In this story, SuperGaming101's current characters get lost in the Super Mario 3D World Locked Room at night, and so Mewtwo creates a campfire for the night. Papyrus is curious about what happened to Mewtwo(as Papyrus forgot what had happened) and so Mewtwo finally reveals all of what happened.

This story may contains some small spoilers.


  • Papyrus
  • Mewtwo
  • Knuckles


This music plays. (This story begins on a cold, dark night. Papyrus, Mewtwo and Knuckles are sitting on logs, being warmed up by the fire. Knuckles is roasting Marshmallows, and Papyrus is roasting..Spaghetti.)

Papyrus:  Wowie! What a nice fire!

Knuckles: I don't mind a nice campfire every now and then, but I really need to take back the Master Emerald.

Mewtwo: I'm sure we'll get it back. I just hope we can get them back.

Papyrus: Ooh! Who's 'them'?

Mewtwo: ...Do you remember?

Papyrus: Nope! All I remember is just seeing black! I wish I could have seen a nicer color, like blue for happiness!

Knuckles: Blue is the color of sadness, stupid.

Papyrus: Wowie! I wonder what the color of Papyrus is!

Mewtwo: ..I see. I'll just stay quiet, then.

Papyrus: Don't! You should always let your feelings out! Well, maybe except for the feeling of Papyrus. Only Papyrus is allowed to have that feeling!

Mewtwo: I suppose we have a long night. Get comfortable, and I will tell you what happened.

Papyrus: Yay! A bedtime story!

(We are now inside a Flashback segment. We see Marx and SuperGaming101's hero characters. This plays.)

Work in progress! Check back later for more!

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