Chapter 1: 'The Thing'

SuperGaming101's Characters enter Sans's house.

Sans: Oh, heya, guys. Here for the thing, right?

Mew: You bet! Can we see?

Sans: Ok. Well, you've gotta just kinda..Step into this portal to travel through a lot of dimensions.

Tattletail: But that dangerous!

Sans: Eh, nah. You guys first.

Nobody budges..Except for Papyrus!

Papyrus: Don't worry, Sans! I, The Great Papyrus, will test out this thing you created, Sans!

Papyrus jumps through the portal like as if he is some sort of superhero. A loud 'YIPPIE!' can be heard, followed by a warping sound.

Sans: Come on, guys. If my little cool bro could do it that fearlessly, then you can too.

Mew sighs.

Mew: Fine..Just make it quick..

Everyone except for Sans jump through the portal, followed by screams. Sans then closes the portal, and teleports to the area where everyone else were sent.

Chapter 2: The Party?

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