This story takes a look in the life of the teachers and students of Sir Jedfried High.


Jelo: Ahh.....another day of working as a teacher in this school.

Red Fork: (enters eating a 6-foot long sandwich) Am I late?

Blue Ocean: I don't think so.

(The bell rings! Cutaway to hallway)

Blossom: So, what are you gonna do today?

Pit: Dunno, probably eat a 6-foot long sandwich.

Blast: Hm... why does that sound so familiar? I think someone else thought of that.

Lemon Glass: That would be Red Fork.

Blast: Yeah, sounds right. So, any other plans for today?

(The bell rings!)

Jelo: So today, we're going to learn how to make a PPG.

Blue Ocean: Oh, yeah! That sounds great! How do we start?

Jelo: As described in Professor Utonium's book called "How I Did It", it's pretty easy. Sugar (adds salt) spice (adds more salt) and everything nice! (adds even more salt)

Blue Ocean: Um, I think we messed up in something, but I can't say exactly where.

Red Fork: You forgot to accidentally add the Chemical X to the formula. ("accidentally" breaks a Chemical X bottle) Oops!

Blue Ocean: Hm... something still doesn't fell right... Forget it, I think it's just me.

(KABOOM! Out of the smoke...comes the Tantrumpuff Girls?!)

Blast: Wait a second, you used salt!

Blue Ocean: That's gotta be it. Hm... if we used salt to make them, does that mean that they're salty?

(Gerry and Peeter arrive.)

Gerry: Ack! Third day of my job as a teacher, things have gone awry!

Peeter: I think I can relate to that. *ehem* (in Narrator's voice) Salt., salt and even more salt. Those were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect crybaby.

Pit: Oh. Oh no.

Blue Ocean: But, does that mean they're salty?

Red Fork: I'm not sure. You'll have to talk to them and discover if they're salty.

Blue Ocean: (talks to the Tantrumpuff Girls) Hey, how are you? What are your names? Are you salty?

Tantrumpuff #1: AAHH! Why am I here? Who am I? Tell me! TELL ME!

Jelo: Uh, name the Tantrumpuffs!

Tantrumpuff #3: Ugh! This world is stupid! Why am I created here anyway?

(Peeter walks backward and accidentaly trips on a rock and hits the cabinet, causing sugar, spice and nice stuff to fall into a pot.

Tantrumpuff #2: I WANT THAT BOW! WHY CAN'T I HAVE THAT BOW? WHY? WHY!!! (cries)

Blue Ocean: I think the third one is the saltiest!

Red Fork: The first one definitely has many questions.

Blue Ocean: And the second one seems to want things pretty bad.

Peeter: I got an idea! Askly, Rage and Sobs!

Blue Ocean: Sounds good.

Red Fork: I agree.

(The bell rings again! Cut to the skatepark. The students are having a good time there. Oh, look, there goes the Derbytantes, skateboarding in rollerskates.)

Blast: Hey, cool skating!

Lemon Glass: How can they skateboard on rollerskates? Isn't that too dangerous?

Blast: That's the point! Being extreme!

Lemon Glass: Ok, I just hope they don't get too extreme. They could get hurt.

(3 familiar boys knock and run over the Derbytantes)

Ms. Keane: I remember something like this happened back in The Shenanigang.

Lemon Glass: Oh no, not them again. Are they them? Tell we they're not them!

Blast: Um, but who are "them"?

Lemon Glass: The Rowdyruff Boys!

Jelo: Did somebody say "the Rowdyruff Boys"?! OH NO! (calls an ambulance, panicked)

Pit: Who are those 3 guys?

Blast: How can you not know who they are!?

Lemon Glass: They're basically the boy versions of the powerpuff girls, but thy're bad and don't care about hurting others to have fun.

Pit: Blast, y'know I'm new here.

Blast: Oh, sorry about that. I forgot.

Lemon Glass: That wasn't very nice Blast.

Blast: I just said I'm sorry!

Pit: Anyway, why are you against them? They seem coo-

(Pit gets hit by Brick's skateboard, thrown at him! Hey, it rhymes: Pit gets hit!)

Blast: Do you get it now?

Lemon Glass: I'll help you. (carries Pit on her back)

(An ambulance arrives.)

Ms. Keane: Oh, thank goodness they're here!

Lemon Glass: So, Ms. Keane, what are we going to do about the Rowdyruff Boys?

(The Rowdyruffs are put on detention)

Janna: Welcome to D-ten. You're one of us now!

Dark Shadow: So, what's your story guys? I was put here because I tried to anihilate Blue Ocean yesterday.

Brick: Same old, same old.

Dark Shadow: Running over people again?

Boomer: How'd you know?

(In the hallway. Bea is still combing those Powerpuff Dolls' hair, and Jelo and the other teachers are resting at the Teacher's Lounge.)

Lemon Glass: Wow, many people have gotten hurt with the Rowdyruff boys running over them.

Blast: Yeah, but at least they're in detention now.

Lemon Glass: True.

Jelo: What should we do with that poor girl playing with Powerpuff dolls?

Red Fork: Maybe we could take her to go meet the Powerpuff Girls. I'm sure she'll love to meet them.

Doof: But didn't she meet them?

Ms. Keane: Yeah.

Red Fork: Hm... true. Well, maybe she needs to meet more people that can be her friends.

Lemon Glass: Well, maybe I could try to be her friend.

Red Fork: Hm... it could be a good idea.

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