galaximus... Oh, not this again?

Planet Earth....

Jelo: Jenny? Jenny?! Jenny!!!

Jelo placed 'Missing' posters of Jenny all around Echo Creek. The Planet Dolan crew and Dark Jaiden do the same for Dolan and Galaximus.

Sedusa: "Missing- Jenny" Hey, Jelo, what's going on here?

Jelo: Jenny's missing!

Doopie: So is Dolan!

Dark Jaiden: And Lady Galaximus!

Dolan arrives with a giant sandwich

Danger Dolan: I'm back. How's life without me?

Doopie: Pretty bad. Planet Dolan HQ is all wrecked up, there's wild cats and dogs, and everyone got blackout drunk one night! Especially Hellbent who ended up dancing weirdly without his pants on.

Danger Dolan: Don't worry, I'll deal with the mess.

Jelo: Jenny's still missing...

Professor Frink: Glayvin hoyvin! I found out your Inkling friend is in Planet Popstar!

Doopie: Whoa, Frink! How'd ya find out?

Professor Frink: Using my super-advanced telescope, of course.

Danger Dolan: That is COOL!

Random Guy: Whose this Jenny person you're looking for?

Sedusa: She's a Inkling, a human-squid hybrid. Why do you ask?

Mario and Luigi arrive putting up Missing posters of Peach.

Luigi: Yeah...the Princess is also missing.

Sedusa: Jeez! We might as well all be missing! How on Earth could they all just disappear!?!

Professor Frink: Of course, they're in Planet Popstar!

</p> Jelo: Popstar is too far away from Earth! How are we gonna get there?

Star: *arrives* Easy. Cosmic Teleportation Blitz!

Everyone gets teleported to Planet Popstar thanks to Star's spell.

Doopie: Whoa... it's majestic!

At the Training Academy

Jr. Bowser: YEHAH! Here Ms. Galaximus! Your target has arrived!

Galaximus: Thanks! Hello, little Jenny.

Jenny: What are you scheming now!?

Galaximus: Simple! I'm teaching these villains how to be evil! And with you captured, nothing can stop me! MWUHAHAHAHA!

Shadow: Hey! Give us all a fair chance! Only Jr. Bowser got to try!!!

Jr. Bowser: Did I get an "A"?

Chapter 3: The heroic masked man

Kirby: Well it's simple Fluff... The Villain Academy isn't far away!

Fluff: Hey... who is that up ahead... (Fluff dashes after the person... which appears to be Jelo)

Kirby: Hey wait up Fluff!

Bandanna Dee: Hey don't forget about secondary characters!

Sedusa: *sighs* This could take a long time...

Kirby: Hey wait a minute... Who are you guys?

Fluff: Yeah don't we know you from somewhere...

Doopie: We're part of the Locked Room Gang! Don't you remember?

Fluff looks at Doopie for several of moments.

Fluff: Hmm... No idea what your talking-

Bandana Dee: Either way.. we're looking for a Dinosaur/Dragon thing in a floating car... he took our friend Jenny!

???: She was taken to the Super Villain Academy which happens to be on the highest point of Meringue Mountain...

Kirby: Who said that?

???: I did! I am... the Masked Man!

Fluff: Are you Meta Knight?

???: No... But your friend has a high possibility of not returning... if you want to get to Meringue Mountain... you must get past blazing dunes of Sugar Sands

Kirby: Pffft... too easy!

???: After that, you must travel through the waters Banana Beach...

Fluff: Kirby... is every area on Popstar named after food.

Kirby: *Chuckles* Yes... why?

???: Then past the blistering chills of Frosty Fjords!

Bandanna Dee: THAT'S not named after food!

???: Then you reach Meringue Mountain, and climb that then you reach the summit... where the Villain Academy is!

Kirby: Or we can since all five ares of Pop-Star are on each point of the star, we can simply go left because Merangue Mountain is right next to where we are...

???: :I... Um... YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Theres an invincible Man-Eating Kraken there!

Kirby: Again... too easy, because we aren't human.

Sedusa: Man eating Kraken? You mean Galaximus?

???: Oh yeah... A girl who proclaimed that she was a "goddess of all Inklings" and threatened to eat me if I didn't swear and oath to kill Jenny and her friends... Which I didn't promise to...

At the Academy

Shadow's attempt to stop Bandanna Dee

Shadow: Here's my plan... Chaos Control... and then I stab him. BEST... PLAN... EVER!

Galaximus: Hmmm... it should be more clever, you know?

Shadow: It's much more complicated... see Chaos Control-

Sonic: Stops time, allows you to teleport, and all sorts of wacky tacky crap! WE KNOW THIS ALREADY!!!

Shadow: Your not supposed to be here... anyway... I'm gonna get Bandanna Dee... quicker than you think! CHAOS CONTROL! (Shadow teleports to Bandanna Dee's location)

Sonic: I thought it would only take him 15 seconds...

Sugar Sands... where Kirby, Fluff, Bandanna Dee, and Waddle Dee are.

Kirby: You should've been there Waddle Dee! There was a cool masked man there... he told us all about the villain training academy.

Waddle Dee: I probably should've been there.

Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL! (Warps to Bandanna Dee)

Bandanna Dee: Who are you?

Shadow: My name is Shadow. I'm the world's ultimate life for-

Bandanna Dee: I just wanted to know your name... not your entire backstory...

Shadow: Kill-joy... oh well. There's no time to play games... if you want your friend back, you'll have to go through me fir-

Kirby, Fluff, Waddle Dee, and Bandanna Dee walk past him

Shadow: Well that didn't last long...

Kirby: Try harder.

Shadow: Gr... CHAOS... CONTROL! *Freezes time* ... hehe... *Kidnaps Bandanna Dee and then warps to the Villain Academy*

Jelo: Uh.

Professor Frink: What are we supposed to do, anyway?

Shadow: It stops and freezes time... which you all should be frozen in time.

Professor Frink: Not anymore.

Beatrix: *arrives* Sup?

Shadow: Fine!

Bandanna Dee: And... you failed!

Shadow: No I didn't

Bandanna Dee: How?

Shadow uses Chaos Control to warp Bandanna Dee and him back to the Academy

Kirby: Yikes! We're losing villains by the minute!!!

Doopie: Losing to villains by the minute, you mean.

Kirby: I actually meant we're losing heroes by the minute but that'll work too!

Beatrix: This place is pretty peaceful. Shall we go wander around the fields?

Jelo: No. Even if I want to, there's still villains lurking around.

Kirby: And not only that... enemies too! Like Waddle Dees-

Waddle Dee: HEY!

Kirby: Waddle Doos, and Bronto Burts.

Fluff: AHHHH! The villains took Waddle Dee, and turned him into an enemy!!!!

Kirby: Fluff, that's not our Waddle Dee, that's a random Waddle Dee.

Fluff: Well they look similair.

Waddle Dee: That is true...

Kirby: Speaking of which, where did he go?

???: Your friend Waddle Dee?


???: Yes it is I... the Masked Man

Kirby: We know who you are.

???: Also... be warned of the Pyramid, something strange has happened in it... Ghosts and Spirits, and possessed Mummies.

Kirby: Good to know...

Fluff: Are you sure we could be trusting this guy?

???: Trust me... I know...

Sedusa: He seems kinda shady....

Kirby: Seems? He is!

???: You'll find out sooner or later... Now... I go!

At the Academy

Shadow: I got him!


Shadow: That's what I do!

Blade Knight: Now it's my turn to get a hero... Not my target, but I'll get him tomorrow!

Chapter 4: Day 2

Dr. Stitch: Day 2, means a better chance of getting that Fluff!

Mr. Evil Guy: I'm ba-

Dr. Stitch: NO! (Shoots him with a patch laser)


Dr. Stitch: Oh no... I have to bring one of my "Assitants"...

Galaximus: Assistant? Who is that?

Dr. Stitch: *Sigh* That fail attempt of a Evil Peach. She is also taking classes at this school...

Wherever Plum is...

Chemist Waddle Dee: ...And if you successfully do that... you'll have a stink bomb!!!

Plum: What does this have to do with Chemical Warfare?

Chemist Waddle Dee looks at her with a ( I:I ) face, and then lights the beaker on fire, and it explodes with a stinky aftermath.

Plum (Holding her nose): I see why now... *coughs*...

Dr. Stitch: Along with Merasmus...

Wherever Meramus is...

Magikoopa: HUZZAH! That is for shooting spitballs into my nose! (Turns Merasmus into a chicken)

Merasmus: BAKAWK!

Dr. Stitch: The only good assistant I had was my secretary, but my pet craw fish ate her...

Galaximus: *sighs* Incompetence.

Dr. Stitch: Which is why I came to this school...

Galaximus: Hmmm... What should we try and teach them now?


Dr. Stitch: Well might as well call one of them...

Plum's phone rings

Plum: Hello?

Dr. Stitch: Report to Floor 2, and room 139! Immediately!

Plum: But I'm in cla-


Plum: Okay, okay, okay... sheesh, can't he calm down?

Plum goes to Dr. Stitch

Dr. Stitch: Good, your my assistant today

Plum: ...And why?

Cut to the gang.

Doopie: Where is Jenny anyway?

Melissa (SPD): Now...oblivious to her, I put a hidden microchip behind her while she was sleeping. I can track the chip's location, and we can get to Jenny as fast as a blur.

???: You need to travel all around Popstar for that...

Kirby: Are you always gonna follow us?

???: ...yes...

Kirby: Well let's just get to Banana Beach! I heard it's great for vacations...

???: have to get through the Pyra-

Kirby: ... So I lift here, and I'll be able to move it?

Fluff: Yeah, just lift there, and then we can move it with out having to go through the pyramid!

???: Probably shouldn't have put that Forklift there....

Back at the Academy


Dr. Stitch: He was droning on...

Jr. Bowser: Well duh! He's a drone!

Plum: So whose gonna be our teacher?

Sans: Maybe I can?

Blade Knight: Aren't you the Janitor?

Sans: Used to be... now I'm your teacher.

Dr. Stitch: Yeah... A BONE-HEAD should be a lot of help...

Sans: ... Hey... that's my pun... I got a ton more up my sleeve by the way...

Dr. Stitch and Sans together: A SKELE-TON!!!

Dr. Stitch: Yeah, yeah we get it, just get on with it before I shoot you...

Galaximus: I could shoot something!

At World 4 on Popstar

Blade Knight's attempt to get Waddle Dee

Blade Knight: Not sure if this'll work. (Talks into a transceiver) 

Blade Knight 2: (On Transceiver) Yes? 

Blade Knight: I'm planning an attack, can you help? 

Blade Knight 2: That depends... who are we attacking? 

Doopie: Gerald, be wary of anything that might come after you. 

Kirby: Yeah... You guys should keep your eyes peeled! It's extremely dangerous around here! (In world 4)

Suddenly, 5 Blade Knights pop out in front of Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee: Hey guys!

Blade Knight 3: Your supposed to be trembling in fear!

Waddle Dee: But I'm not!

Blade Knight 5: ... JUST GET IN THE POTATO SACK!

Waddle Dee: OOH! Potatoes! (Grabs one) Muncha muncha muncha!

Melissa (SPD): *facepalm*

Fluff: Why the face palm? Oh I think I know...

Kirby:  Oh no! What are we gonna do! Bandana Dee, Waddle Dee, and Jenny have been taken! And who knows who's next?

Back at the Academy

Blade Knight 1: Thanks gang for helping me with the twerp!

Waddle Dee: Po-ta-toes! Po-ta-toes!

Dr. Stitch: Excellent! So whose gonna get Kirby! Preferbly not De De De... And my target is a simpleton! He's just too easy...! Now Plum... Be a good asisstant and fetch me one of the others!

Plum: NO! I don't have to!

Dr. Stitch pulls out one of his weapons

Plum: (Mutters to herself) Bratty, snotty, little, blue ball of crud...

Dr. Stitch: Yeah, yeah, just bring me one of them! I don't care who! But leave Kirby and Fluff for me!

The villains finals

Dr. Stitch: Hehe! While Plum is out doing her "chore" I have the villain training finals

Eggman: Your final exam is today class! Now answer these questions on the paper!

Dr. Stitch: Wow (Looks at the paper) Hah! This is easy! (Dr. Stitch answer's question 1. Writing his name on the paper) Question 2... How would you destroy an innocent bystander? Shove his face in a shark-tank! (He answers all the questions up until Question 19) "Who is the world's greatest Super Villain of all time! Hint: Begins with Egg and ends with Man". Hmmm (Writes down Dr. Wily)

Meanwhile, at the gang...

Jelo: Okay, we need to do something about this,, pronto.

Plum: What are you guys doing here?! Oh right... trying to go save heroes. Unfortunately, I have to work for a blue ball of crud, and capture Kirby. Come on Kirby let's make this quick.

Kirby: How bout you NOT work for Dr. Stitch, and work for us!

Plum: I can't! He created me.

Doopie traps Plum in a net.

Doopie: Aha!

Plum (Sarcastically): Oh no you captured me...

Plum ends up tightly tied up by Melissa.

Melissa (SPD): *sarcastic* Impressive sarcastic remark, Plum!

Kirby takes her purse.


Kirby: I'm gonna give it back


Kirby: Not that either!


Kirby rolls his eyes, and takes out Plum's Cell Phone.

Kirby: Dr. Stitch! This is Kirby! Your assistant, has failed! And we're coming-

Dr. Stitch: HEY! NOT NOW! I'M IN AN EXAM! Geez...

Fluff takes Plum's wallet out of her purse.


Kirby: Now... If you don't mind Plum, we have to save our friends!

Plum: Hey, uh, can you at least take me home?

Kirby: Aw... No.

Kirby, and Fluff start walking toward the Villain Academy

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